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A Silent Voice (Blu-Ray) $13 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Incredible deal for an incredible movie. $29.98 from JB Hi-Fi, cheaper here than if it was B1G1F.
I'd buy it if I didn't already have it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP, got myself a copy

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    Weirdly, I watched this last night. Pretty good… but I hated the ending.

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      The ending felt like a natural progression, I'm not sure why you'd hate it haha.
      I'd ask you why but that would be spoilers.

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        Yeah, I didn't want to give any spoilers. Let's just say that I like my anime endings like 'Toradora'. :)

        • (Spoiler Warning)
          Good way to put it haha. For me I found the main aspect to be more about his self development and learning to accept things so it was more of a payoff.
          (Spoiler Warning)

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    They condensed it down to a movie? I guess it was shorter than I remember…

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      The manga only ran for a little over a year

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      They cut out quite a bit of stuff

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    Almost bought it before I remembered I don't have a Blu-ray player.

    Amazing film though.

    • Time to get a PS5😆

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        Time to get a ps3

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    Amazing movie.

  • uwu

    • “uwu” translates to “yes” i think.
      Please correct me if i am wrong..

  • Looks like Amazon copies are gone :(

    • Now back up for back order.
      If you don't mind waiting for an extended delivery time, you can jump on it now.

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    For those who missed out on this, keep an eye on the same item sold by Amazon UK.
    It's been at $13 and a bit more for a long time. I bought it three weeks ago at $13.74 from Amazon UK.
    The price is sitting at $17 plus now but will surely drop back sometime. You just need to set up a price watch with camelx3.
    Of course, you must buy more than $49 in one go to qualify for free shipping
    Hope somebody finds this helpful.

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    The movie is surprisingly intense with its portrayal of bullying and its impacts.

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    As a KyoAni production, this movie is no doubt a excellent masterpiece, just like Evergarden, Euphonium, Free. but some people may feel distubed or annoyed as some of this story involves whitewashing and rematicize school bulluies (especially to those hearing impaired people).

    • Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the term, but can you elaborate on how this movie whitewashes?
      While the movie deals with the topic of bullying, I'd heavily disagree that it "romanticises" it. The second half of the movie particularly has both sides of it dealing with consequences, and it in no way paints bullying in a favourable light.

    • While Shoya (the bully) is a complete ass to Shoko, there are consequences to his actions (social isolation, depression, guilt, etc) and he does try to make amends with Shoko.

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    A very good movie. Highly recommended. I already have one myself.

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    • Christ… with a title like that, I thought it was going to be some sick anime snuff movie, but the actual plot description sounds a whole lot better. My type of anime.

  • This is a very moving anime.

  • Only $11.99 for HD on youtube if you dont have a bluray player.