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Razer Core X – Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Enclosure $479 ($399 with AmEx Offer) @ Microsoft Store


Not bad deal if your after an egpu, probably the best value for money and performance enclosure, but you need to factor in a GPU card cost too.

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  • Won’t fit the 3 slot width GPUs though.

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    The lack of a usb hub on this kills the usefulness as a "single cable dock" =/

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    Does egpu have good performance compared to real GPU? Is there a notable difference in frame rate?

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      it's putting a 2-slot PC gpu into a laptop. The performance of the GPU is not different than if you were to plug it into a PC.

    • Normally decress 20% performance of the GPU card.

      • OK. Thanks. 20% decrease is a bit too much.
        I will pass.

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          that's still an 80% increase from your current rig though…

      • Where the heck did you get 20% decrease?
        Granted I've got a Alienaware Graphics Amplifier with its proprietory plug with a 2070super and I'm losing about 3-6% in performance, hardly noticeable.

        • I think the thunderbolt eGPU cases take a bigger performance hit compared to the Alienware Amp

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          Tb3 - 16-32Gbps
          PCIe - 126Gbps

          I think normally 20-30% performance drop is right.
          There're lots of benchmarks on youtube.

          • @chickenfac: Damn, there's no point in getting it then. Just build a desktop.

        • Is the Alienaware Graphics Amplifier only limited to the Alienaware laptops?

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            @congo: Yeah. It's their proprietary connector that is much faster than TB3. Think of it as a PCIe riser.

            • @he11bent: It’s not exactly like a riser. Can’t get the damn thing to work with my Galax GTX1660 Super. Apparently some cards just don’t work despite the exact model from a different vendor working flawlessly. Probably have to resell the card. Support from the RTX30-series still to come. Probably a few months away from Alienware’s track record of supporting new line ups

              • @FireRunner: Have you tried the Alienware forums? Mine was simple on my 17R4 and 2070Super.

                • @he11bent: Yeah tried everything. Bios updates, driver updates, installing GeForce experience, searching for compatibility with card. The amp definitely works, I’ve used it with another card a few months ago. The USB ports and light still works, I just get device in amplifier not recognised when I boot it with my Alienware 15 R2.
                  Other users said GTX 1660 Super works but they had different vendors. I saw a post where some guy couldn’t get his Galax RTX 2060 working with his amp, even though card worked in a desktop. He ended up buying a different card and that worked, I’m guessing maybe Amps have issues with Galax or something

    • Depends on the laptops thunderbolt port and what the PCIe lanes its configured to. I heard 10% drop but it can drop a lot lower.

  • I'm expecting tb4 cases coming soon.

    • For all those thunderbolt 4 laptops?

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      TB4 doesn't have any more bandwidth than TB3. Also eGPU might be dead without Mac support.