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12 Months Kayo Sports Basic Subscription $200 @ Plus Rewards


+Rewards members can enjoy 12 months of Kayo for $200 with Kayo’s Annual Subscription. That’s a saving of $100 (based on 12 months of Kayo Basic at $25/mth). Lock in your 12 months subscription for $200 and receive Kayo Basic for approximately $17 per month.

Terms and Conditions
Available to +Rewards members only, who sign up to Kayo using unique code from +Rewards. One redemption per customer account. Must redeem by 31 January 2022, unless extended. Discount calculated as of 12 August 2020, and is based on 12 months of Kayo Basic at $25/mth. Kayo Basic Annual Subscription auto-renews after 12 months at $200, unless you cancel prior to renewal date. Cancellation effective at the end of your 12 month subscription. No refunds or credits will be given for partial months or years. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or via third party sign-ups. Requires internet & compatible device. Data charges may apply.

You can get access to Plus Rewards for about $4

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  • +14

    That's a price increase of $200 year! I miss bet sleazy already :(

    • +1

      I know right. It was a good 2+ years while it lasted lol.

  • +4

    If you're with Telstra, you can get it for $15 a month

    • +2

      Post-paid plan only

    • Thats good to know for when footy season returns

      • Doesn't Telstra give free subscriptions to the league live passes anyway? I'm fairly sure they do for the AFL, not sure about NRL.

        • +2

          Doesn't Telstra give free subscriptions to the league live passes anyway?

          That's good if you like watching your footy on a 7" screen.

        • +2

          Yeah, but they only let you watch on a 7 inch screen.

        • +1

          As others have noted, its limited to use on the phone only, no casting. You get access to NRL, AFL, A-League & Netball.

    • That $10 a month saving still won't make up for what you are locked in to pay for their overpriced "service" each month!

  • Can you stack this by paying with a kayo gift card that are available discounted at various places?

    • Should be able to. It’s a coupon code that they provide

  • +1

    Still waiting for when you can buy a single channel (ie AFL) for a reasonable price without having to purchase the whole sport bundle with 99% content I don't care for.

    • +1

      I wouldn't be getting Kayo just for AFL.

      They weren't allowed to broadcast the grand final live…

      • +1

        it's not like he had to pay to watch on 7….

        • +1

          Channel 7 live stream was showing 'Border Patrol' when the Grand Final was on.

          • +1

            @jv: did your rabbit's ears break?

            • @battler: They don't work in our area…

      • Every other game except the GF is on Kayo with no advert breaks. I would say it is still good value, even more so if you split a subscription with a friend.

        • Lots of the games show the 7 broadcast and have heaps of ads

          • +2

            @timmyd: My bad, what I meant to say above is, Fox Footy exclusive games will be ad free. Games 7 have the rights to will have adds.

    • Does Kayo still have ads after each goal for half of their games? Just when the action and excitement is at its highest they go to some mindless spruiking of breakfast cereal.

      I found that very annoying when forced to endure it for the GF. There are very few occasions when I find myself forced to watch ads these days but that was one of them.

      • +2

        I only have it for the Motorsport as I'm not into OZ sports. But watching F1 and MotoGP, they don't show ads during the race.

        • +3

          Sure don't. Back to Back F1 races this fortnight, woohoo!

  • -2

    I cancelled Kayo an hour after the grand final…….

    • They only showed a replay of the grand final…

  • +2

    My Toyota 3 month free promo (Same as the beteasy one i was using before that) happened to expire today so i have cancelled my subscription as well.

    I actually really rate kayo, but at the moment with nothing on that im a fan of (AFL, NRL, A-League, NBA, Cricket) there is no point in renewing. Once the A-League and the cricket starts up over summer ill probably hop onto one of the Telstra discount plans - $15 a month.

    Im assuming with a big break in a lot of the popular league, NBA, AFL & NRL we will hopefully see some cheap short term KAYO deals pop up over the next few months.

    • Rumours have the NBA season starting around Christmas which is awesome, but way too soon and totally unfair for the players.

  • So is this deal linked to the News Ltd papers?
    So could one subscribe, pick up this 12 month offer, then cancel the paper sub?

    • +2

      Yes you only need a coupon code

  • I'm thinking the same with a lot of commenters here, what's the sweet spot for pricing you guys reckon? $15 and you pick one or two preferred sports yeah? I mean $25 isn't that much more of a stretch over $15, but it does feel like significantly more than all the other random ~$15pm subs most people would be on.

    • Combine this with gift cards to bring it down to almost $15

    • IMO $25 (or $12.50 between 2 people) is actually good considering the amount of content available. But I think having an option of $10 per sport would entice more people to keep it all year round for their fav sport, even in months where there isn't much live content for that sport.

  • Deal is back again

  • Can u still pay for ur subscription through the apple app store if you use this deal? With 20% off apple gift cards it would work out to be $13.33 a month.

    • Good idea and you should be able to as they only provide you a coupon code to apply discount

      • Sweet. My beteasy streak unfortunately ends on the 6th of december so hopefully this deal hasn't expired by then. Perhaps it would be wise to generate a code now and then use it later on.

        • +1

          Perhaps it would be wise to generate a code now and then use it later on.

          Definitely do this

  • Forgive me if I sound like a noob, but how do you pay for Kayo via an Apple GC?

    • Redeem gift cards in app store app.Then sign up from your iPhone Kayo app

      • I don't have an iPhone but I have a MacBook, so is there a workaround?

        • You can do same on Macbook. Not sure if Mac has Kayo app?

    • I currently have this issue. I have the code, but it asks for a CC and doesn't give me the option to pay via apple subscription. Is there something I am missing?

  • Is this for new sign ups only, or will the code work on existing Kayo accounts?

    I've already used all my cards/mobile/email details for previous free trials offers in the past.

  • Anyone wanna share Kayo?

  • I am new to plus rewards. currently they have a $1/28 day subscription introductory offer. So, can I subscribe to plus rewards for $1, expect an email with a promo code for Kayo ( how many days after+rewards subscription does this usually arrive?), use the code for Kayo 12 month subscription for $200 and cancel the +rewards subscription? Can a fellow OzBargainer tell me if this is how this offer works?

    • After subscription you can come back to this post and go to the link. Click on redeem and get your coupon code. Then you can cancel membership by calling them.

      • Will this work for inactive kayo accounts?

        • Did you end up testing it with an inactive account?

  • +1

    For anyone that has used this deal, do you pay the 200 in one hit or is it still monthly and just brought down to the 17ish per month?

  • So this is still working (as of 19/09/2021). +Rewards deal ends 31/01/2022
    I figured I'd answer some questions that I saw above that I also had (but couldn't find answers to):

    1) You have to pay the $200 in one lump sum - there is NO option to pay the equivalent $16.67/month.
    2) This deal is not just for NEW customers, it also works for RETURNING & EXISTING Kayo customers.
    3) During the Kayo signup/payment process, you are given the option to enter a streamotion gift card number - a quick google reveals that Binge/Kayo/Streamotion gift cards seem to be all one-and-the-same/interchangeable. You could use this payment option to get a further discount if you could find these gift cards on sale or use a cashback scheme.
    4) The Telstra $15/mnth deal is still the cheapest way to get discount Kayo currently, but you have to be a current Telstra/Boost customer (which I am not).

    Feel free to ask any other questions if I haven't answered yours above

    • Thanks, great info. Do you think you could apply multiple gift cards or use any existing gift card balance that’s sitting in your account?

      • Not sure unfortunately- I remember their being an option to enter a gift card number, I would guess that you could probably enter multiple. I don’t recall seeing anything mentioning applying existing account credit, but I didn’t have any credit in my account, so maybe if you have existing credit you can apply it this way. It seemed to be just the normal checkout process (not a special process for this deal) so seems likely you could apply credit.

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