expired DGTEC Blu-Ray Player / HD Set Top Box Combo - $79 Delivered


Blu-Ray/STB combo for the price of a DVD/STB, with free delivery if you use the coupon PAYPAL and pay via PayPal. The last time this product appeared here was in another Bing Lee deal for $99 excluding shipping, while the price you can usually expect to pay online appears to be $129 and up.

There's also a 5% off coupon on your first order if you sign up to their newsletter, so maybe you can get it even cheaper if you select pick-up, but the PayPal coupon gives the cheapest price if you need it shipped.

This model (DG-BRC7900) is a bit of a dark horse - I can't find any user feedback let alone reviews, and DGTEC has been too lazy to post the user manual on their website. The device isn't in the Logitech Harmony database.

No idea when this deal began or will expire.

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    Crazystu has more info.. Multiregion bluray

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    I can't find any user feedback let alone reviews,

    STOP right there! Some things with the DGTEC are OK, others are utter crap that can only be unloaded by the likes of CotD.

    A player that crashes frequently, and is awkward to use is no bargain.
    Save a dollar, and get the $78 multi-region from Good guys. That one is probably a decent one made from a reference design.


    Im always hesitant with combo players.
    If one component screws up, then you've got to replace, fix the whole unit.
    Doesn't sit too well with me


    Just some more info - though it's hard to be certain they're exactly the same, the player appears to be a rebadged version of the Grundig GSTB3111BR, which is more of a known quantity. The front panel and remote control are virtually identical.



    Wouldnt mind seeing photos of the back of this unit.
    But all the photos seem to be different.
    The one on the dgtec site is completely different to the crazystu website which is different to the grundig photos……this smells funny…to inconsistent for my liking.
    Im just going to go and get the laser one for $78 here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/58337
    At least i know what im getting is what im seeing

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