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$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required)


How to obtain $20 coupon for $4

  1. Open this link and next to the 20c/day option, click Subscribe.

  2. Fill out the details and click on “Create my account and continue to Payment”

  3. Choose PayPal as payment method and pay $4.

  4. Login on to Paypal website and visit this link to cancel your subscription.

  5. After you have signed up, visit this link and click on redeem button to get your coupon code. (Make sure you are signed in on Plus Rewards)

How to use this coupon on Kogan.com

  1. Login, or create a new Kogan.com account
  2. After logging in, click 'eVouchers' from the dropdown menu under 'My Account'
  3. Enter your unique code and click 'REDEEM'. Your Kogan.com $20 credit will automatically be applied during your checkout
  4. Make your purchase and enjoy your discount! Happy shopping

Discount is limited to one redemption per eligible +Rewards members. $20 Kogan credit is only eligible on Kogan.com purchases of $100 or more, excl shipping. Limited to the first 300,000 redemptions. Offer ends 11.59pm AEDT on 6 December 2020, or while stocks last. Single use only, cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, not transferable, redeemable for cash and cannot be re-sold. For more information on eligible digital or digital with newspaper delivery subscriptions see plusrewards.com.au/faq. View Full Terms and Conditions

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Plus Rewards
Plus Rewards

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  • +6

    looks painful

    • +3

      It’s not what you think it is

    • +2

      free fusilli sculpture with each inflatable flamingo purchased

      • The reason why the URL has the words 'tent pole' in it.

  • How much is Kogan First again, $8 a month? No this is Plus Rewards, what is that.

    • About $4 for Plus rewards for first 4 weeks. Also has discounted Kayo Sports Membership which you can then possibly combine with 15% off iTunes gift cards.

      • +2

        $4 subscription does not include offers.
        I just gave Murdoch my $4 and found out the hard way:
        Hopefully this helps someone else.

        "Sorry, you're not eligible to redeem this offer.
        Your registered account or subscription does not include access to redeem offers.
        To subscribe or upgrade your subscription to one which includes offer redemption, give us a call on 1300 MY NEWS (1300 696 397), or sign up online today."

        • https://ibb.co/MVvXNV7

          Nowhere that it says $4 membership is excluded. Ask them for refund if they don’t want to honor it or do a chargeback

          • @Pricebeat: In fact, it clearly tells you with the $1/week membership you get:

            • Unlimited access to heraldsun.com.au and the News+ network on desktop, tablet and mobile, including trusted community news from local journalists

            • Access to the Herald Sun mobile and tablet app

            • Member-only access to thousands of stories, KFC SuperCoach Plus, expert tips to help you play tips.com.au, crosswords, sudoku and more

            • Exclusive giveaways and discounts with Rewards member benefits^

            • No lock-in contract

            ^+Rewards are accurate at the time of publication, subject to change and provided you remain a member. For full +Rewards terms and conditions, please visit heraldsun.com.au/rewards

        • +1

          Use edge, chrome doesnt like the cross browser cookies.

          Edit: If it is telling you that you dont have access, try edge.

        • I got the same message on Edge on Laptop … Tried Samsung Internet on Mobile and got it straight away.

  • +3

    What is Plus Rewards?

  • So I join this thing called plus rewards, spend $100 gets $20 off and I assume free shipping or is this different to the other crappy thing kogan offers for free shipping? All I want is a foxtel now box and some Christmas stuff

  • +3

    Too hard..
    Not clear how to use the bonus..another subscription service…no thanks

  • +1

    What a mission to save that $20 + that kogan first business.
    I'm out.

    • +6

      Took me two minutes to get it. If two minutes is a mission to save $16. I will take it everyday

      • +1

        Yep, two minutes is about it. There are not many people in Australia whose time is worth more than $8 per minute.

  • +4

    For those wanting to know the context of this post the $20 Kogan credit (for purchases over $100) is provided by the Herald Sun / News Corp Media).
    See the screenshot if required …


    You must already be a subscriber to a New Corp Media publication (eg. Herald Sun).
    The offer will be located here after you have signed in

  • How to unsubscribe?

    • +2

      Cancel from PayPal

      • +5


        Very dishonest having no direct means of unsubscribing from the account page.

        • +23

          Well, to be fair, dishonesty is a theme of their newspapers too so it's very much in character.

          • +1

            @Iggemo: It's Murdoch what do you expect? Honesty?

      • Will this not cause issues if you don't cancel through them directly i.e. they could dispute it?

        • Not really. You get service if you pay. They will try charging you and if they are unable to, they will cancel it automatically

      • What if I am using a credit card, can I only unsubscribe it from the bank?

        • You will have to call PlusRewards

          • @Pricebeat: I just changed the payment method to Paypal and cancelled it, hope that would work

  • Can I combine this with existing kogan account credits?

    • +1

      Nope, learnt the hard way.

    • So the $5 off first order credit won't stack?

      • Nope

        • So, GC from Suncorp, $100 Common bank and 20$ from Plus Rewards will stack ?

          Not willing to buy GCs and realizing later that they ain't stacking.

          • @ChipsChicky:

            $100 Common bank and 20$ from Plus Rewards

            These two stack but I am unsure about gift cards. I have a feeling I read that someone combined all three.

            edit: ask this person

  • Picked up Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Pikmin 3 Deluxe $116 posted. :D

    Ta Onhunt!

    • With Commbank cashback?

      Makes me happy people getting good price :)

      • +1

        With Commbank cashback?

        Yep, at first was just gonna buy without the Plus Rewards $20 voucher.

    • did yoy get gift card with commbank offer or pay direct

  • If I use the $20 voucher can I pay with gift cards?

  • May I know if I can purchase Kogan $100 gift card to meet this requirement?

    • Yes you can. As long as it’s from Kogan.com

  • ummmm i kinda clicked accept before reading the whole sentence…
    Can someone fill me in on what it says when you sign up to herald sun via paypal? I caught something like "I understand that this is a recurring payment and if payment does not go through then paypal something something" which is troubling because I had planned to make my paypal stop paying them after the initial $4

  • Just subscribed okay and got my $20 kogan voucher.
    It should work with all the papers in the group. eg Courier Mail
    eg. https://www.plusrewards.com.au/couriermail/competitions/koga...

  • lol im confused… are you saying that if i join for $1 a week and then unsubscribe to:


    i will get a code for $20 and then i can use it for kogan.com.au?

    • Yes, however they have minimum 4 weeks requirement. So you will pay $4 upfront for 4 weeks. Sign up with paypal and then cancel automatic payment from PayPal.

      • Thank you

      • lol but if you cancel the reoccurring on paypal cant they not put you in bad credit for not paying ?

        can it not be canceled through the news link it self ?

        • If you don’t pay, they cancel service. Other way to cancel is to call them

  • this is quite confusing I have cancelled the subscription, so now what? where do i get the $20?

  • So, we should pay $4?

    • If you want $16

      • alright, got it

  • I asked this question elsewhere but seems this is the more appropriate place for my question.

    Has anyone tried stacking this offer with the $5 credit for subscribing to the Kogan newsletter?

    Never purchased from Kogan before so no idea how their checkout works when it comes to applying credits

    • I have had previous credit which did not stack with this credit.

  • +3

    Mine says an error occurred please contact us. Don't really want subscribers do they.

    • Me too. Kept getting error on first page when trying to subscribe using both Chrome desktop and Edge desktop. Then tried with Chrome app and worked straight away

  • Sorry but just a bit confused from the Plus Rewards (Membership Required) part. Does this mean I need to sign up for plus rewards which is the $4/month membership and then cancel on paypal (and there will be no fees for cancellation?). Then for the (membership required) part, does this just mean I need to sign up an account with Kogan which I am guessing is free?

    • (Membership Required)

      That refers to membership of Plus Rewards. It is requirement to add that in title, if a membership is required to obtain something (in this case $20 coupon)

      Basically what you said

      Does this mean I need to sign up for plus rewards which is the $4/month membership and then cancel on paypal (and there will be no fees for cancellation?)

      and not

      Then for the (membership required) part, does this just mean I need to sign up an account with Kogan which I am guessing is free?

  • There are two options on Herald Sun for $1/week .. can I take any of that ?

    Do I need to register on plus rewards before going to herald or I can do it after ?

  • Has anyone tried to adding another Plus Rewards code to the same Kogan account?

    • I tried, it works well

      • Can you make multiple plus accounts and get multiple discounts on one order?

  • +1

    any other good rewards since we've paid the $4 ? :D

  • I can't get a delivery address working for the herald..tried multiple locations

    • Try different browser and no ad blocker etc

      • +1

        Can confirm Machaonc. Delivery address doesn't work anymore no matter if you try a different browser or disable adblock.

  • Excellent deal OP. Kayo, Kogan, so many offers you can take on simple $4 subscription

  • Thanks OP, worked well!

  • -1

    Does this still work? It shows me that it's a minimum of $20 to sign up.

    • Still showing $4 for me

      • Is that selecting the $1/day membership like you wrote or with the 20c/day?

    • -1

      Screenshot or it didn't happen.

  • I signed up to the referral $5 and tried to use this code as well. Since you can only use one, how do you only apply the $20 credit? It automatically applies the $5 credit.

    The following issue appears:
    "Two or more of your credits cannot be used in conjunction with one-another. See your account credit page for more details."

    • +1

      Two credits don’t combine. So you will have to message them and ask to disable $5 credit. Then use APPLOVE coupon code on your first order via app to get $5 off

      • Thanks - hopefully they don't take too long to respond. What system takes the $5 credit over the $20 credit… that's dumb

        • Kogan lol
          If you are spending enough anyway you could buy a $20 gift card with the $5 credit to speed up the process

          • @Pricebeat: The $5 credit has a $200 minimum spend…

            • +1

              @18: Oh ok
              I guess you will have to go via the customer service then

  • Does anyone know what is the difference in these 2 products. I emailed Koganb and they said they are same and have warranty but didn't explain why there is price difference.

    https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-galaxy-buds-plus-white/ - $159
    https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-galaxy-buds-plus-white-... - $144

    • +1

      See “Sold by”

      $159 by Kogan

      $144 by Tech Warehouse

      • Thanks. So Kogan is giving warranty on both, I should choose cheaper one. right?

        • +1

          I would go with the cheaper one. But I am unsure of warranty.

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