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Therabody Black Friday Sale - Theragun Pro Model $699 (Was $899), Elite Model $499 (Was $649) Free Shipping


I am looking for a percussion style massager and have been keeping an eye on the Therabody site as all of the other brands seem daunting as to quality and reliability and testimonials.
Therabody have an up to 20% off sale with free shipping.
These look to not be a s good as previous deals but i also don't know if they are different models either?
Theragun Pro $699 (was $899)
Theragun Elite $499 (was $649)
Theragun Prime $399 (was $499)
Theragun Mini $299 (was $349)

Hopefully someone might be able to say if this is a good deal for these models or to hold off for something better or to get a jigsaw and stick a tennis ball on the end of it.

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  • Have the G3PRO (older model now by the looks of it).
    Rock solid after 18 months of regular use.
    The price sucks but they're quality products.

  • Hi OP I was waiting for this sale so thanks for posting.

    Got the elite model. I have watched some reviews and it’s quiet and should be great for what I need

    I imagine this will sell out fast so that’s why I was waiting for it. Just saw on amazon the price dropped to if stock does run out

    As for different models, they became therabody early in the year and did release new products. Which I think they will do each year. From reviews the elite is a good mix of features. The lower cost ones may not have enough pressure and the pro will be overkill for me. Also louder than elite.

  • Good price for the Elite.
    I have both the new elite and mini. Elite is the pick of the bunch.
    Yes it is expensive, but the multiple holding positions and bluetooth (for the app) make it worthwhile in my opinion.

  • The jolly whatever from Amazon. $90 and it's been uaed every day by 2 people. Works like a charm, 6 months use so far.

    But of you are a CROSSFITTER or have heaps of cash. Sure why not.

  • does anyone know if this stacks with the Front Line discount?

  • Just putting my 2c out there. I bought the elite model (it was called something different if I recall?) in Jan 2019. When I first got it, I didn't really love it too much, I personally thought it was overpriced and it didn't do what I envisioned. Anyway nowadays I LOVE mine! I cycle a lot, and it's a god send for massaging the legs prior and after my bike ride. The price is expensive, but it's a quality product. It's loud, but I wouldn't say crazy loud. A lot of people really seem to say its super loud etc - but my personal opinion is that it's not too bad.

    If people have any other questions, I can also answer it based on my personal experience. I definitely rate it.

    Also as a side note, my mate got one of those cheap Ebay knock offs (that looks similar to Hypervolt - but obviously isn't). I tried it a few weeks ago and yeh I'm glad I got the Theragun and didn't go down the Ebay knock off route.

    • I'm a cyclist too and bought an eBay cheapie. Even on the highest setting I cannot push it hard enough into my legs to really feel anything other than just vibration. My wife (non athlete) finds it good though.

      Hmm i'm still on the fence though, still a lot of money to spend on a massage device.

      • I definitely recommend it. On the highest setting and with a bit of pressure, you’ll definitely feel it lol

        • So i bought the Elite for $424 from Pushys. Works great, but a bit annoyed it came out of the box with multiple loose bits of metal inside that are rattling around. Have sent their support an email.

  • Was wondering why no one has posted this deal so far and was about to post it but looks like you beat me OP!
    Got one for myself from Amazon. Been waiting for this for so long…

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    The elite works out to be cheaper from this deal



    The discount is applied on checkout save another $50

    • thanks! indeed, elite model become $448.96

      Out of Stock Items In Your Cart: Some items are out of stock. Your order will ship once all items arrive.

  • thanks bought the elite from Amazon AU (delivery schedule for tomorrow)

  • Been eyeing this for a while.

    Got mine from Bing Lee which also has the same sales price and used cashreward/shopback plus the BING10 code for $10 off. Just collected my Elite going to try it!

  • Just got the elite from Kogan for $420 with the commbank $30 back and adding 10less promo code for $50 off

  • Bought the elite for $404 (total cost) via:

    Current Price: $500
    10LESS ($50 off)
    Commbank cashback ($30 off)
    Plus Rewards ($20 Kogan credit for current users, costs $4 to sign up) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/578091

    Total: $404

    Hope this helps somebody!

    • Thank you mate, just did the same! ~$400 for an Elite is a great price - can't see it dropping any lower.

      Looks like Herald Sun / Plus Rewards require you to call to cancel though, which is a pain.

      • Great to hear!

        I've followed the comments on the ozb thread for PlusRewards and cancelled the automatic payments via Paypal (which I used as a payment method).

        Maybe try this out?

      • Bought one just now with total price only $404.
        I unsubscribed that herald sun reward through paypal like you suggested. What a bargain comparing to all other webs.
        I hope it can help out with my sciatica pain.
        Thank you Gwimmerr!

    • Hi Gwimmerr.
      I just created this account to thanking you for a bloody good discount!
      You're a legend mate!
      Thank you very much.

    • Champion mate, thanks for the tip!

    • Hi, hoping to try this. How is the $20 credit applied to the order? Is it somehow already in your account once you sign up to PlusRewards?

      Also, my Commbank deal is linked to my debit card (Mastercard). Would I still be able to use this card to checkout by entering in credit card details?

      • Hey Thriftee, the $20 credit is a code (similar to a gift card code) which is accessed via the PlusRewards offers/rewards page. If you click through and claim it will present you a unique code which you can then use to add to Kogan as Kogan credit.

        I believe your normal debit card still works, if you follow the Rewards info on the app, it says that you can check your eligible cards in the settings. However, a quick google search suggests that the normal debit cards are all eligible.

      • Once you signup for Plus Rewards, just get the coupon via this page https://www.plusrewards.com.au/heraldsun/competitions/kogan-...

        Then make sure your signed in to Kogan, click on MyAccount at the top right, click eVouchers. You then add the $20 voucher to your account there.

        Add the 10LESS coupon as normal during checkout, when you get to the payment screen first check the account credit option for payment, apply that first then select the payment option for the balance.

        I tried Cash Rewards too but sure it will be denied, sure the terms and conditions would cover this amount of discounts!

      • Thank you both for responding

    • Thank you for this! Absolute bargain.

      Just completed the chain with this one, huge saving, plus I'll hopefully use Plus Rewards for the Kayo discount too… thanks!

    • I was looking to purchase Elite at Kogan last night too! Thanks for the tips for the Plus Rewards. I was a bit hesitant coz people mentioned that Kogan sells grey imports and it's really difficult to get it fixed under warranty if need to? Anyone here got any experiences?

      • They sell both local stock and grey imports - usually will specify on the product page.

        For this item, they state that they are an official partner of Therabody and the stock is local. So hopefully no warranty issues!

    • you are a legend mate, cheers!

  • Just ordered the Pro version off Amazon for the fast shipping. ETA Friday 27th Nov.

  • Is the 30 day trial theragun provides available via kogan? Keen to take the plunge but it’s a big buy, one of many this week I’m sure..

  • Hopefully it tracks. Bought it now on Amazon website with 12% ShopBack and paid with ZipPay to get extra 10% back. All up $394.66

    • very nice! I've just received mine yesterday and loving it.

    • i assumed its gonna come back with 0% but im also chancing the shopback on amazon for the pro at 699

      • Mine tracked and was more than I expected as it’s usually calculated on ex-GST amount. They used the full purchase price for the 12%. Mine has shipped and I also have been credited the 10% from ZipPay. All up $389. Happy days!

        • Nice, i decided to just get it from thewodlife as they had 10% off promo code so got the Pro for 629 and express shipping free.