[VIC] $200 Voucher for Victorians to Visit Regional Victoria (Min Spend $400)

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The Victorian Government will hand out $200 vouchers for visitors to regional Victoria in a bid to boost tourism in bushfire and COVID-affected towns.

Key points:
The Victorian Government hopes $200 vouchers will lure tourists to regional towns
$47.5 million will go towards a coastal walk and campsites along the Great Ocean Road
$18.5 million aims to boost tourism to bushfire-affected towns in East Gippsland
Premier Daniel Andrews has promised $465 million in this year's budget, to encourage more visitors to regional Victoria as part of the Victorian Tourism Recovery Package.

Victorians who have booked and spent at least $400 dollars on accommodation or tickets to attractions and tours can apply for a $200 voucher for spending money.

120,000 vouchers will be made available from December.

"There'll be quite a simple process to make sure that you can validate that you had an experience and then you will receive the $200 from us," Mr Andrews said.

Voucher system still being worked out
Regional Victorians will also be eligible for vouchers for region to region travel but Tourism Minister Martin Pakula said the details of the voucher system were still being worked out.

"Whether it is upfront or by reimbursement is part of the design," Mr Pakula said.

"I make the point that similar schemes are already in place in South Australia and Tasmania

"In other states, there is a voucher that is printed out, and then people get a refund at the end once they have acquitted that they have spent that money."

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  • -1

    Not a deal

  • -2

    Only for Victorians? Anyone knows this eligible for other states trave to VIC?

  • political trickery to get you to spend now and complain later.

  • +1

    They know quite well that this so called generous offer will only be taken up by a small percentage of the population.

    Same as the lousy NSW offer… what a load of crap.

    They got this directly from the scammers handbook of "marketing".

  • so still no details as to where i can claim this $200 voucher? I already booked afew days of accommodation during xmas.

  • +1

    Not a fan. Regional Vic is already going to be completely crowded since there is no where else to holiday. Accommodation prices are skyrocketing and booking out so fast. So basically these handouts are only going to the rich who can afford a holiday.

  • +1

    any news on this ? I'm assuming hotels will jack up their prices by $200 due to massive demand anyway and negate any benefit to this voucher

  • It's 30/11 now. December is tomorrow. Where're the government's details? :S

  • It is December now. I start to be fidgeting.

    • +1

      No web form anywhere?

      • I have been thinking the very same. I understand you cannot claim until you have actually taken your holiday, so will be seeking out how to claim very soon.

        • +7

          I just rang the Victorian Government Contact Centre and they have not got any further information about the program yet. She did confirm about the press release but was unable to provide any details on the program. Hopefully more information will be available next week. :(

  • Excellent. Time to plan a trip.

  • This started on Friday. I managed to snag one yesterday and got the xonfirmation email today. Had to submit it about 10 times before it accepted.

  • I don't see any available accommodation left to book during the voucher validity period.
    what other options are there to use this within the next 4 weeks?

  • I was successful in getting the voucher in the second launch after the first stuff up, i remember seeing the acknowledgement screen but can't find any confirmation e-mail?

    does anybody know what the confirmation e-mail is titled under?

    • ignore. just searched my e-mail again and they actually sent a claim e-mail about 14 hours ago lol.

      ended up spending $2k in regional vic so I guess it's worked.

      • +1

        I received the confirmation within 24hrs but I am still waiting for the claim email.

  • No email yet regarding where to upload proof of travel for claiming $200.

  • Just got an email that my claim was successful and $200 will be deposited soon.

  • +1

    Got my $200 today

  • Sorry, there was a problem processing this request.

  • All done very efficiently here. No problems at all. Refund received.

  • Where are you all travelling to?

    • We went to Ebden, Lake Hume. 👍

  • I have a discount coupon on Airbnb. For the purpose of claiming this $200 regional voucher, must I pay $400 after the discount coupon or can be it before?

    For e.g $480 for 2 nights, cleaning fee and service fee, less $100 discount coupon, total $380 out of pocket. Is this eligible?

    Or must it be $500 and above, less $100 discount to bring it $400+ out of pocket to claim the $200 voucher.?

  • Any idea if cruise in Lakes Entrance is eligible and can be claimed ?

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