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20% off Sitewide (Cordless Balls Trimmer $79.20 Delivered (Was $99) at Balls.co


OK men, it's time to be honest. Some of us trim our pubic hair. Some of us take our life into our own hands and use a beard trimmer. Some of us use a rusty steak knife. Those people know all too well that one false move means the familiar sting of a snipped sack.

Sensible people on the other hand know that a purpose-designed device that is designed to trim without snipping skin is the way to avoid injuries to our delicate places. Tyler Ball has designed the ultimate such trimmer, and named it after himself. Presenting: Balls.

Balls.co makes a well-reviewed trimmer for men's pubic areas. Their patented SackSafe technology is as well-designed as it is well-named. It charges from USB and has a replaceable trimming blade.

They have a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee period.

The standard Balls Trimmer is $99 (comes to $79.20 with code) although they have various packages available, eg the Ultimate Package which includes the trimmer, two replacement heads, and post-trim lotion for $144 (comes to $115.20)

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