Advice Needed: How Do I Move Interstate?

Fellow bargain hunters,

I am planning to move interstate (from Melbourne to Sydney).

Any tips/advice on moving interstate would be appreciated.

Would removalists be the easiest option? If so, any reputable ones that won't break the bank?

Is it worth driving my car up or better to get it towed? Haven't driven my 2010 335i at such distances before so not sure how she'll cope.


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    All depends on your situation:

    a) do you have a lot of possession?
    b) are you single?
    c) do you have accommodation sorted at your destination?
    d) are you in a position to drive this distance?

    • a) No - the only items that won't fit in my car is my standing desk, computer, speakers, dual monitors and
      b) No
      c) Yes, accomodation is sorted
      d) I can if it'll save $$$

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        If you're coming from Victoria you might be able to apply for refugee support services.

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    Pack stuff into boxes
    Put boxes into your chosen transport method
    Sell BMW (thank me later)
    Catch a plane, train or automobile to destination
    Take boxes from chosen transport (see above)
    Unpack boxes
    Buy a Camry (thank me later)
    Interstate move complete

    • Please elaborate on "chosen transport method"

      • Research and pick one that suits your circumstances

      • Removalists, courier, backloader, friend with a ute going in that direction ……

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    Moved from Sydney to QLD -

    Basically if you can, drive the trip! - Load up the car as much as you can :).

    Look at Backloading your large furniture - This is basically using leftover space in a truck already doing that trip for other people in the same situation and is way cheaper!

    Rest of it is just like any other move really - arrange power, internet, accomodation etc. etc.

    • Will research Backloading - cheers!

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    Would removalists be the easiest option?

    Your possession: unless you are going to hire a van, you don't have another option. I see you are not moving your bed or tv separately. Consider selling your stuff and get second hand in Sydney

    Your wheel: it takes time for your wheel to be towed up and possession to arrive. You have to manage your expectation after flying to Sydney you will have no wheels. $$ aside, you need to think where you staying + where you do your grocery + where you work

    Travel: driving up to Sydney in will always be cheaper than flying. Bus is painful. Train is okay but I wouldn't think that's much cheaper.

  • Merged from Interstate Car Transport/Towing


    Looking to move my car from Melbourne to Sydney without driving.

    Any reputable and affordable car towing/transport companies?

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      Looking to move my car from Melbourne to Sydney without driving.

      Ask your wife to drive.

      • ???

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          Your current wife…

    • Freight forwarders. Plenty of websites that let you get quotes on getting stuff moved.


  • One thing you could look out for is Motorhome relocations. We took one back from Brisbane to Sydney once for next to nothing (cost $5/day from memory). You could load one of these up with tonnes of stuff and save on freight :)

    • Thanks!

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