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Ferrex High Pressure Washer $99.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Aldi special Buys :

Maximum pressure 1957psi
With auto stop/start function
Featuring a 5m high pressure hose and 5m power cable
Includes a range of high pressure washer accessories
The Ferrex 1600W High Pressure Washer is ideally suited to use around the home, such as washing cars, bikes, driveways or patios.

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  • Any reviews?

  • Wonder if Bunnings will pricematch one of their similar products?

  • Spend more and get a Gerni, even the most basic one will out live this and prob has a higher flow rate. Psi is a marketing spin if its not also efficient

      • Yes that will out perform this one. 7.7 lpm flow and a aluminium pump that won't buckle the moment you run a hose left in thr sun with hot water through the pump. Very import to flush out the hose on plastic pumps. With a Gerni/karcher (some) you don't need too

      • Well that one is basically the same flow rate as the Ferrex one, so doubt theres much difference.

        Gerni = 7.7 L/min
        Ferrex = 8 L/min


        • It's not the best gerni but will have a better build. That one linked was a more powerful version than this.
          Find out what the type of pump it uses. Plastic is junk that will fail

          • @Dezeption: the appeal of the aldi would be that it has the patio brush if people need it. i have the aldi and a karcher, got the also because of the brush and it’s lighter to move. also has plastic pump, as do some karchers, idea of plastic besides cheap is that people who don’t drain their cleaners don’t have corrosion issues if not drained, aluminium does corrode, especially if people have mixed detergent and are syphoning from bucket.

            brass pump is the way to go but that is $900 washer territory.

      • Is this suitable to clean window glass or woult it break it?

  • Look on Gumtree, there's always tons of pressure washers.

  • Does the deck and patio cleaner work on bricks?

    • I have a Karcher K3 from a deal on here a while back and the deck cleaner works a treat on my concrete floor

      • Concrete is pretty smooth though unlike bricks. Does it slide around on wheels? What mechanism does it use for moving?

        • I actually don't let the brush underneath touch the surface otherwise it'll wreck the brush (cos its meant really for cleaning a wooden deck).

          I hover the cleaner as close to the ground taking care not to touch the ground (However, the force of the pressure also helps to 'lift' it upwards).

          I cover more ground using this attachment than using just the gun.

        • it has bristles on the edges , not wheels, i’ve used on brick walls without any issues, it’s better than deflecting water off walls all over the place,

  • I live in an apartment, so I have no access to water? Does anyone have any recommendation on a pressure washer that can run from water in a bucket?
    I need to wash off all the harden dust/dirt on my balcony.

    • Unless your balcony is the size of an footy oval, I'd just grab a bucket with some hot water and cleaner of your choice with a stiff bristle broom and chuck some elbow grease at it.

    • Just use a mop bucket and home HCl

  • Anyone know the flow rate of this one?

  • I ended up buying this on Saturday - seems to be okay for what I need - household cleaning of windows, paths, and washing vehicles. Worked well on the car and I tested a bit on the driveway.

    Only annoying thing is it makes a weird high pitched squeal noise when it turns off each time the trigger is let go. Not really a problem just a bit embarrassing noise for the neighbours.

  • Bought this on the weekend too. Tested it on my pavement for 10 minutes and I think it’s a good buy for the price you pay. Had borrowed a Gerni classic 125.5 from a friend and this one is comparable to the Gerni, maybe the Gerni has slightly higher pressure. One thing about noise, because my three year old no is scared of loud noises, is that the Gerni is actually louder than this Ferrex, and it’s confirmed by my boy.

    Overall satisfied over the 10 minutes I tested it, just hope this machine will last for a while and not break down the next time I use it.

  • The hose needs to be longer. A pain to move this unit when cleaning the car

  • I bought a Pressure Washer 2000W/2219PSI $129 in April. Just had time to clean driveway during this break. It worked for 2 minutes. Pressure was good and noise was acceptable. Suddenly it lost pressure and motor was still running. I connected to another water hose as suggested by user manual. It still didn't work. Motor turned on and off repeatedly. Going to return it.