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140 pcs Puppy Pet Dog Training Toilet Pads 60x60cm $49.95 + Shipping


Puppy Training Pads for Puppies & Indoor Dogs

Pack of 140

SIZE: 60x60cm 45g

140 pcs for dogs and puppies, protects floors, locks in moisture, absorbs odors Place pad on the floor with tissue side up in an area from pet's bedding or food, please your pet on the pad to get accustomed to it, reward your ped if it relieves itself on the pad. If your pet relieves itself elsewhere, immediately bring it back to pad, continues this process, once your pet is trained to use the pad indoors, follow the same process to train your pet go outside, dispose of property.

R.C. International Trading Pty. Lt. (ABN: 78 088 063 316)
Buy it Now - $49.95 for 140pcs puppy pads I think it is a great price.
They still have 50 cartons in stock and looks like they have received a lot of good feedback on these puppy pads.

1st post so be gentle to me please. Thanks.

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