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40% off SIRUI ET-1004 Tripod + E-10 Ball Head - $161.40 Delivered @ SIRUI Australia





The Sirui ET-1004 Aluminum Tripod with E-10 Ball Head is the Easy Traveler Tripod with Head

The tripods of the ET series are built on the specifications of the TX series. Although they have flip locks instead of twist locks and are factory-fitted with a ball head. The tripods are extremely lightweight and have a very compact design. In every situation they are light to handle and support your camera securely. The legs of the ET-1004 can be folded upwards by 180° so that the tripod has a height of just 42cm when collapsed. The head can remain on the tripod. Each leg is formed of 4 sections with 3 secure flip locks. The rubber feet ensure the tripod is steady on all surfaces. A stabilising hook on the centre column is a SIRUI standard, as are cold-weather grips and a transport bag. The bag strap can also be used as a tripod strap.

SIRUI’s E ball heads operate very accurately, smoothly and softly. The base can be rotated by 360°, ideal for panoramic shots. The friction can be controlled using the setting knobs. The Safety Lock System prevents quick release plates from slipping. The release plate locking mechanism is compatible with Arca Swiss systems and allows various plates to be used.

– Best quality aluminium in 4 sections
– Reversible 1/4 and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or cameras
– Locking screw for head
– Legs can be folded up by 180°
– Practical flip locks for secure support
– Stabilising hook and cold weather grips
– Simple operation of all control knobs
– 360° panorama pan with 5° scale
– Arca-Swiss compatible – 90° vertical slot
– Safety Lock – prevents the plate from slipping
– Plate with 1/4 inch screw – head mount with 3/8 inch thread
– TY-50E quick release plate

Tripod specifications:
– Weight: 1.3kg
– Max. load: 8kg
– Height: 13 – 139cm
– Closed size: 42cm
– Tube diameter: 16 – 25mm

Ball head specifications:
– Weight: 0.28kg
– Max. load: 8kg
– Height: 88mm
– Ball diameter: 29mm
– Base diameter: 43mm
– Spirit level and Safety Pin
– Incl. TY-50E release plate

1x SIRUI ET-1004 aluminium tripod
1x SIRUI E-10 ball head with TY-50E release plate
1x 9.5cm short centre column
1x transport bag with strap


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  • That's… pretty overpriced even with a 40% discount.

    • In what way? Tripods are very "you get what you pay for". Fairy standard price for a well-built tripod that will last.

      • I guess in the; I checked Amazon for similar spec products and found them to be less than half the price. One that was rated for 12kg indicating it's sturdier than this one was 120 or so AUD…

        Although I'm no tripod pro and I'm not exactly willing to spend 300 bucks to do a comparison to win this debate…

        • I have some generic tripods, likely similar to what you speak of. They do offer pretty good bang for buck, but are certainly not up to the standard of the Sirui product.

          It’s a decent price.

    • I own a couple of Sirui products, and I believe their quality is top notch.

      I also own a Manfrotto Befree Advance Tripod, which is very similar to this product in terms of ball head and specifications (eg. weight and holding capacity). The Manfrotto RRP is around $289, which I got on sale for around $230.

      I'd say this Sirui tripod is priced correctly at RRP $269.

  • Hey Sirui, I like your stuff and own quite a bit of Sirui gear…lemme know when you have a good price on a heavy duty (but totable) carbon tripod. Currently the Leofoto 32 and 36 series seem to be winning on this front.