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$100 off Ergohuman Chairs: Ergohuman V3 $529, Ergohuman Fit $549 + Freight @ Temple and Webster


With Work from Home the becoming the norm getting good home office chairs has become super important!

Temple and Webster have $100 off each of their Ergohuman chairs.

From their Mesh Back description

Temple & Webster is an authorised Ergohuman retailer.

Presenting the 100% genuine Ergohuman V3 Smart Balance Mesh Office Chair- Exclusive to Temple and Webster!

The Ergohuman Office Chair is a perfect fusion of art and science, with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable armrests for unparalleled support.

The Ergohuman has been designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for extended periods of time and require intensive use seating for comfort.

It has a dual pivot mechanism with 3 positional lock, seat slide, pneumatic height adjustment, automatic lumbar support system, height and angle adjustment arms all in one unique ergonomic chair.

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  • $105 shipping to WA…

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      $25 off shipping with code "SH25CREAM", valid for 24 hours.

  • This vs Secret Lab? What are the opinions?

    • By Secret Lab do you mean the Neue Chair?

    • +6

      Aren't secret lab gaming chairs? Apple and Oranges. Gaming chairs aren't purchased for comfort and they don't take care of your body.
      Ergohuman will blow any gaming chair out of the water imo.

      • +1

        noob question but then what is gaming chairs for? in their advertisement or user review they always talk about how comfort to sit on it with all the adjustment on the back, armrest, etc.

        I am hoping to get a comfortable gaming/office chairs in black friday sale, I've seen comments for gaming chairs are quite extreme, either very good or very bad. I am confused which one should I go with

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          Just get a good quality office chair.

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          It's a bit of a meme, people buy them for their appearance or because it's trendy.
          Not trying to judge, in fact I have one myself.
          But my ass is not grateful for it, I always end up sore and there's no real back or head support. Just two crappy little cushions. I don't think the racing chair with flat back design has any ergonomic qualities at all.
          My wife who works from home has an ergohuman and while I do still think they're a bit pricey for what they are, it's a much better chair to sit in for long periods of time.

      • I literally would have thought they were both for comfort and very similar. Thanks for making the distinction.

        I game casually but WFH like 8 hours a day, what should I get….

        • +2

          A good chair that is going to look after your body. Support and ergonomics over looks and 'gamer' cred every time. SecretLab are better than many but they still really marketing over product quality & lack critical lumbar support.

          Not saying that some gamer chairs cannot be good in support and ergonomics, but there is a heap of crap out there which has some garish colours and the word 'gaming' put on the box and the price doubled.

          Ergohuman are decent but plenty of people complain about the comfort of them as they do not suit all people. At normal pricing they are definitely overpriced. You can get a very good, AFDRI-checked office chair for the $300-$450 range with warranty in the 7-8 year area. Look for something like the 'Hino Heavy Duty Mesh' and look at the way the seat is shaped. Buro Metro is another good one for a bit more.

          The only good 'gaming' chairs are the Herman Miller x Logitech ones which are not available in AU yet. An actual Herman Miller chair with some changes for a gamer aesthetic, but you pay for it. HM makes crazy good products.

      • +1

        Gaming chairs aren't purchased for comfort

        So how long do you game for? 5 minutes?

    • +1

      One is a company that has invested in designing and building ergonomic office chairs. Buy Ergohuman (or similar) if you care about your precious spine.

      The other is a just another company milking the high-margin "gamer accessories" market. Buy Secret Lab (or similar) if you care more about your fragile ego.

    • I bought the SecretLab and haven't been super happy. It's personal preference, but it's too firm for my liking and I wish I had've gone for a mesh chair instead.

      Looks good at least I suppose.

      • They are rather firm as I have the Titan. Is your chair the same?

        • I got the Omega. It's a well made chair, quite solid and the adjustments all work well, but the firmness is just not for me. Unfortunately that's the reality of buying a chair online without sitting in it first, so I think I've learned that lesson.

  • I read somewhere that these are actually an older model compared to what you can get from ergohuman direct? Does anyone know if there's any major differences? From what I can tell, not much has changed.

    Also, does anyone know where I could get the accessories such as the footrest?

    • +1

      I think you're right.

      From the Ergohuman website:

      Wide Seat Base
      Compared to the V2 Elite and Luxury range the seat base is wider at 52cm which is more suitable for taller/heavier users.

  • +2

    I've been using the Ergohuman Elite V2 mesh as a daily driver for what must be almost ten years now.

    Best office chair I've ever used. Dialing it in was a bitch and took about a week but I haven't had to touch the seat/back since then, only height/armrests when switching tables over the years.

  • -3

    $100 off but costs $100 shipping to post code 4503, QLD (30 kms from Brisbane CBD) :(

    • So you're effectively getting free shipping on a 26kg (shipped weight) item from Sydney, right?

  • mesh vs upholstered vs leather base?

    • Go upholstered.

      Mesh looks fancy but it's a little hard. Imagine sitting on a trampoline (not the bouncy aspect, but that material).
      Pro: good in summer and easy to clean.
      Con: hard to sit on, ok for short time but not for many hours.

      Leather is fine but after a few years it looks real old and during summer it's a bit too hot.
      Pro: looks slick and some people like the feel.
      Con: hot in summer, looks stretched and wrinkly pretty quickly.

      Upholstered is probably somewhere between those two in all pros and cons.
      It's the type most people are used to.

      Imo, the other two trade comfort for looks.

    • I currently have an ergonomic mesh chair at my workplace, and an upholstered (basic) chair at home.

      Next chair I buy for home will be one with a mesh seat. I find it more comfortable and it breathes well (especially in the heat!).

      The uphostered base one is ok too, but I much prefer the mesh.

      I have also had leather in the past, and found it hot in summer and cold in winter.

    • I got the leather seat with the mesh back. Chose the leather seat because I have tailbone pain and some reviews mention that the mesh seat digs into your tailbone after some time.


      They also have videos comparing this to the aeron here:

  • So, these are good chairs, but not as good as Herman Miller, at a third the price?

  • Any notable differences between V3 and V2 elite mesh besides no head rest on V3 ?

  • What's the likelihood these chairs will be even cheaper come Black Friday? Trying to decide if I hold off on a V2 Elite.

    • I had the same thought and looked up past deals on the brand on ozbargain. The last time T&W or any website had a sale on Ergohuman chairs was in November of last year. My thinking is that with so many more people WFH now, you'll be hard-pressed to get any good sales on any office chair and definitely not for the pre-covid prices these were going for so I just bit the bullet and ordered one.

    • That's a different model altogether. IDK the difference, but yea.

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