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Dyson V7 Motorhead $360 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay | $379 @ JB Hi-Fi


Looking for a decent vacuum cleaner For carpet. Hope its a decent deal

$360 if you buy from The Good Guys eBay with 5% off code "PTGG5"

$379 from JB Hi-Fi

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Yes, it's good deal. But the V7 is probably better hardfloors than carpet. For carpet maybe move to the V10 or V11.
    Dyson's Black Friday deal was the Motorhead Origin for $359 Delivered, but that excludes the crevice tool. If you think the crevice tool is worth $20 (I think it is).


    • Been using on rugs and its fine. Better than my old barrel vac

    • I've had a V6 absolute for more than 4 years, outperforms any AC powered vac on carpet I've ever had.

  • Is the v10 animal at 779 a good deal? Had my eye on an absolute but think the animal comes close ?

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      You can get it from amazon.com for AUD 681.39 delivered.

      • Really? can you share a link? Best I can see is US$495 plus US$78 shipping which works out AU$783

    • my understanding is the absolute just comes with a few more attachments.

      • The fluffy and the mini

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    hopper can only hope for a good deal

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      Thanks for the TIP, checked their ebay store and after discount its $360, will update post

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    You could get the 15% off JB Hifi gift-cards from here which would take it down to $322.15

    • wish i had read this, got 5% off jb cards and bought dyson as none of local GG has stock for click and collect option with ebay. i lost my Oz bargain badge :(

  • got one at Goodguys for $360 - thanks

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    Just bought from the good guys this afternoon for $272. They said this is the best price. How can I return it?

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      Went back to good guys and got refund of $33. So it now costed me $339.

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        Your math doesn’t make sense

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          Correction: Asking price at TGG was $379. Negotiated and got it for $372. Not a good deal but thought that it was better than coming back to the store. Came home played with the Dyson then saw this thread that the price was now $260. Checked eBay and saw that the price is actually $350. Got furious called TGG and started driving (hands-free) with the Dyson towards them. I was already there by the time they put me on hold. Demanded a complete refund. They wanted to price match the eBay for $350 but I requested $339 and they accepted it. Well was not easy to deal with them.

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            @Rakibul: Balls of steel

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              @hopper: Thanks, man. I was furious. I just bought it and they said this was the best price possible and 1 hr later I found out their own eBay store was selling it for much lower. I was angry but was calm. Explained to them my frustration. Like they are supposed to be called the good guys, not the bad guys.

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      Sorry initially bought it for $372

  • I have been told by sales V7 and v8 has the same power just 10min short using time, just wondering if that’s the case, and is V7 strong enough to clean apartment carpet? Thanks

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      I have the v6 Animal and it has cleaned my apartment just fine over the last 4yrs. Approx 50/50 split of tiles and carpet/rug areas, all low-ish pile. I believe the v7 has a longer-lasting battery than the v6 but same suction. The v8 has slightly higher suction than v7 as well as better battery.

      A quick comparison for some of the models is here

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        Thanks 😊 might give V7 a go as V8 cost almost double with not too much of difference

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