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[PC] Claim a Free Copy of Overwatch @ Los Angeles Gladiators / Overwatch League (Instagram Required)


first post so I'm sorry if something is wrong.

Use a random image for the receipt
Zip code 10001
Use a real email, otherwise everything else can be whatever.

Code was sent within a minute or two and everything works!

"Offer open to individuals that are (a) thirteen (13) years of age or older; (b) make any purchase at a Southern Californian Gong Cha location during the claim period of 11/9/20-12/6/20 for the Offer (“Claim Period”) and (c) follow the Los Angeles Gladiators (@LAGladiators) and Gong Cha USA CA (@GongChaUSACA) accounts on Instagram.

Offer may only be claimed at participating Gong Cha location(s) in Southern California (each, a “Participating Location”). Online orders made directly from the Gong Cha website are valid. Orders from 3rd party applications such as GrubHub and UberEats are not valid.

Claim Period for each Offer and redemption period (11/9/20-1/31/21) for each Offer (“Redemption Period”) begins and ends as indicated. Offer must be claimed during the Claim Period, then redeemed by visiting http://bit.ly/GLACodes.

Winners are ineligible to claim the reward if they already own a copy of Overwatch. Winners must have a Battle.net account to receive copy. Winners are limited to one code per Battle.net account. Codes are non-transferable and one-time usage only. Limit one (1) Offer per person and per Battle.net account. Void if copied or transferred and where prohibited by law. Offer is subject to local public safety protocols and therefore may not be available at all Participating Locations.

Participating Locations are based in the Southern California region only and include Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Cerritos, Buena Park, City of Industry, Convoy (SD), Garden Grove, Gardena, Irvine, Mira Mesa, and Santa Clarita."

Mod note: Do not request for spare codes in the comments. Please comment in the megathread instead.

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  • Awesome deal!, thanks for this. Just made a second account for my friend.

    • +2

      Well great. Thanks to people like you we don't have any codes.

  • +1

    I tried just putting in random info except for email address , and took a picture of a pillow as the image I uploaded. Got an email a few seconds later. Logged into my battle.net account and pasted the code and worked…seemingly.

    Haven't gone to my battle.net app to make sure Overwatch is actually part of my account

  • +1

    Thanks op it worked.

  • +1

    Works great, Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks, claimed!

  • +1

    Claimed, hopefully I don't get banned off BNET or something.

  • +1

    Got mine too! thanks op.

  • +1


  • +1

    Lol. Reminds me the last time I created an account on a certain social media site that required me to provide a “real” photo. I googled and gave them a portrait of Putin. Account successfully created…

    Thanks op. Got my copy.

  • +1


  • +1

    Instagram Required

    Not required, entered 'Google' and it worked without issue

  • +1

    I wonder how many codes they have lol. It's pumping

  • +1

    Can't believe this actually worked what a find lol

  • +10

    ty op. FYI you can remove 3rd party authorisation to OWL Code Redemption using this link https://account.blizzard.com/connections after you claim your copy of overwatch.

  • OW going f2p soon?

    • -2

      No, Overwatch 2 coming out, soon to be dead game

      • Don't know about completely dead, even with OW2 coming they announced that OW1 will be still receiving PVP updates so players in both games can still party up and play together.

      • Overwatch 2 is not soon though

      • overwatch 2 release date feb 2021, the multiplayer between ow1 and 2 will be the same but the pve will be exclusive to ow2

        • overwatch 2 release date feb 2021

          Yeah, that's not true.

      • +1

        What are you on about?
        Overwatch 2 will be an expansion for Overwatch 1. The entire game will switch over to the new one. With new maps, new heroes for everyone. And only those who buy "2" will get the PVE.

        It is the opposite of a dead game. It's the same game, same client.

  • +1

    I can't believe that worked. I feel dirty.

    • -2

      Not as dirty as Blizzard for releasing Overwatch 2

      • +4

        how dare they release a new game that will be at least 5-6 years after the first one!

        • +2

          If you own Overwatch, you automatically get the new update for PVP to OW2. The only part you’d pay for is the new PVE story mode. So with this you already get the best part of OW2 included..all the new heroes and maps included for years to come.

        • Free content updates every year. Wouldn't mind if they release OW2 10 years after the first one tbh

  • +7
  • And 200 league tokens.
    Wow this is a great deal for a couple minutes work.

  • No longer working did not receive an email with game code - even though it said you will receive shortly.

    • Same here. Havent received email, have been a few minutes now.

      • Just wait a little I just received my code
        Looks like their servers are getting hit hard.

        • Spoke too soon. Just got it.

        • Yeah I applied 5 mins ago and 17000 had been claimed, now 24000 lol.

    • -1

      Confirmed guess not?

  • +1

    Can't believe that i typed 'Scott Morrison' and claimed successfully

  • -1

    Ahhh yes now to play this game I've always wanted to play with the shittest FOV in the world.

    • It’s 90 by default, better than most games that do 70 these days. Not sure what you’re on about

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • why is instagram required, can we put in random ones too?

    • +1

      You can put a random Instagram handle

  • i have followed all steps and tried to log in. however it says "missing overwatch license" during the login process. anyone else has this problem?

  • +1

    Says “Entry is currently disabled” upon form submission 🥺

    • Same :(

  • Entry is currently disabled :(

  • Missed it by THAT much

  • +1

    Spare code: GLA9ISSZTABEI1

  • +1

    Hopefully this will add some new players and not just 50,000 existing players wanting to flip this lol

    • Doubt. Just look in the comments whenever there's free pizzas-bunch of selfish people always take all the codes and claimed they're doing us a "service" so "bots don't take them". They're delusional

  • probably was one of the last ones to get through. I registered, but nothing happened for about 20 minutes. I registered again and got the "entry disabled" message. I thought that's it

    but then I checked my email again just now, and yay code is there. redeemed and unlinked etc. all good so far

  • +1

    All coupons claimed!
    Sorry, try again next time.

    50002 coupons claimed


  • Rip no more codes.

  • Lucky I stayed up last night and managed to get one. Cheers.

    • Same, was about to head to bed when I saw it, don't usually stay up that late. Managed to grab one for a friend.

      • Same got just one :)

  • +1

    It seems like selfish people got a bunch of codes and are selling them online?

    • +1

      yeah thats messed up

  • Can i get one please? :D

  • Anyone got any available?
    Would love to play this, thanks in adv

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