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LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 $149 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 $149 Delivered from Amazon AU

Price-matching KMart and actually in stock. Rerelease of set 21309.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -1

    Can I bet this is gone :)
    30 max order = large stocks normally .

    • This is a reissue of the original set, it's widely available. So no.

  • +9

    Recommended age 14 - 99 years

    Deal breaker…

  • Thanks OP ordered 1

  • Thanks OP, ordered.

    Amazon offered free 30 days of Prime trial also (previously had a 30 day trial a year or so ago also).

  • +1

    Awesome, ordered. Thank you OP.

    EDIT: There may be a $10 discount if you order with the Amazon app and apply the promo code, bringing this to $139.

  • Thanks OP! ordered.

  • +1

    Only 12% off if you can wait I would with black Friday around the corner.
    All major retailers are stocking this set so expect to see it on sale for at least 20% off or more on the regular.

    • That's what make me hesitate.. I am buying one for the holiday so I think I am not in hurry. So just wait for the 20% deal shows up soon.

    • I'll just use my price-protection

  • Lunar module looks kinda crummy. Wonder if there's a full sized LM?

  • +1

    Built this last Christmas with the family. Bit disappointed to be honest. The internal core of the rocket was just a mish-mash of nonsensical parts, and the pieces didn't fit perfectly as I'm use to with the brand name Lego I had as a kid. Some bits are loose but I didn't bother to glue. So if I move it I have to be super careful. It was okayish at best.

  • Fake, we never went to the moon.

    • 🤡

    • But we did and found that it's a hollow structure, which is actually some alien space station posing as the moon.

    • +2

      Correct. Australia never went to the moon. The US however went six times.

      • -1

        NASA is fake. It's all a ploy to sell you these sets.

        • +6

          These sets are flat too, like the Earth. They only make them look 3 dimensional with clever shading on the boxes. Touch the page. Can you feel any more than 2 dimensions!? No. See. Flat!

          Also my stomach is flat. Just don't look from the side.

          • @syousef: Finally someone who isn't a sheep.

            • +2

              @tomleonhart: How dare you assume my species! I am syousef sheep of the ancient clan of Ptolemy, descendant of Cleopatra Blacksheep. By the way, have you any wool? Man I could go for a lamb kebab right now.

        • NASA is fake

          Thats just what the CIA wants you to believe…

          WAKE UP SHEEPLE! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip

    • So, true. I have this model, built it with my 4 yo. We can now role play the fake moon landing together. “Dad, look the flag is waiving in the breeze!, also the shadows from our ceiling lights.”

  • -1

    Ship is the bottle the next reprint coming .
    Clear the old number to buy 2 of the new ones if your not to late .
    BTW its exactly what you could have done with this one :)

    • +16

      What the hell did I just read?

      • Witch's spell… muhahaha

      • +10

        Ship is the bottle the next reprint coming .

        NASA Apollo Saturn V 92176 is a re-release of 21309. The next LEGO Ideas set to be re-released will be the Ship in a Bottle 21313

        Clear the old number to buy 2 of the new ones if your not to late .

        Set 21313 is currently selling for ~ $160. Was able to be picked up on sale for ~$80 so sell your current 21313 and buy 2 of the new one when released and on sale. Like the Saturn V - it was selling upwards of $400 earlier this year but can be bought for $150 just under a different set number.

        • +8

          Holy shit so that gibberish actually did make sense after all!

        • Oh no, I have two of the old Saturn Vs sitting in their unopened box. Looks like I missed the opportunity to flip.

        • +1

          TY at least I can be deciphered :)

        • You passed the test!
          Report to the DSD admissions office located at the &@#)$^|:?@%&&}[ , @^$%[[& at exactly ^^#%$"";

  • +3

    Nice kit. Sits on my WFH desk.

  • Is this exactly the same as the set from 2-3 years ago?

    • Yes, it's a reprint. New set number though.

    • Was selling for around $450 on eBay before the re-release

      • +1

        Resellers must be pissed, haha.

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