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Yamaha RXV385B AV Receiver $365 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Entry level AV receiver that I've been keeping my eye on.

Not as cheap as previous deal ($299 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544911) but other retail stores are as selling as follows:
Selby Acoustics - $495
eBay - $399 (refurb)
Melbourne HiFi - $449
Billy Guyatts - $434
Harvey Norman - $495
Bing Lee - $469

5-channel surround sound

YPAO sound optimisation. HD Audio with CINEMA DSP

Bluetooth with Compressed Music Enhancer

HDMI (4 in / 1 out) with Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma

4k with eARC for remote control ease of use.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Would anyone recommend this for a PS5? Really miss using my speakers but can't due to the missing optical output. Or should I shell out for one of the newer/expensive Yamaha receivers?

    • Hey?

      What's was your old setup exactly?

      • PS4 Pro going to a Logitech Z-5500 via optical and replaced the two front speakers with Q Acoustics and still using the Logitech centre speaker. With upgrading to a new receiver I would just use HDMI. Would this also keep HDR?

        • I still run the z-5500.
          It feels like new consoles are pushing me off an optical connection.
          they are awesome speakers (for the current price)

          Friends have tried to tell me how awesome their "Atmos" soundbars are. still can't beat having a physical speaker and a good Subwoofer.

          • @Sapper50: Agreed! Can't beat a great pair of stereo speakers. I'm still hanging onto the Z-5500 as my turntable is connected to it though nothing else now due to consoles phasing out optical :(

    • Depends how much you future proof it? I'm waiting for something reasonably priced with HDMI 2.1 integrated myself.

      • The advertised receiver has eARC which is HDMI 2.1 right? Or am I wrong about that?

        • I'm actually not sure now lol. I think you might be right, and I'm a dumb dumb haha

        • eARC is separate to HDMI 2.1. This receiver (which I have) has eARC but not HDMI 2.1.

          It does 4K @ 60 fps (see specs), while the HDMI 2.1 standard goes up to 8K @ 60 fps and 4K @ 120 fps.

          As far as using this receiver with a PS5, if your TV has HDMI 2.1 (like my LG C9 does) then you can connect the PS5 directly to the TV then connect the TV to the receiver.

          Also I'm not sure if there are any games that run at 4K120fps. Dirt 5 was touting that before launch but it turns out it's either 4K OR 120fps, not both at once. So everyone can probably wait until HDMI 2.1 is more commonplace in AVR gear and by then it might also be commonplace for some games to be running at 4K120fps.

          • @sween64: Thanks for clearing that up :) I have an LG C9 as well (thanks to a previous ozbargain deal).

            Good to know about connecting PS5 into TV and TV to receiver for sound, didn't know you could do that. Would it still pick up the sound the same way as if it were directly connected from PS5 to receiver (like voices coming from centre speaker etc?)

            Still unsure if I should get this or wait for something newer like the RXV6A to go on special.

            • @jazzilla: Yep, should do! The LG C9 supports eARC and eARC in turn "supports the latest high-bitrate audio formats up to192kHz, 24-bit, and uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio. It also supports DTS-HD Master Audio™, DTS:X®, Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®." link

          • @sween64: I can confirm this will work. "As far as using this receiver with a PS5, if your TV has HDMI 2.1 (like my LG C9 does) then you can connect the PS5 directly to the TV then connect the TV to the receiver".

    • missing optical output

      Just use a splitter if your TV doesn't have an optical out.


  • any deals on wires celling speaker systems ?

  • Does the audio signal eg. DTS, DTS HD Master received by the receiver display on the unit's screen?

  • I bought this receiver a few months back, got really lucky and got it used off gumtree for $100 (!!!).

    1. Works great with my xbox series X over e-arc. Can pass through uncompressed 5.1 audio whilst still using 120hz 4k and VRR.
    2. Supports dolby vision
    3. HDMI CEC seems to work reasonably well with my LG NANO91.
    4. When I watch mkv tracks with dolby atmos, the receiver can still play them back, albeit as dolby trueHD. DTS-HD-MA also works perfectly.

    1. Internal LG apps dont seem to passthrough audio properly when e-arc is turned on. The receiver thinks its receiving Dolby TrueHD, and no sound plays. Turning off earc from the tv settings fixes this, however I just keep earc on and watch everything through an nvidia shield.
    2. Receiver locks up every couple of weeks. Turns on and does not respond to any commands, even the volume knob does not do anything. I have to force it to completely shut down by holding the power button for a few seconds to fix it.

    • Con #2 - any idea what the root cause is? Ever thought about chasing up warranty or lost cause since 2nd hand?

      • I have this amp and have never encountered the lock up issue. That said it's plugged in only to a playstation and TV with book shelf speakers.

        • Same here. I've had this model since Dec 2018 and use it with all four HDMI inputs and haven't had any lockup issues.

      • no idea, haven't been too motivated to chase it up given i got it so cheaply second hand

    • Re Con 1: I don't have that issue on my LG C9 and I use Spotify & YouTube internal WebOS apps almost daily.

    • download and flash the firmware to fix the Receiver lock up.

  • I will add that in terms of historical prices this is by no means the lowest price seen, however it is cheaper than all other sites/stores at the moment.

    Possibly an artifact of C-19 but interestingly the price of this model has gone up quite a lot (~$100) since same time last year.

  • Can I cast Spotify etc to this as a grouped 'speaker' in Google Home? If not what should I be looking for?

    • You want the model up I think(RXV485B). This one doesn't have network functionality beyond basic bluetooth. Unless you cast that through your TV somehow- ie a chromecast. Depending on the cost going up, a chromecast might be the better option.

      • Correct. No wifi but you can do it through your mobile.

        Also if your TV has spotify app there's that.

        For me at least, the model up wasn't worth paying the additional for this feature. Having said that I just want something with HDMI and bluetooth (i'm coming from a 5.1 setup where my AV receiver has HDMI in but only picture so I had to run audio via optical - odd I know…)

      • Cool thanks. I’d prefer casting to the receiver so I don’t have to have the tv on.

  • Thanks, got one

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/Yamaha-Channel-Home-Theater-YHT184...

    What's the difference between this one and the one in the link? The one in the link seems to include the speakers for only $20 more. Is the receiver itself the same?

    • YHT is 7.4 kg, this is 7.7kg

      also this: eARC (YHT: none), HDR10 / Dolby Vision / HLG (YHT: HDR), Bluetooth and USB as sauces.
      YHT receiver is likely HTR-2071