This was posted 1 year 2 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC, Steam] Command and Conquer Remastered $19.46 (35% off) @ Steam


Better than the 25% from before.
Enjoy Command and Conquer all over again!

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  • Anyone know how to make Rise of the Reds Mod work with these newer C&C releases? I bought the Origin one this year and have had no luck.

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      I’m pretty sure the engines completely overhauled…
      So you might be out of luck.

      Maybe you can ask the games dev team on Twitter etc

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        that's a shame. Youtube recently started recommending me videos of it and it looks great. Might have to find an old torrent since I've already paid for it twice haha

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    Generals was the best by far.

    “Can I have some food?”

    “Ohh that was hard work”

    “Shall I press da button?”


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      "My hands have splinters"
      I still boot it and zero hours up every now and then. Always found it funny when clicking one of the terrorist dudes makes them say 'ow'.

    • My old man still plays Generals Zero Hour every day in his 60's.

      We've played every iteration but Zero Hour hasnt been beat 17 years since it's release haha

    • Did they remake generals? Online play is fixed without 3rd party apps?

      • They never remade Generals or set up new servers for online play as far as I'm aware.

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      Generals was the best by far.

      Nah dude, the Westwood-era was the best era of the Command & Conquer franchise. RA2 and Generals are part of the post-Westwood, EA-ruined era.

      General was a fine RTS in its own right (despite EA's meddling) but it had jack all to do with the C&C heritage of it's predecessors, the C&C name was just used for brand recognition to maximise sales.

      The entire basis for Generals was just a lazy plagiarisation of the geo-political climate of the early 2000s after the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and the start of the whole Global War on Terror era, like so many games of that time; Battlefield 2, America's Army, Full Spectrum Warrior, SOCOM US Navy Seals, Splinter Cell, etc. They didn't even bother trying to graft any kind of a tie-in to the Nod/GDI/Allies/Soviets alternate history timeline that the rest of the franchise is based upon.

      Tiberian Sun/Firestorm is weirdly enough my personal favourite of the entire franchise; it has the most unique atmosphere and personality (dystopian Sci-Fi/cyberpunk-esque with a darker, more adult setting) of the entire series as opposed to the robotic, largely soulless, generic militaristic feel of all of the other titles.

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    This is easily one of the best remakes I've ever played. The developers did such a good job.
    If you first played this as a kid, you'll love the remake.
    The music is also fantastic!

    • This. Its really quite good.

    • developers did amazing job. Clearly genuine fans.

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      As a kid…?

      Lols how about if I played it as an adult? :)

      When I was a kid we had to make our weapons out of sticks and bits of wood. Younger generation doesn't know how good they have it.

      • +3

        Yeah. All eight immortals had was a stick and a ball.

        In them days he'd a been glad to have the price of a cup of tea

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    Red Alert 2 Remastered Please!!!!!!

    • This

    • We will bury you.
      Locked and loaded

    • I loved Yuri's Revenge. It is the only game I played when I was young, where I would see the sun go down and come back up again during a single session.

      I still load it up every now and then today, god bless that CnCnet team that stabilized it for modern PCs.

  • Love this game. Bought the remastered version as soon as it was in pre-release, but if you're stuck for cash, there's a free open source Red Alert remake:

  • Bought it. Got bashed when I commented last time how many hours I played as a kid and didn't want to pay the full price given I will not play this one. Just for the collection as I don't have time and holding onto nostalgia.

  • Thanks OP, purchased.

  • Sorry for the newbie question,
    ive a 2017 Nvidia shield, never used it for gaming yet,can I download this too my shield and bring the shield to my mine site donga to play?

    • This game isn’t available for shield. But it should run in almost any PC, even a compute stick.

      • Aah ok's so it would be better looking for a list of 2017 shield playable games?!

        • Yea, I’m sure shield has a market place

        • If you like retro gaming I can't recommend Retroarch enough on the Shield. Works very well on my 2017 Shield.

          • @Madrical: Yea that's what I'm after mate , something with this or age of empires kind of games

            • @Francis82: You might be able to get dosbox!

  • Been hanging around for this, cheers op!

  • Do you guys reckon it will fall in price again soon? I am still on the fence!

    • Probably, but $20 is pretty decent.

  • -3

    Such a lazy move by EA. Why not remaster the ones people really liked, like Generals or RA2.

  • thanks op! might bite at this price for steam version.

  • +1

    Who here is keen to play some zero hour multilayer this summer?

  • +1

    Best PC Game Ever! Copied C&C Red Alert from my mate's computer (setup.exe) with 13 floppy disks (did not have a CD drive on my PC) back in 1998. Did it twice because during the first try, one of these 3.5Inch was not working.

  • Thanks OP, was on my wish list for quite some time, and was waiting for the price to drop before pulling the trigger.

  • Silly question. Does this game have online play?

    • Yep, vastly improved multiplayer compared to the originals.

  • I couldn't find it on the steam website so what does this bundle contain?
    red alert 1

    • Remastered versions of the first 5 titles (2 base games and 3 expansion packs) in the C&C franchise:

      • Command & Conquer
      • Command & Conquer – The Covert Operations
      • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
      • Command & Conquer: Red Alert – Counterstrike
      • Command & Conquer: Red Alert – The Aftermath
  • Comrade?

  • where is generals, arguably the best game in the series. I spent way too many hours as a teen on C & C, had all of them on many old computers. I still remember playing multi player on dial up and having to make sure my older sister stayed of the phone attached to the wall still!

    • Was checking where is generals.. sigh.. that’s the only one i play on this title.. are they in the process of remastering them as well?

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