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[PC] Humble Choice Premium Annual Plan $158.99 (Was $269.99) (New Subscribers Only) - Humble Bundle


Great price for a 12 month plan.
Yes, plan can be paused for months you don't want or like.


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  • If I cancel my current plan, can I sign up for this ? lol

    • No.

      • Damn it, my current plan changed after I paused from last month, went from $18 to $29 but I was sure I subscribed as part of promo where it was month to month for $18 for 12 months.

  • Says $132.99AUD for me
    Was doing the $18/month thing, but cancelled this month..
    now this…
    I wonder if i can pause without taking this months games?

    • Nope.. doesn't look like i can

      • Yeah I didn't read the fine print & apparently if you pause a month, it voids the promotional pricing. I ended up having to cancel the subscription unfortunately.

        • When did you do that?
          I only just cancelled a few days back, and have been able to take up this offer now..

          • @Krondorf: Literally a few days ago. But I'm referring to a previous plan I subbed to in Sep. It went up from $18 to $29. It was also meant to be the 1st 12 months.

            I should have also clarified, you can pause without taking any games, I was pausing near the billing date in case I wanted to use the Humble discount on their store. But having paused for October & November, I lost my eligibility.

            I'm contemplating signing up to this plan since it's cheap enough at $11/mth but it's only every few months or so they have games I'm interested in.

            • @wolf503: Yep that's what i thought…
              Difference with this one is you CAN pause without losing it…
              though you have to take the hit on this first month being crap

              • @Krondorf: Oh wait, so how that does work then?

                Say I paused for 3 months, does it still count those 3 months towards the 12 months or does it continue counting after I unpause again?

                I don't mind taking the hit on the 1st month if I can lock it in for $132 all up.

              • @Krondorf: I almost had a mini heart attack: "Your membership is active. Your next billing date is December 25, 2020. You will be billed AU$269.99 using PayPal." lol I hope this is an error cause when I check my membership it says 2021.