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Scepter Plastic Fuel Can 5L - $6 @ Repco


Came across this 5L Scepter Fuel Can on sale at Repco.

$6 - save $8

Feels like a bargain to me!

Also on sale is the;
10L at $14
20L at $19

Happy Hunting!

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  • Scepter

    Maybe I am sceptical of this….

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      Scepter is actually good quality & made in Canada, I have an oil drain pan container that is good.

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        Canadian, eh? Sounds good!

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        Yep, i've had these fuel containers in 5, 10 and 20 litres for years and they are brilliant. I always carry a 20L under the bow of the boat offshore and it gets beat up in bad seas and it never leaks.

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          I'm a fan of the 10L these days. Using a 20L to try to fill the mower and other stuff is always difficult.

      • I bought a Scepter oil drain container and the build quality was dreadful. The massive screw top lid in particular kept popping off the threads after a mild tightening. It was reduced from $20 to $2 on Repco clearance which meant I did get what I paid for…but I'd be mighty miffed if I spent $20 on it.

    • Slow day in the office?

  • Good find OP Thanks

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    So it's better off to buy 2x5L than 1x10L lol

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      easier to carry and store the small containers, too

      • which is best, plastic, or the metal ones?

        • Metal probably leaks less

        • metal will rust before the plastic deteriorates.

          • @Jake D: not if its painted or made of stainless steel….or coated with rust proof or resistant layer of finish…..

            • @Zachary: sure i guess but i've never seen a stainless steel jerry can, or one with a half decent paint job. even the slightest imperfection in your coating and petrol will find it.

              • @Jake D: hmmm……but rust wont do anything to the petrol will it if they touch?

  • These are annoying with the spout inside. Makes a mess when you pull it out. 10Lt can has spout on the top.
    Good price though

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      Opposite view - the spout inside means it stays clean. Anytime we go bush in a 4WD, containers with the outside spout pick up dust and other contaminants… YMMV

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      Can actually have the spout sticking and cover with plastic to reduce dust (leave the plug in place and the spout on outside to seal lid)

      One of the better brands and good for the petrol garden tools.

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      I've trimmed 2-3 inches off all the spouts so they pour faster, and only fill them to their 5, 10 and 20 litre capacities which is a fair way off the top and dont get any mess. When you pull the spout half way out, just give it a shake. Its way better with the spouts inside.

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        Yes, spout inside stays clean. These self vent while pouring as well. I really like them.

    • Take the plastic cap that sits inside of the hose out first, before you pull the hose out. so theres no suction. it annoys me too but thats what causes it.

  • They don't seem to have the green ones. Do they have them in store?

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    If i fill one of these and keep it in my car. how long can i keep it there before its not recommended that i use the fuel thats in it to fill my car??

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      No recommended to store inside your car as there are fumes.

    • Hopefully you don't smoke in your car with one of these in there…

    • There's always Stabil or Fuel Doctor to increase the time.

    • yea you dont wanna store these inside your cars…i know coz i tried it before so i could lug more fuel around without stopping at a station….the smell still leaks through the container somehow…..if only the containers were sealed properly…..and stinks so bad you had to drive with all the windows down…..and even after taking out the tanks, the smell still stays for a good few days…..

  • Any blue ones left?

  • can i use this with other liquids? asking for a friend.

  • Can it used for diesel?

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    • there are ones used specifically for diesel…..they're the yellow ones….

      • I’m pretty sure they are different colours so you don’t mix them up and end up in a nasty situation. But they are the same thing.

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    Are metal ones better than plastic? I've got a 2-3 hour trip and my mileage on e85 is pretty bad so I was thinking of getting one before flexifuel fix. Would leaving these in the boot for 2 days or so be okay?

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      Get this one, it doesnt leak and it's air tight. I've left mine out in the sun and it's blown up like a balloon under a lot of pressure and still didnt vent until i cracked the lid and went straight back in to shape.

      • let it balloon….mayeb it will pop?

  • Thanks OP ordered two

  • Same price as Bunnings but you get a fuel pourer:

    • This is come with pourer which is inside the container. Keeps it clean i guess which is an advantage.

  • After reading the comments I’m not sure what the main reasons to get this item is?
    It seems that it’s not recommended to store it in your car (assuming the boot) in case you’re going for a long journey and need to refill in the middle of nowhere. Is it more for filling other motor devices like lawn mowers?
    Do people just store extra fuel in their houses/garage instead?

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      You know many people have utes or 4x4’s where they can be mounted on the outside, right? Also, yeah to fill up lawn mowers, RC cars and many other fuel power things.

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      When you game refilling your fuel tank and you lose…

      Other than that, yes for petrol tools that you don’t want to lug to the petrol station to fill up 0.5L worth

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      Good for campers or road trippers whom for whatever reason may be caught out with low fuel.

  • Great for using with fuel lock on 7-11 app. Dan illy make sure you never overpay on fuel

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    I got this scepter fuel 5L can and recommend it. Below is a review and comparison against the (crap) metal 2L can I had before.

    My use case is I use it refuel my lawnmower, whipper snipper and blower. Last 2 are stroke. I do not store any. Any excess fuel is dumped into my car. So I keep this thing empty all the time except for transporting fuel from petrol station to home.

    Plastic doesn't rust like my 2L metal can did
    I like spout which is kept clean inside the fuel tank. Note, it does get fuel on it when you take it out but its a small inconvenience to pay for having a clean spout with no dust etc.
    The spout can pour directly into the lawnmower or when I mix 2 stroke without the need for a funnel. My old 2L can had this fat straw spout thing which spilt everywhere
    Its got a child resistant cap, which is better than nothing.
    Its cheap

    I wish they did a smaller 2L version. I never fill up 5L for my equipment but this is the smallest I could find that's in plastic.

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