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[ACT] Free ONA Coffee @ AM Cakes and Coffee via EASI APP [Canberra Only] (Pick up Only & No Minimum Spend Required)


Free Small ONA Coffee Pickup via EASI @AM Cakes and coffee. No min spend & 26/11-28/11 Only. T&C

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  • EASI is racist company.
    I do not prefer or recommend that company.
    Its Australia not China.
    One of the guy told me that their Delivery Driver app is only in Chinese language so that only chinese can work. But their Other App for Customer is in English.

    Bullshit company.

    • Hi Avi,

      Please download EASI driver app & check the language options: English Chinese and Japanese.
      I don’t know why you think that way. We are the company founded 2014 in Melbourne & Expand All over Australia, Uk, Canada, USA,NZ,Japan,Singapore, Malaysia and many more.

      Please come down to canberra & meet our multi-culture delivery team.

      Unfortunately EASI didn’t provide a suitable job for you & that doesn’t mean EASI is racist.

      Please improve your skill or show your hardworking to your next company. Otherwise you will blame next company racist.

      Good luck.

      EASI Canberra Team

  • How is this racist?? Most cab drivers are either Indian or Pakistani does that make taxi operators racists too?? You need to take a chill pill, calm down man we are all here for free food and give aways lol.