iPad Pro 12.9" $1414.45, Rode Wireless GO $228.65, Logitech C925e $126.65, Asus VivoBook S13 $855.91 & More @ Titan Gear eBay

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  • I may be wrong but isn't that a great price for the iPad?

    • $250 off rrp

      • still too expensive

        apple been increasing their prices every year or every model etc.

        • Have they bothered fixing the multi-generational white spot manufacturing fault in their screens yet?

          • @Faulty P xel: ive had plenty of iPads and never seen the white spot you are mentioning ?

            • @unifex: Here's a couple of examples.


              These show it but much of what they say is plain false and/or no longer relevant. For example one guy says he can't find many complaints about it. LOL he must be blind because I've seen hundreds including in his own comment section. I've also read Apple has begun refusing screen replacement inside warranty, choosing instead to blame it on 'too much screen pressure' by the user. (I don't know how true that is, but I read a few say it nevertheless.)

              Blaming users for poor product design is a cop-out to avoid responsibility. Because I've read plenty of people have the problem who barely use their ipad, or only gently when they do. One guy I remember reading never moved it from his desk, rarely used it, and only used gentle swipes to watch the occasional video. (No stuffing in into a briefcase against other items, or any large amount or force when pressing.)

              The issue is obviously they're making the screen too flimsy. If they added just 1/4mm to the glass, or made it slightly concave with the dip facing outwards, or add an air gap between the glass and LCD etc, they could resolve it overnight. But of course that wouldn't annoy enough people into constantly upgrading. They already charge a fortune so it's disgraceful to refuse to resolve an ongoing manufacturing fault, which is obviously not users' fault when it seems to increase in frequency the larger screen you get.

              • @Faulty P xel: Funnily enough I was looking at upgrading to this ipad pro since my 10.9 ipad pro has the bright spot issue. From the research I did, Apple won't fix it/own up to it and I think it only affects devices with the home button. So the ipad pro in this bargain shouldn't be affected. But its hard for me to buy another Apple product after this last (of several) bad experiences.

                • @hduncan: I've never owned Apple stuff but I guess you mean a physical home button, rather a software home button. If yes then obviously it's not users causing it, because pressing a physical button would relieve pressure by flexing the circuit board away from the screen.

                  In contrast my five year old Android phone recently had some gunk on the screen. I rubbed it dry without any liquid and damaged it like when you crack the screen of an LCD watch. Over the next two days it somehow slowly healed itself. So I can't fathom Apple refuses to resolve this issue, for years, particularly given the price they charge.

  • what is PTETE stand for?

  • Really great price for the g502 wireless. In-case anyone is wondering, there is no non-HERO version for the g502 Lightspeed. IE the g502 wireless in this deal has the HERO sensor.

    • Does anyone know if they're a logitech authorised reseller?
      Coz I know a lot of people needing to RMA their G502s

  • Waiting for 20% off during black friday :-)

  • Any have any experience with C925e webcam? Looking to use it for home office videoconferencing.