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Maker's Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 700ml $54 @ BWS App (Excludes SA/NT)


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Also check your rewards app. I have spend $30 get 1000 points offer or 10x points when you spend $100

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  • Fantastic deal and a fantastic drop! Well done OP.

  • Damn it, just walked into the store and it was $60, should've checked here first.

  • This taste really good but it gave me the worst hang over the next day.

  • Thanks OP .. it's interesting how Woolies adjusts the figures based on how much you spend. I got a similar email as well but to get the 10x bonus points I had to spend $140.

    I'm still savouring the 46 from the other week bonus deal.

    Just a great drop with a cube of ice.

  • For those not familiar with an Old Fashioned - 60ml of this stuff (2 shots) , a couple of splashes of Angostura bitters , third of a teaspoon of maple syrup - then use a potato peeler to peel a strip of skin from an orange and bend it so the oils squirt out leaving a film over your drink (and rub it around the rim of the glass if you like.
    You can use honey instead of maple , you could use sugar syrup too , you can have ice or no ice and there are other bitters but I think Angostura works best - but do try to do the orange , it gives a real orangy note before the drink gets to your mouth and prepares you for the sweet then bitter then bourbon flavour ride to come.
    A super simple 'cocktail' but one that really works. ( Also works well with Monkey Shoulder or Wild Turkey )

    • Well described, thanks.

    • I use erythritol with monk fruit.

    • Wouldn't this be a waste using this as a cocktail?

      • Not at all mate , this isnt a mix like a rum and coke , the parts in this all help each other, think of it like seasoning on a steak. You can use the same add ons and change the bourbon/whisky and still retain the "personality" of the spirit. I have tried many types through lockdown and I still dont quite know what makes one work and not the next. Glenfiddich, Chivas and a couple of other bourbons dont suit for me. Makers Mark standard or 46 , Wild Turkey standard or 101 , and Monkey shoulder are my favourites for sure.

        • I might get a bottle of the normal makers mark for the cocktail and 46 to drink neat. Thank you for your insight

  • 10 % off online order and further 10 % off staff discount comes down to 48.60
    !!!!!!!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!!!!!!!

    • My 10% off ordering online for pick up didn't work, but got the 10% staff discount anyway hmmm