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[PS4, XB1] FIFA 21 $38 (RRP $99.95) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Looks like Amazon has beat Big W and JB Hi-Fi's FIFA 21 Price by $1 with the discount applicable on the price today (rather than Wednesday).

Reminder free upgrade to the next gen versions on when they release (4th December)

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    Thanks OP

    BTW are you the same GABTIM I see driving around my area that VW beetle and pumping Eminem music wearing those giant glasses?

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      That was a previous life mate, I now drive a Prius and exclusively listen to Taylor Swift.

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        Posts like this give me renewed hope for humankind.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Same price with JB!!

  • +2

    Does this have ps5 upgrade for free?

  • Anyone know if there is a sale on a digital copy for a similar price?

  • Perfect bought thanks.

    Saves waiting and free, fast delivery.

    Tried resisting fifa this year but the 10 hour trial got me hooked

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    Anybody know roughly when FIFA21 will be added to the vault games for EA Play on playstation? If it's a few months then I might just wait for that.

    • +2

      I think FIFA20 was around May this year.

    • +1

      Same thoughts. Will probably play FIFA20 until then.

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    Fifa will never become good again when people keep purchasing it in its current state

  • Where’s the PES sales? Lols

    • PES 2021 season update with EURO cup 2020 is on sale on PSN at 26.76$ :)
      right after my physical copy got sent out :(

  • Just note if you are planning on buying the digital versions of the new consoles you won't be able to upgrade this, you would have to buy the digital edition to get the free upgrade.

    • I don't see why this keeps needing to be explained, it should be obvious that a disk based game wont be playable on a diskless system.

      • -1

        Correct - all your disc games essentially become coasters if you decide to upgrade to a digital system.

    • +2

      The FAQ says otherwise:

      "If you buy a physical copy of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and upgrade to a discless PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S, you will need to contact EA support at help.ea.com to validate your purchase using your account information to receive your free* upgrade."

      • Interesting - sounds like a work around for a free or very cheap game. Buy physical > contact ea to validate and they will credit your digital account with the game. Return/sell physical.

  • Is Fifa worth buying/playing on the switch? I haven't played a Fifa game since 2014 so I'm sure there have been lots of updates since

    • +3

      Probably not. Fifa has been a copy and paste of the same game for the last few years on switch (it's worse than the lack of changes on ps4/xbox apparently). You know it's bad when even IGN just troll EA and copy and paste their fifa 20 review for switch from last year and say it's the review for fifa 21 this year since it's the same game lol.

      • Yeah the switch version is known as a legacy game. They have only updated the team rosters and kits since 2018 iirc

    • +1

      My personal experience is it is not that bad if you already have a switch and not having previous Fifa versions. It is still worth hours of fun lying on your bed with your switch unless you already have a PS or Xbox which these platforms are more superior in gaming experience.

      I mainly play the career mode only as i find the ultimate team slow and painful to play constantly having to fix players' fitness and contracts.

      But i got mine second hand from Ebay at $30sih though

  • +1

    $38 at the moment

  • +2

    Been playing FIFA since the early days. First year I decided to not buy.

    • +2

      Same here. Been playing since FIFA 98 and can't bring myself to pay for this one.

  • I wanted to buy fif21 but apparently it is terrible

    • Terrible is probably a bit extreme. The problem with these yearly release games like fifa and nba2k etc is the improvements are going to be minimal each year and if people have bought previous years they probably wont be wowed. I suppose another aspect that ticks people off is the increased micro transactions in the games, but these obviously dont have to be bought into and can be ignored.

      If you isolate the games from the previous years they are still great - or if you never played before youll have a lot of fun.

    • The 'Volta' gamemode (Futsal, 3, 4, 5 a side) is the most fun i've had on fifa in years, so I absolutely disagree with this

  • +1

    Nice to see they have kept the best feature - scripting https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fifa+21+scripti...

    • Lol you probably think vaccines cause autism too.

  • If you buy before January, you can get David Beckham for free

    • But.. can he cook? I'm sure he can clean…

  • I don’t have a PS4 but would get this if it means a cheaper version for the PS5.

    Would this work or did I need to activate it or something on the PS4 on my account?

    • +1

      Its a completely free upgrade when you purchase the PS4 version or the xbox one version. I have a series X and will be purchasing this come wednesday, pop in the disc, install and then download the update - same with the PS5

  • Does anyone know of any decent PC price for Fifa?

  • -1

    Worth $10 no more with how scripted and broken it is.

    • -1

      Haha imagine being this salty, bro be careful with the covid vaccine, might give you autism, haha.

      • -1

        Why I speak the truth, we get a broken game and expect to pay top bucks for it, don't see a bargain.

        Also you wouldn't joke about a covid vaccine if toy had a loved one die because of covid you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • $39 price is now live with JB if you want pickup today from brick and mortar

    • Just did a click & collect from JB Hifi

  • What was 39 before!

    How hard is it to get that juicy $1 refunded?

  • Got this for $29 delivered

    Add to cart fifa 21
    Pencil for $1

    Qualified for free shipping at $39.

    Ordered on the app using code APPONLY10 for $10 off.

    Final price $29

    • That’s a good price on the pencil

    • use amex amazon $5 off on $25 spend to get it down to $24

      • my bad that $5 credit is for membership spend

        • Membership spend?

          • @TightTerry: yeah got an amex offer which says Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $25 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-app on Amazon Prime membership by 20/01/2021 to receive one $5 credit. Limited to the first 10,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

    • App offer is targeted right ? 😭 Is there Anyway to get the $10 off $39 spend? Any other promo codes would be nice to bring it down further along with my prime free delivery

  • Serves me right for buying it on launch for 67. Was waiting to play on the ps5 and the ps5 edition isn't even coming until December 4th

  • Unless you want to play clubs with friends, don't by this game, from good friends I hear Career Mode is trash and well FUT supports under-age gambling so I'd avoid that.

  • +1

    I ordered this yesterday and it got delivered today. Very impressed with amazon.

    The only way to exceed expectations now is possibly same day delivery with a drone.

  • Wonder how quickly it will sell on eBay's promo for Friday at $25.

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