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[Latitude Pay] Breville Smart Grinder Pro BCG820BSS $179 @ Bing Lee (in-Store Only)


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  • This is a decent grinder for the price. I have been using one of these for about 3 years, having upgraded from a Sunbeam EM0480. Much more consistent grind and less mess. The only slightly annoying thing is the pause function - if you do not resume the grind within 5 seconds of pausing, the timer is reset. In practice this means that when you pause to distribute/compact the coffee, you need to do it quickly, without playing with it. This is mostly not a big issue. Even if the timer resets, you can just grind whatever amount of coffee you want, simply by stopping and starting as required.

    • If you want to pause to redistribute, just set the timer to half-dose, and then run another half-dose on top.

      (Although personally I weigh my dose rather than use timer-based dosing)

      • I've got my process fine tuned well enough to not be bothered by the 5 second timeout. However, your tip has a slight drawback. You normally need to redistribute/compact somewhere at the 75% stage of the grind, rather than at 50%. In my case, the total grind time is around 20 seconds and I usually pause with about 5 or 6 seconds to go.

        I used to weigh my coffee for the first couple of weeks until I got a good feel for the process. The total mass of the coffee is just one variable and it can/should be tweaked. After a few years of using (predominantly) the same beans from the same supplier you get to know what settings to dial for a fresh lot of coffee and how to adjust over the next 5-7 days as you finish that lot of beans. You need to adjust both the coarseness and the time.

        When I was roasting my own beans I'd be half way through the batch before I figured out what the optimal grind setting was for that lot. ;-)

        • You can set "1 shot" as 15sec, and set "2 shots" as 5sec to achieve what you are after. :)

          Or if you want it to still make logical sense, set each "shot" as 5 secs, and then use "3 shots" (15sec) followed by "1 shot" (5sec).

          I mean, do whatever works for you! I'm just saying that the machine is capable of being programmed to solved the issue you raised. :)

        • Weight is always more consistent and accurate way of measuring ground coffee in comparison to time spent grinding.