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[Switch] Spyro Reignited Trilogy $24 Free Collect in Store or + $1.99 Shipping @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheap price on Spyro at JB HiFi. Go grab it :)

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  • Thanks - picked a copy up!

  • Got it! (Even though I have it on PC but portable Spyro is always good!)

  • Ez Christmas present, click and collect ready for pickup already, thanks mate

  • +1

    Is it a game cart or download content?

    • +2

      Cart but you do have to download from memory

    • The box lists there's a 10GB download, from memory only the first game is on the cart (not at home so cant check current install size).
      The disc version of the game on PS4 also had a mandatory download to be able to play all 3 games.

  • +1

    Is this the cart where they didn't bother putting the games on there and you have to download them? (profanity) activision. Did they fix that yet or is it still (profanity)?

    • +1

      2 and 3 are downloads, first game is on the cart iirc.

      • Why even bother with a physical release if you're gonna throw 2/3rds of your package into a day 1 patch? Shell out the extra for larger cartridges Activision.

        • Same reason Microsoft/Sony didnt add in the 50c optical ports on the new consoles. Greedy prics

      • Sorry what are 2 & 3?

  • And they still dont make Crash collection cheaper, even if its been out longer

  • Sold out at my local, not driving to Chadstone. Was gonna grab it with Age of Calamity tomorrow. Oh well!

    • Have you try the demo? it was pretty good at the start but get too repetitive as the game go forward.

      • Yeah it would more be for my daughter

  • Sweet, $1.99 for postage makes it even better

  • Legend… Grabbed one! ;)

  • Awesome, thank you!!

  • Thanks Op, picked one up

  • This is a fantastic game on Switch, despite a few small graphical downgrades it runs pretty well (there's some weird hitching but that happens on the PS4 version too) and looks great! Best of all the gameplay still holds up today.

  • +1

    The first Spyro is SUCH a good game and looks gorgeous in the remake.

    Still hate those flying levels though, they are hell with the Joy cons little nubs.

  • It seems like Spyro has good reviews, but it looks like a kiddy game to me.

    • It is a kiddy game. It was for teaching kids how to play 3D platformers on Playstation 1. It's also very charming.

  • nice

  • TY Op. few stock sitting at JB Hobart CBD when I checked in around lunch time

  • Needed a birthday present for tomorrow but no JB Hi Fi in my town and couldn't price match, so I just bought it full price and ordered this. Will return the one from JB Hi Fi when it arrives.

  • Not available for shipping now

  • Picked up the last copy in the city in Sydney this afternoon.

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