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15% off Nintendo eShop, TCN The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub&Bar/Restaurant, Google Play Gift Cards @ Coles


Saw this today at Coles.

15% off gift cards including Nintendo eShop, The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub/Bar/Restaurant gift cards and Google Play gift cards ($50-100 only)
Starting 25/11 ending 1/12

UPDATE: cards not activate or not scanning/discount at checkout. Coles are pulling all cards out and refund. Some people reported some cards are fine. Wait until this is resolved. Such a shame.

UPDATE 2: some people reported that JB-Hifi has lifted the restriction on $500 max Gift card purchases, so you could try your luck. Please buy max 5 cards only and leave them for other people (including me, haha, got none so far) so everyone can have a smiling Black Friday purchases.

PARTY IS OVER. Well done to those who got the cards. Pity to the people who could not get the cards (me too, tried 5 times, gave up, friend gave me few cards). What a good deal with such a shameful operation that left many people frustrated.

Mod Update:

Participating Retailers
The Kids Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), H&M, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, Hype DC, Booktopia, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, adidas, ASOS, Bounce Inc, Culture Kings, Holey Moley Golf, IMAX, INTERSPORT, New Balance, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Skechers, Strike, SurfStitch
The Teen Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), adidas, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Hype DC, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Glue Store, Universal Store, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Surf Dive n Ski
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King
The Cinema Card All major cinema chains or local cinemas that accept eftpos
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Pub & Bar Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Restaurant Card Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.


Excludes $20 and $30 Google Play Gift Cards. Excludes The Home, The Online and The Baby Card Gift Cards. Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 25/11/20 to 01/12/20. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. Google Play and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

#Mod 24/11: "A maximum of $500 of Cards may be redeemed at JB HiFi (including online) in any one transaction". See pinned comment below.

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      • I called TCN and the guy said, even it doesn't say JB Hi Fi it will work, as they might be printed before JB hi fi was added to store list…. took gamble and bought 15 HIM cards without them saying JB HIFI on them, will wait for 10% off on Apple on JB HIFI and hopefully use these cards to buy new Macbook Air… works out about 25% discount … fingers crossed … will try one card at the time of purchase in jb hifi, if work will use all, otherwise look in to coles for refund

        • +1

          Thanks, let me know how you go. I tried purchasing the other Teen (also by TCN) but it didn't come up with the discount.

    • I wouldn’t risk it if they didn’t have the JB logo on them. There’s apparently like three kinds of HIM/HER cards.

    • I almost got caught out until I double checked.

      There is another Him gift card, but this one has him in lower case. The one that applies to the 15% off has HIM in caps and in shiny blue and you will see the JB logo on the packaging.

      Also, click on the above links for a pic of the card.

      • can you post the link of photo showing HIM card please?

  • -3

    But if a sneaky trick if you only see $30 cards left

    The wall where they hang the cards has a secret door you open which is where they keep the stock.

    Just opened one at watergardens and found a fresh pack of 10 x $100 Her cards

    Left 5

    • +1

      Can't wait to see someone desperately trying to 'open' the gift card rack hahaha.

      Great prank comment ;)

    • +2

      I've seen someone get loudly scolded for trying to open the display, so not something people should try to do.

    • That's kinda rude, please don't do that

  • Had heaps at my local rural coles, but didn't really want to get them due to all these issues people are having. Also can't remember the last time I bought something from JB so would be just impulse buying something.

  • +1

    I got in early at Colonnades SA Coles but they would only let me buy 4 card, totally anal. I went through another checkout after walking out and in again, the manager came over and denied me to buy any more. I was not happy

    So I drove to Reynella and got 4 more. ( 4 is the maximum at checkout )

    All 8 were activated OK but then I went to JB Colonnades ( back again ) to get a laptop and the cards were not activated yet.

  • +1

    Counter rep at JB was willing and ready to let me use more than $500 of "him" and "her" gift cards…. I only had $500 worth because TCN T&Cs

  • Went to activate for an Xbox Voucher, Balance too Low for $100?


    Edit: Oh so you have to wait… again…. amateur company.

  • Went at around 9:30am to Coles in Pakenham (Lakeside).

    Plenty of stock there, who knows how long it will last though.

  • +1

    deal now appears on news.com.au
    Expect a flood of buyers and more fails

    • Link: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/coles-and-woolworths-...


      You can also use the gift cards in Target, Kmart, Myer and Officeworks as well as Coles supermarkets.

      And an extended list of retailers "Where you can spend Coles gift cards"

      They may and probably got confused with the other cards not on sale like the online card.

    • Damn, now the shelves will def be stripped. News.com.au ruining the fun again.

  • Omg feel for the guy next to me at counter. Girl serving me was on ball. Memo this morning was no more than $500. All good still $75 saved but next to me guy had couple inches thick of cards and young guy was processing them till girl goes remember only $500 .. sux to be him atm

    • was that at JB?

      • Yep. Guy was cool just went browsing more stuff to buy so good for jb as get more sales

  • Can we use this for pre order items? Thanks

  • How long does it take for the balance to show with funds if the receipt is showing all approved?

    • I'm still waiting for about an 1hr now

    • After you activate them online, under an hour I reckon

      • +1

        I didn't need to activate mine online? Just activated as part of the purchase process. Took them to JB and no issues.

        • Mine said "activation in process" then said complete but the balance is showing $0.00 and Active underneath.

          • +1

            @iNeed2Pee: I did mine at 6am so before all the issues, I guess I got lucky

            • +1

              @iShibby: Yeah my guess is the system is getting smashed and those people in the call centre at tcn are having a busy day.

        • Did you buy something with them or convert them to JB gift cards?

        • Ok cool, thanks. Mine wouldn't work when I went to JB and staff told me I had to activate them :(

      • Do you have to activate them all online for a balance to show?

      • May I know how to activate the card online?

        • There's a website on the back of the card, although I'm not sure you need to activate them anymore. Just have to wait at least hour for the balance to show up

    • used to be 1 hour around 8pm but now it takes longer to process

  • So if I was to go to Coles and buy $500 worth and head straight to JB (say 10 mins later) there is a chance that they would not be approved ready to use?

    • no, you need to wait at least 1 hour

      • Cool, sounds like you need to line some ducks up

        1. Ensure JB has the item and will hold for you
        2. Buy cards
        3. Wait an hour before going in store
    • Yes, per some of the recent comments, happened to a family member. Coles receipt showed approved, but checked balance online and card status was active but balance was $0.

      JB staff were good about it and held the stuff he wanted to get. Went off to do some other shopping and then went back to pay using the GCs. Took roughly an hour between purchase at Coles and being able to use them?

  • Approximately 2 hours for balance to register on the card for my experiance (via checking online) for a card purchased just before 10am. Receipt/Coles checkout went fine post other issues.

    • Thanks Jason.

    • i bought the first batch at 7am and it need to wait for 1 hour, second batch was aound 9.05am and havent been activated since

  • i don't want to register them, do i have to?

  • Can you not use these on JB's website or has to be instore?

    • Has to be instore I believe.

  • +8

    I can confirm that I used 29 of the Him/Her cards in-store to buy the Q80T at JB Hifi in Gepps Cross SA
    The staff were awesome. I was patient and waited until it was quiet so I wouldn't hold up the line. Overall they were happy to accept the cards.

    • Nice that's quite a bit of savings you've gotten yourself there

    • Level 200 Ozbargainer

    • Gives me hope as that's my local store, which Coles did you go to? Have any issues getting the cards?

      • I went to ingle farm, north park and Modbury. Nah no issues. Mind you I went fairly early. I hear they put stock out throughout the day though. Good luck

        • Yeah planning an early trip tomorrow, missed out on box damaged 75x9000h so trying to get similar price at jb

  • Anyone got a solution for when the item is out of stock at JB since you can't use the cards online or convert them to JB card? Thanks

    • i was pretty sure you could use the gift cards online

      • That's the JB giftcard but can't buy that with my 5 x $100 HER Card to use online. The HER cards don't work online at JB and can't be converted in store to a JB giftcard. or that's what i've read in the comments and conditions anyway

    • Wait until it is in stock??

    • +1

      I've read on this thread jb will order it in for you so long as payment is made today.

      This will depend on store to store.
      Good luck!

  • +2

    "The more you give the happier you become. Backed by Harvard research, we know that giving creates a big psychological impact. Receiving a gift is a pretty great tool bla bla bla".

    This has caused me more anxiety and has definitely not made me any happier. 🤣

    • Agreed!!! The $500 limit at JB has screwed me over lol

      • +2

        lot of people including me, have been able to redeem more than $500 at in storeJB hi-fi. So make your own decisions.

        • Very lucky then. My local JB won't allow it :(

          • @Tubby18: Just called another JB and same thing, they won't allow more than $500. Email has gone out company wide apparently.

            • +1

              @Tubby18: just buy something worth 500 then refund, they'll have to put it on a jb gift card

            • @Tubby18: uh oh thats not good, memos are bad :(

  • What’s stopping you using the eftpos card (without swapping for a specific retailer GC) at other retailers not listed eg Good Guys? Won’t their eftpos ‘code’ or whatever it’s called be similar and hence allow payment? Has anyone tried this?


    • Thinking the same thing. Wouldn't it be nice..

    • Yea, I was thinking the same thing.

  • Was just at jb and the gift card declined. Said jb is having issues

    • did you check online your balance ? cuz It may take 2 hours to load the card

      • Just did then, showing $0. RIP

        • ikr, just need to be more patient :(

  • Belmont Wa worked fine. Got 5 x $100 restaurant. Just in time for my daughters bday dinner

    • You can’t load these to your smartphone’s wallet app or TCN app right? You have to physically carry them to use at restaurants?

    • are the cards loaded now? I purchased 5x$100 restaurant cards about one hour ago and still showing no balance.

    • Where abouts in perth can these restaurant gift cards be used?

  • Coles Belmont in WA ransacked by 9am, no cards left. It’s in the same centre as a JB HiFi so guess that is why

    • I saw heaps. Just bought some. Must have been just after was there

      • +2

        Yeah sorry there was heaps of restaurant ones left, and a few Nintendo. The him/her/kids etc ones you can use at jb hifi all gone. I even opened up the secret door 😂

        • +1

          Guy before me cleaned the last teen ones out.

        • Try Bentley or Vic Park

          • @HotPie: I'd try quieter or smaller suburbs, lots of uni students (intl and local) in the area, prob be wiped out.

            Housemate said there were plenty left at Kelmscott when he grabbed 5 x $100 him cards.

            • @SwedishChef: Heaps left still when I left around 9am at Midland Coles WA with awesome staff and manager. They even advised that if I am aware of scams and all as to not overcommit with gift cards under duress. Also cool with buying more than 5x cards just need to process 4 at a time.

  • While I was in JB ( my cards wern't working ) I asked about the limit and the guy said unlimited ( with identification )
    But he may not have the latest JB memo :)

  • I just called TCN and got someone answered my called, they checked my HIM cards which have been activated with $0 loaded, they ask me to wait for 24 hours to get the balance loaded. But if the issues are not fixed after that time. I have to come back to coles for seeking their help.

    • that is not good enough

      • Indeed, while it seems like no one (Coles local stores, TCN and Coles care) will not take any actions until tomorrow. Currently, Coles local store will not do anything except asking me to contact coles care, and coles care will tranfer my calling directly to the TCN without saying anything (being so rude!). TCN asked me to wait. What a mess..

        • Ok, glad I am not the only one in this ridiculous loop. Was really hoping to make my purchase from JB today but looks like it won't happen.

          Perhaps when they do the overnight eftpos update it will update all these cards that have been activated but showing $0 balance and that is why the request to wait 24hrs.

    • +2

      Let's agree for a second that this seems to be an issue by many of us. Thats a good thing in a way. Patience is a virtue….before we go there with pitchforks.

  • Brisbane City Queens plaza is completely out, can't imagine Myer Centre would have any either. Hopefully more stock put up often!

    • @happychild100 Had few Teen cards, but told me that Central coles don't do the catalog items. Let me know if you find any nearby

      • Yeah they seem to be a bit hit and miss, i'm pretty sure all my flybuys point GC deals have worked there, but i can't remember about normal discount. Figured was worth a try at least!

        • @happychild100 Did you try another store? got lucky?

          • @ekanshj: No sorry, I'kk check both stores at lunch but doubt i'll get lucky

  • Will buying 2k work at jbhifi. Any good jbhifi stores out there

  • Just got charged $500 for 5x100. I'm now waiting for the manager to find out what's happening.

    • What do you mean? $500 charged to your credit card but nothing loaded to the TCN card?

      • Apparently, does not include the Home card.

        • says that in the main post … :)

        • Oh, got you. You bought the Home card with no discount.

          Can they just refund you the money? They can keep the cards and sort it out with TCN later, I'm sure TCN will not try to upset Coles.

          • +1

            @browser: I have to call the Coles hotline and find out from there. ARRGHHHHH

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