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LG R9 Master Robotic Vacuum - $1299 (Was $1499) + Delivery ($0 with C&C) @ Harvey Norman


I was looking for this robo vacuum from quite sometime and was notified about pricedrop by pricehipster.

Why I was looking for this one specifically
1) It has an inbuild camera which we can monitor through app
2) The front can work well with the house corners

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Doesn't the new Xiaomi have cameras as well?

  • with this price´╝îi will pick xiaomi.

    • Which models do you recommend?
      Is the warranty valid in Australia?

      • I am using the roborock s5, au plug, international software, good machine not sure about the warranty but it is going strong after nearly three years.

  • I was looking at the LG. The reviews are terrible. A friend from work has had their old Roboking model for years & years. He said it is brilliant. I find the whole robot vacuum matket confusing :/ such a huge range of prices. I like the irobot i7 as it has its own emptying bin & mapping. But cant justify nearly $2k