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Samsung T7 SSD 500GB - $106.55 / 1TB - $194.15 / 2TB - $380.44 @ Amazon AU (Officeworks Price Beat $101.22 / $184.44 / $361.42)


Metallic red only. Ships and sold by Amazon AU so they are Australian stock for local warranty peace of mind.

Seems to be the lowest price ever across all capacities for the T7 (non touch version) Aussie stock. Even cheaper than the previous Amazon US deal.

As this is Australian stock, it should qualify for price beat with Officeworks for 5% cheaper (2TB - $361.42, 1TB - $184.44, 500GB - $101.22 after price beat).

Link for Samsung T7 2TBOut of stock

Link for Samsung T7 1TBOut of stock

Link for Samsung T7 500GBOut of stock

Edit: The 1TB sold by Amazon AU is out of stock. The one currently showing in stock is from the Amazon UK deal.

23/11/20: All Amazon AU stock out of stock.
30/11/20: All Amazon UK stock out of stock.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can this be used for PS5 game storage and play?

    • From what I know to date is that PS5 games require an internal drive to run and for storage.

    • +3

      But only for PS4 games. PS5 will only play PS5 games in the internal drive

      • Ahh okay thanks all

    • +1

      Nope. PS5 games can only be played from the internal storage.

      That might change when/if Sony updates the console.

      • +1

        It won’t change, at least not to support this drive. The internal PS5 drive is considerably quicker and any internal drive that is added by users will need to meet that level of performance, once Sony support expansion.

        Games are being developed with that performance measure an assumed base. You’ll introduce issues for games streaming assets if you then start allowing drives that are 5x slower than the target.

  • I was refused to price match Amazon at Officeworks

    • +1

      Was it Australian stock (shipped and sold by Amazon AU) that you tried to price match with? I had Officeworks refused when I asked them to price beat Amazon US stock via Amazon AU.

      • +1

        they said they wont price match amazon even though the item was Australian stock.

        • +1

          Isn't that against their own published policy?

        • +1

          They had no reason to refuse unless it was a pricing error.

        • +1

          Try a different staff member or call up to price match, shouldn't be any issues PM'ing Amazon AU

          • @parcus: Just be mindful that if you are not a prime member they will add on delivery. I've just been told they can match it but will need to add delivery which is $19.

            • @manutd123: Isn't it free shipping even for non prime members?

            • +6

              @manutd123: Free shipping is available for everyone, no prime membership required, as this item is above $39 and fulfilled by Amazon AU.

              Even if it wasn't above $39, delivery for non prime members is usually about $7, nowhere near $19.

        • They do price match, But the online store must have real store, such as umart, and https://www.computeralliance.com.au/. If the store is only online and no physical store, they will refuse to match. It happened with me as well.

    • Has anyone been successful pricematching at OW over the phone? Want to get the $10 off but can’t be bothered wasting 30 mins if they are refusing to do it.

      • I got $10 off using the amazon app. Most people would have already done that ($10off on first app purchase)

      • +1

        Their 1300 OFFICE lines are closed on weekends. I only found out this deal late last night so I have not had a chance to price beat over the phone.

  • dang…i bought a 2TB US one for 396 :(

  • Should I grab the 1TB version now or wait till black friday?

    • Trying to decide the same. If I purchase this I'm assuming I can always return to Amazon if it comes up cheaper during black Friday?

      • I dont think you can

    • +1

      I would buy now and return it if Black Friday is cheaper as items shipped between 1 October - 31 December can now be returned until 31 January, 2021 for their extended holiday return period.

      • exactly. only reason I bought from amazon au, rather than uk

      • Done. I assume it will just be a $7 return fee?

        • +1

          Not being compatible with your computer is valid. You don't have to pretend there's something wrong with it , just don't say 'change of mind' or you get charged postage

          • @bobvegas: Thats really good to know. Thank you. So even if it was used you can return it on that premise?

  • Amazon gc is another 4% off. Might as well buy from amazon

    Is it worth getting the fingerprint version.

    • +1

      It depends on if the fingerprint reader is important to you. I own both the touch and non touch versions but to me, the touch version is more a gimmick. My view is, something with more unnecessary feature implemented means one more thing to break and more chance for the drive to go wonky. I just want a portable drive to serve one purpose, which is, to store and retrieve files. I bought the touch version simply because it was on special.

  • +1

    Awesome, just ordered the 1TB one - I'd been eyeing the 1TB T7's on ebay for $270 and hoping for a % off sale, so this is much better.

  • +2

    Remember 5% via shopback.

    Couldn’t be bothered price matching with OW on Monday for fear it might sell out soon.

  • I just bought a 1TB from Officeworks Hobart with price match. They tried fairly hard not to honour it. Their primary excuse was that it's the US model advertised, but I showed them that it is the World Wide model and the model number is exactly the same as the model number on the box in store.
    They sold it to me at the price match price eventually, but it took some convincing.

    • +2

      Yep, if the rep wants to play hardball when you are asking for price beat, just show them the model number exactly matches with theirs. I.e. ends with WW (not AM as with US stock).

  • +1

    Super easy price beat in store at OW. Great price, thanks OP.

  • +1

    They did the price match for me for 500gigs, I'm not sure whether they would do it for 1TB as it's from Uk. But yeah, cheer's OP for the deal.

    • The 1TB for $194.15 one was from Amazon AU. I guess it’s sold out. I will update the post.

  • in case if anyone is interested, a 860 evo + usb3 to sata is au$155…

  • Looks like the 1TB is in stock but sold by Amazon UK.

    • +1

      Yes, correct and I have updated the post.

  • is this a black friday sale or could we see something even cheaper on black friday?

    • It’s not but it is most likely to do with the Amazon UK’s limited time offer for the metallic red T7 hence why it is only the metallic red on special on Amazon AU. We’re not sure if it will be cheaper on Black Friday so most of us just grab first and think later.

  • OW price matched with no issue. But had to include the Amazon delivery of $8.71 in the total cost.

    • -1

      So how much did you save in the end?

  • The 2TB drive appears to be shipping from Amazon UK. Is this not an Australian stock?

    • +1

      The one that shipped from Amazon UK is not Australian stock but it is the same World Wide model with a ‘WW’ suffix at the end of the model number. However, Samsung may not honour warranty here in the event of a failed drive as the product is not Australian stock.

  • Has anybody had Officeworks price match the 1 TB T7 on Amazon AU via Amazon UK? I tried and they said since it was from Amazon UK they couldn't.

    • There was a person who successfully price beat the 1TB Amazon UK one: link and member Andy99(not sure what capacity) but the majority had been unsuccessful.

  • Thanks! I got 500gb (red) one for $101.60.

  • Went to officeworks today and got a price beat of $185 from Amazon UK for the T7 1TB but the store had no stock so they put in a order for me with free delivery. Officeworks insisted on adding by delivery on top of the price for the price beat. But still happy as now I have Australian warranty

  • Just ordered a PB @OW for $185.13 free delivery as no stock available in store. They don’t PB different colours.

    • The red is actually pretty nice. It is more a tile red with a little sheen. Hope you will like it.

      • Yeah red is nice too. Not sure if MBP 2017(2x Thunderbolt 3 ports) would support the maximum speed of this T7 with USB 3.2 Gen 2.

  • My T7 arrived today from officeworks. It is crazy fast connected to my 2020 MacBook Pro. Impressive delivery speed to, it was delivered in less than 24 hours from the order time.

    • Good to hear :)
      Is your 2020 MacBook Pro the one with the M1 chip?

      • Nah my one has the intel

        • Still cool :)
          I wonder how the T7 performs connected to the M1 MacBook Pro.

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