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TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home AC1300 Mesh Wi-Fi System 3-Pack $179 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Deco M5 3 Pack for $179 + Shipping, best price I've seen as of late.

Shipping was $11.89 for Sydney city bringing total to $190.89 which is still cheapest I've ever seen it.

Only for 1 hour, finishes around 10pm (UTC +10).

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  • Good price, price matched it last time from bunnings, very happy with it just a bit warm.

    • Sadly Bunnings not open to price beat this 1 hour deal:(

  • -1

    Probably wait for a better price.

  • +4

    Got these. They work flawlessly.

  • They were $182 on TGG Commercial site the other day, now out of stock.

  • Are these any good, if you don't have an ethernet backhaul? I'm considering connecting them wirelessly

    • +1

      Yes, here is your answer https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/1794/

      Using Ethernet is more stable however as long as your nodes are close to each other, they should be good over wireless.

      Trust me I have installed and configured 200+ enterprise wifi :P

      • Thanks khey. I’ll get Ethernet set up

        • It depends really on how big your place is. As an example, you can use Ethernet to connect one node in your basement as wifi coverage will degrade over concrete or walls.

          If it’s just the living room and the bedrooms next to each other, you don’t really need to use Ethernet.

        • Can also use Ethernet over power for the backhaul. That's what I do from one end of house to other works well for zoom

          • @haytona:

            Can also use Ethernet over power for the backhaul

            Are you sure?


            • @superforever: PoE is the device being powered via an ethernet cable - this is not supported.
              EoP is ethernet being provided over a powerline aka an additional piece of hardware - this is supported.

              I currently use EoP to provide internet in my room, albeit slower as I've had it for a good 5 or so years, but it doesn't power on any devices, just provides an ethernet connection.

              • @Fknscottm8: Sorry I misread.

                With 3 pack mesh you can put one at the front, middle and the other side of the house it should cover most area unless you have a very large area.

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • Guys, for those of you who bought, can you help clarify that TP-Link Deco M5 AC1300 extend range for wifi AND bluetooth AND zigbee? I;m really eyeing the bluetooth range extender feature but the box doesn't say so..

    • Only WiFi Mesh system.

    • +1

      M9+ has ZigBee for IoT. The M5 doesn't have these features sorry.

      • Thanks for sharing guys. Does the M9+ extends bluetooth range as well?

  • Thanks OP, was looking for a 3-pack mesh wi-fi system at a reasonable price.

  • Thanks - got one as well, hope it’s cheaper than other similar mesh routers this upcoming Black Friday!

  • I've got an Asus RT-AC68U router. I was thinking of buying another one for Mesh Wifi for upstairs. Or is it worth getting something like this instead?

    • +1

      Had a DSL-AC68U and RT-AC68U as a mesh and tossed them out to replace them with this setup. Best choice I ever made, it works flawlessly and so much better than the Asus setup.

  • Dang, I got it for $250 few months ago.

  • Hijacking the thread again,
    Can anyone from experience tell me if it is possible to link 2 x pack of these together?
    There seems to be a very bad spot underground at my place that always gets 10% of the full speed.

    • You can link more Decos together.

      • You can link more Decos together.

        Yes, just wondering is there a limit XD

        • +1

          A Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi kit includes multiple units to cover the average-sized home. If you have a very large home or space where you want seamless Wi-Fi, up to 32 Deco units (could be different models) can be used on the same network. However, in a pure Wi-Fi Backhaul system, we recommend not more than 10 units to ensure Wi-Fi performance.


    • Just remember that each mesh you hop through you loss about 50% bandwidth.

      So if your First Node -> Second Node are talking to each other at 150 mbps, your third node at 150 mbps
      The maximum speed you'll be able to reach is 25 Mbps

      And that's in perfect conditions, the reality is the when you're meshing, the throughput is often variable.
      I had to set up a mesh in a large business environment and by the time we got to the third node we would be lucky to push 7Mbps to the internet (Ethernet was 100Mbps)

      • Shit really? That's not good

  • Anyone's purchase shipped yet or do they know how long these guys normally take to ship something?

    • Believe due to it being sold out & covid may have taken a bit of time. Mine was dispatched this arvo.

      They're typically very quick, even when it's out of their hands and with Auspost, I've received it next day in some cases whereas other packages come in 1-3 days.

    • Just got mine today. Very easy to set up, and works well!

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