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First Month E-Bike Rental Free (Min. 2 Month Subscription) @ Zoomo


Zoomo is offering a first month free of their personal subscription plans. Plans start from as low as $29/wk.
Bikes are available for pick-up in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Delivery is available on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Offer available for min. 2-month rentals.

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  • east coast only :\

  • OP Can you tell us more about it.

    I'd be keen to try a free month but it doesn't seem to provide details about the promo. Which type of bike you get, do you get a charger, how does the pickup/drop off work.

    Scrap that you have to pay for at least two months to get this promo including a $300 refundable deposit. Apparently, the plan is limited to 80km per week with no details on what happens if you go over.

    • $5 per km not a bargain

      • Ouch, thanks for the link.

        There's a lot of other stuff in there as well that makes this a deal to avoid.

        $25 for a flat tyre, GPS data from the bike shared with them that they can sell to third parties, The $5 per km excess and a range of other expensive fees that apply if anything goes wrong.

        • Man if that's true in their fine print it makes this a full scam when the large print lies: "A Zoomo subscription means more than just access to a world-class electric bike. Enjoy peace of mind with free servicing and repairs and 24/7 online customer support." Thanks for heads up I'm going to stay far away from this!


    Thank you for your interest in this offer.
    We are currently revising our terms and condition to meet private users' need, but rest assured in the meantime that
    * Servicing is included in all subscriptions, including flat tyres and general wear and tear to ensure your safety. Repair costs will only be incurred in the case of broken parts to ensure our riders' safety.
    * Zoomo uses GPS Data to recover the bike is stolen or lost and won't share with any third party without consent or without removing the identity of the rider.
    * We are committing to meeting our users' need and remain flexible on the mileage cap for the time being.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you:

    • So if servicing is included and so is general wear and tear… then why is a flat tyre (something that if definitely wear and tear) listed as a $20-25 fee extra. Likewise, it's a bit confusing who "bolt" listed on the bottom of the T&C's?

      As for the GPS data, sure I get that other companies like Lime/Nureon/Uber do it however I think you need to make it more clearer instead of hiding it away deep in the T&C's.

      Finally, the main thing which turned me off is the mileage cap. 80km a week is way too low given that it's just 11km a day, so if people are using this to commute they've got to live quite close to work/the shops otherwise they get stung with the $5 per km excess which is just way too steep. Lets say I traveled 12km per day (6km in each direction) 7 days a week then the excess would be $20 which is almost as much as the actual weekly cost to being with.


    Hi Henrus,
    Thanks for the comment. We're definitely working to streamline our terms to fit our private users' needs, and we will be taking your feedback on board.
    I can confirm flat tyres are considered wear and tear and will be changed for free.
    We would like to invite you to try out one of our bikes to see if it fits you?
    Feel free to get in touch https://www.ridezoomo.com/contact-us mentioning OzBargain and we'll be in touch!

  • I just picked up a bicycle and can confirm it is a legit business. I'll post about my experience here. :) Cheaper than the likes of Lime.