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Registrations for Project xCloud Preview Is Live in Australia (Free Cloud Gaming)


All gaming lovers who are not able to grab your favourite Console/Gaming PC due to the current crazy demand, Microsoft has heard your prayers and launched the Cloud based gaming platform Project xCloud. Here are the steps to enroll.

Step1: Register your interest for Project xCloud (Preview)
Note: Registration does not guarantee selection.
Step2: If selected, you would receive a welcome email (Usually around 24 hours)
Step3: Use any Wireless Bluetooth Controller and start playing

So all in all, you just need a Andoid device(Phone, TV, Streaming Device etc.,) and a Wireless Bluetooth Controller and your gaming setup is ready.

Feel grateful to Microsoft after Google's Stadia, Nvidia's GeForce Now etc., were announced longtime ago but not available in Australia till date. Feel the love.

List of Free Games available at the moment

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  • +1

    I just get blank screen?

    • +1

      I did on mobile, worked okay in Firefox on my laptop.

    • +3

      Worked in Chrome, but not Safari for me (Mac user)

      • How did you get it to work on chrome??I want to use it on ipad pro..

        • I think they all talking about the registration and not xcloud gaming.

    • +1

      I had that. Signed out. Restarted app, signed in again. All sweet.

    • do you mean in the app? i had the same but i clicked the option up in the top left of the screen (loads news or something useless) and then it loaded fine after that.

    • +2

      In the URL bar in Chrome, (next to the Star icon), click the Eye icon and enable thrid party cookies.

      • Legend.

  • Me too

    • Me three

      • It's a CORS website issue, you can find the redirect link in the console error and open it directly.

  • works from PC. got blank on my iphone tho.

    • Not available for Apple users at the moment.

      • +1

        Works no problem in Chrome on my Macbook.

    • +6

      Smartphone only.

    • +4

      got blank on my iphone

      Did you enjoy your game streaming test on an Apple device?

  • had it yesterday, played D2, very good on a 4G connection

    • +2

      Doom 2?

    • +1

      Diablo 2?

    • destiny 2

    • +5

      My gigabit connection is looking better every day. Why on earth did people vote against it.

      • how did people vote against it?

      • -8

        over compensating for something ?
        Don't care what connection you have

      • More-so fibre than gigabit. You don't need much bandwidth for cloud streaming but lower latency is vital. Will be good in a few years when 5G takes off since that has very little latency.

        • +4

          You need the bandwidth when you have a house full of people all telling themselves they got gigabit fibre now. Can scrape the ceiling just with a single update because Apple and Microsoft servers download at full speed.

          • +2

            @AustriaBargain: That's true, just as important to get a good router so you can reserve a portion of bandwidth for QoS and nerf those heavy users.

  • Is x360 wireless with a dongle (PC version) a compatible Bluetooth controller? (Probably not if it has a dongle…)

    • +1

      Controllers are just usually Bluetooth, anything that your phone will accept can and will count, at least based on Xbox remote play… ie, use your dongle, just get a Micro USB / USB C to USB A adapter and go for it.

    • Most phones are plug'n'play and works without problem. Some devices might need to get the keymaps for it to work properly. It needs root or magisk.

    • +1

      Yes you can use a dongle. It works with USB A to C dongle that you get with Pixels.

  • Thanks for the heads-up OP

  • Works a treat… Brilliant

  • +20

    Really love everything Xbox is doing. They have an uphill battle when it comes to getting normies to buy there consoles since most people just go with whatevers popular, but with some good exclusives they should take it. Doing so much more then Sony.

    • +13

      and thats their biggest problem, lack of quality exclusives, doesnt matter how much great tech they make/invest in, you need something worthwhile to play on it

      • +1

        You realise they own windows too yeah?

        Why would they lock it out of their OWN PLATFORM

    • you sure? i doubt it.. microsoft is switching directions because thy know thy cant compete with sony just on next gen console alone. hence using a shotgun approach where developers have too build a game thats playable across multiple platforms… thats why u get the craig meme.

      Sony innovates.. hence u get the dualsense controller.. xbox SX on the other hand.. still uses AA batteries..

      • +6

        Give me replaceable batteries any day.

      • +11

        Personally I'd prefer double AA batteries since their easily serviceable. Batteries are usually one of the first parts of a device to wear out and they shouldn't be locked away from the user.

      • -4

        lol, when that battery lasts 8 minutes in 3 months like the Dual Shock I'll be hugging my AA's to sleep.

        • +10

          Why do you people lie just to make your point. Li-ion just doesn't die like that, I'm literally using PS3 Move controllers from 10 years ago today for VR and they still hold charge strong.

          • -1

            @plmko: I would happily have shipped you the controller that died within 8 minutes if I still had it, champ. And you people? People that own both consoles and can be objective? Okay, thanks!

            • +5

              @MBix: If that's true, you obviously had a faulty controller. No point using that as a basis for argument.

              • @Lance Miranda: Why not? Across multiple Dual Shocks the battery hold dramatically reduced. Obviously in that case it was even more dramatic and yes a faulty battery or controller itself. Doesn’t lessen the others batteries holding a poor play time after charge that I, and many many others experienced. The same with Microsoft’s controllers and their many reported issues. The point is for me I would happily take AA’s in both the Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Same with the Elite V2

        • +8

          If batteries were the ideal solution, why does Microsoft make their Elite Controllers with no changeable battery?

          Let's stop with the blind fanboy-ism and call a spade a spade. The Xbox controllers default to batteries because Microsoft want you to buy the accessories/upgrades.

          • @DisabledUser238850: What's the benefit of having a non-replaceable battery?

            • -1

              @DisabledUser130521: Convenience, cost-saving, environmentally friendly and a lighter controller.

              • +2

                @DisabledUser238850: I really don't think any of those are true except the last. How's it more convenient to have to plug in a controller to charge it and not have the option to change the battery? You can plug the xbox controller in too.

                A device with a non-replaceable battery is the antithesis of environmentally friendly and price efficient since the whole thing is useless once the battery inevitably fails. Every consumer device would have standard replaceable batteries if it were up to me.

                • @DisabledUser130521: Good discussion. My thoughts:

                  1. Convenience - I don't need to go around shopping for batteries and making sure I have enough batteries around. I can just plug the controller in to charge when it runs out of battery.

                  2. Cost - I don't need to spend money buying batteries.

                  3. Environmentally friendly - When a AA battery runs out it is useless. When a controller's internal battery runs out I can still use the USB cable to play my console - so its still useful. Minor note - neither my PS3 or XBOX360 controllers with rechargable pack has died.

                  • +4

                    @DisabledUser238850: You are on Ozbargain and you argue about buying AA batteries? By now, just about everyone should have plenty of rechargeable AA batteries on hand.
                    Coming from PS4, the battery life of Xbox controller is a breath of fresh air and I will always have some eneloops ready to go.

                  • @DisabledUser238850: Did you really make another account just to upvote your comments and downvote others? In a conversation about batteries? Lmao.

                    Glad the mods stepped in.

          • @DisabledUser238850: I never said they were the ideal solution, was just replying in regards to a specific comment regarding the batteries and my personal experience with them, which was similar across multiple Dual Shocks. There is no fanboy-ism here, I could go on a rant about how many dodgy controllers I have sent back to Microsoft as well for many an issue. In fairness my Elite V2 gets a lot of use and I've not yet had any issues with the battery like I experienced with the Dual Shock. But as I said, I've not experienced Dual Shock stick drift issues either.

            As far as innovation and the Dual Sense goes, well if we are talking about the Haptic Feedback then a large chunk of that innovation goes to the same company that put similar technology in the Joy Con for Nintendo. There are definitely better choices to go with than the controller for the innovation debate ^_^

      • I don't play games anymore but why would you want a built in battery in a controller? Being able to swap batteries quickly rather than being tethered to a charger seems preferable to me. It looks like the Xbox controller has 2-3 times the battery life too.

      • +5

        Sony innovates.. hence u get the dualsense controller

        Weird, when Apple put a non-user-replaceable battery in their phone they got lambasted; Sony does it and it's "innovation".

        • +1

          Weird, when I tried to make a phone call on my controller it didn't seem to work.

    • yeah Im with xbox, always gamed on PC but bought new box and got the game pass, I would NEVER buy a machine that's anti consumer and hides behind exclusive titles, imagine that - they pay developers not to share their games to all and lock players in, then these said players praise how good Sony is for having exlusives…what a dumb world we live in

      • +4

        right…. and Microsoft had no choice but to just buy off the developers out right and keep the titles to thmselves,,

        • +3

          In the eyes of fanbois, their demi-gods can do no wrong.

      • +5

        Some things to think about:

        • With GamePass Ultimate, you don't own any game so you need to continue to pay for it. Some games do get swap out rather quickly (i.e. Red Dead Redemption 2). Sure, Sony PS Plus Collection cannot compare, but at least Sony's approach is once you added them, you can play them with active subscription.
          [Quite a number of games Microsoft removed out of GamePass I actually would still like to play]
        • With Microsoft Azure, XBox has a clear advantage when it comes to using cloud based tech. Azure is Microsoft's bread and butter. Sony needs to pay for cloud (Sony actually starts using Microsoft Azure cloud).
        • For first party exclusives, Sony generally don't try to sell you in game add-ons, items. Microsoft first party exclusives do that. [No, Microsoft, if I don't own the game, I won't buy loot items so stop those annoying ads]

        I am NOT impressed that Microsoft included ZERO voucher in my XBox Series X and Halo Infinite is delayed. Right now, there is no incentive for me to re-join GamePass Ultimate. Already played first party exclusives from last gen.

        • -1

          Agree with your points here.

          I find myself subscribing to gamepass when a good game comes out day one on the service. i unsubscribe once I finish that game.

          I actually don't think the Netflix model works for games. Sure, on Netflix I'll binge some sit-com for like, the 15th time in a row. But how many times do I really want to play Gears Tactics? And do I want to play Celeste again, despite owning it already when there was hype surrounding it a year ago?

          I'd be really interested to hear from the people on here whether they have maintained their subscription to gamepass and how often they actually play the games on it.

          • @DisabledUser238850: I do the same, only joins when say a new first party exclusive I want to play is added or a game I really want to play is added. However, I have some concerns lately:

            • Microsoft used to offer $1/month to existing GamePass users with elapsed subscription. With GamePass Ultimate, this seems to have stopped lately.
            • No voucher this time with the new console. That's saying Microsoft wants you to pay for a subscription right away. They believe GamePass is now in a state that's good enough to entice people to pay.

            It kinda feels like the honeymoon period is coming to an end.

        • Sony PS Plus Collection cannot compare, but at least Sony's approach is once you added them, you can play them with active subscription.

          Games with Gold works that way right?

      • I don’t ‘praise’ Sony for having the exclusives I want, but I do buy Sony because of it.
        Are you claiming Xbox doesn’t have exclusives?

      • +1

        I would NEVER buy a machine that's anti consumer and hides behind exclusive titles, imagine that - they pay developers not to share their games to all and lock players in, then these said players praise how good Sony is for having exlusives…what a dumb world we live in

        Why is it anti-consumer if a developer only chooses to develop for one gaming machine? You know the world doesn't revolve around you right?

        There is no fundamental right for a consumer to play a particular game on their chosen gaming machine. What a self-centred way of thinking!

        Do you even understand how much time and money is required to port games? Maybe it's not the world around you who are dumb…

    • +2

      I support both camps, but Microsoft isn't as good as you think.

      • Insufficient first party AAA exclusives was never solved (even after XBox One X is introduced).
      • We see new GamePass Ultimate subscriptions getting heavy discounts, but not for people already on GamePass Ultimate.
      • No GamePass voucher, nor XBox Live Gold voucher, nor GamePass Ultimate voucher with Series X console (you get 2 vouchers for XBox One S and One X).

      I really wonder what 343 Industries had been doing since 2015. It is also disappointing Series X struggles with AC Valhalla (performing worse than PS5).

      • +1

        I too support the gaming community not any particular platform/console. but the preview of Halo infinite was a total let down to me and i believe other developers too because of how microsoft is approaching the gaming industry. if you start working on games across multiple platforms meaning its available of PC, xbox SX, xbox SS, Xbox OX and xbox O. the developers will have a harder time designing games which is playable across all.

        But apparently xbox fans here dont agree and are confined within their limited imaginations.

        a nudge on the controller is enough to make their head spin. imagine if you phones still uses AA batteries so that it lasts longer..

        • +1

          You are seriously comparing a phone with console controller? Very convincing argument you've got there LOL

      • dirt 5 developer mentioned an unfinished next gen xbox development kit avaliable 9 months before launch, far too early to tell best platform from a performance perspective YouTube Interview

        launch titles would have performed much better with more time for optimization, hoping ubisoft titles get next gen upgrade like Cyberpunk's upgrade due in 2021 IGN Article YouTube Launch Graphics Comparison

        • There is really no excuse for Microsoft. AC Valhalla was a title Microsoft demoed prior to the console launch. Also, so far, we are seeing 3rd party titles run same graphics settings for both XBox Series X and PS5. Where is that 2TFlops advantage? Surely it cannot be that hard to show that.

          Cyberpunk 2077 - that game will play better on a PC. Hardware ray tracing is a weak spot for Series X and PS5.

          Forza Horizon 4 - the patch is disappointing. Disable some graphics features in order to reach 4K/60Hz?

          • @netsurfer: Digital Foundry said that the dev toolkit was given late, give it some time and it’ll all be much more optimised

    • Both consoles are great this gen and I do hope more "normies" buy an Xbox too. This helps ensure healthy competition and drives innovation. I personally bought a PS5 because I prefer what it brings to the table but I am really glad that there are others out there who don't share this opinion.

      The useless fanboy/console war BS that seems ever present really makes no sense, as if everyone were to join you on platform X/Y as the typical fanboy would have it, we would found ourselves in a situation where we are paying more for less.

    • uhhh xbox destroys playstation for exclusives. i doubt they have any trouble selling stock.

      • Microsoft's grand plan is more about GamePass Ultimate. That is not limited to XBox Series X. Part of the issue with Series X is that games play best on PC. Furthermore, most predict consoles days are numbered, with mobile devices and mobile gaming dominating.

        Microsoft basically wants XBox Series S|X, PC and mobile gaming markets. Obviously Apple won't allow xCloud on iOS devices.

        5 first party Sony studios are scheduled to release titles within a year of a new console launch (that's Sony's plan). That's a very aggressive plan. Sony also had Bluepoint remade Demons Souls. Some other limited time exclusives from third party. Should PS5 failed miserably, it would most likely be the end of Sony.

        Sony, by choosing Microsoft being its cloud partner, also sees the gloomy future of consoles further down the track. They cannot beat Microsoft in cloud gaming, but if necessary, they could leverage Microsoft's cloud gaming infrastructure later on.

  • +2
    Your registration for Project xCloud (Preview) is complete! We will get back to you within a few months to let you know if you’ve been selected for the preview.
    • Got this too. Wonder if they are only accepting current game pass members?

      • I'm not a gamepass member and I got the acceptance. So you should get it

      • I am not a current member, got in and am streaming right now. Blows my mind it works so well. As others have said low latency is the key.

  • +10

    Link below to app and homescreen shortcut for those who want to load it on to their Android TV device (eg: Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Mi Box etc):


    • +1

      Thank you!

  • Thanks OP. Registered on iPhone.

  • +1

    Already got it. It works.

  • +2

    a few months… well thats atleast more thn a month away thn.

    • +3

      I got the same, I don't understand the instructions… Does everybody get this email instantly and then another to say if they were accepted within 24 hours per OP?

      • Yes, I got the 'talk to you in a few months' email too

        • Just came to update that I got a welcome email about 2 hours ago, so the few months thing is not indicative.

  • Step3: You need Xbox Game Pass membership

    Don't think Game Pass is required for the preview?

    • Asking someone to confirm this as I haven't tried anything yet except downloading the app :)

      • I read a few guys on Whirlpool have it working without Game Pass (and my Game Pass expired yesterday and it still works).

      • It works for me and I don't have Game Pass. It's actually surprisingly playable.

    • I registered for UK xcloud sometime ago. I dont have the game pass membership Since march. Pc Game pass expired 2 months ago too. This thing worked for me. So I think Game pass is not required.

      I played resident evil 7 and Tekken 7 for about 5 mins each. 600 Mb used and experience was pretty good. I used tekken to get the feel of delay. I would say its equivalent to 3/5 bars of online tekken 7. But for single player games experience is amazing. During my 10 mins gameplay there was no stutter or fps drop etc.

    • Tq all… Just updated the description.

  • Data goes through the roof, no idea how this will be sustainable on current mobile data plans.

    If there was a bell curve it would have broke into a fractal of data consumption.