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Huggies Ultimate Size 3/4/5 $22 ($19.80 with Subscribe and Save, $18.70 for Prime Members) @ Amazon AU - 27% off


Cheapest its ever been according to https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07H7NPLGH

Size 3 (6kg - 11kg) 72pk ($0.26/Nappy w Prime)
Size 4 (10kg - 15kg) 58pk ($0.32/Nappy w Prime)
Size 5 (13kg - 18kg) 52pk ($0.36/Nappy w Prime)

Delivery is free with $39 spend, Prime Membership or subscribe & save (if you have an existing active subscription).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Don't forget to use APPONLY10 using the app to get another $10 off if you've yet to use it, this brought down 2 x 72pk's to $27.40 (19c per) .

  • Thanks OP bought 10. We're good for 2 months!

  • Aren't these ones inferior in quality as per discussions held previously here?

    Just asking.

    • Correct I still don't understand why people still put them up here for bargains.

      Only the old Made in Australia Huggies nappies are worth buying and they have stop selling those since October 2019

      The last best deal was from Amazon Prime day 2019

      Aldi, Coles/Woolies or Babylove all better quality than Huggies. Mother groups all protesting against Huggies moved to China made…..brand is already destroyed. That company is finished here

      It's Nappy pants however are made in Malaysia I have yet to see any reviews on those

      • I disagree.

        these are the most absorbent I have tried.

        However based on this thread, I will try the ALDI MAMIA Nappies They seem awfully well priced. Cant imagine they are as good but always looking for a bargain!

    • Honestly I don't see much of the difference. The rims seem thinner, but I haven't had a leak yet, and these can still absorb after 10h (at night).

      All the other cheaper brands like Aldi, Coles, Babylove etc. can't absorb more than 3-4h, frequent leakage and most importantly cause rash all the time for my kids.

    • Yes, these are absolute rubbish, nothing like the old plump aussie Huggies.

  • These are really good but I think for the price performance, aldi wins. That said I still bought 2 boxes.

    If you haven't tried aldi, give them a go, I think they're on sale right now $1 off, making them about 50% cheaper than this deal

    • When he was a newborn, we had some Aldi nappies gifted to us by a family member. We tried them but they leaked on numerous occasions which turned my wife off them.

    • I don't really like Aldi ones, I don't know why but their nappies stick hard to our baby bum like 3M sticker after they poo.

  • Rascal + Friends from Coles (not a Coles brand) are a good alternative

  • Thanks OP. We just tried Pampers and you can smell his urine after the first wee in a nappy, which was disappointing as it held for longer, had a great fit (no leakage events) and was a great price when I purchased. Back to Huggies for now.

  • Have used these and Aldi Mamia and both are leak free overnight and no complaints from little miss. Not sure these are worth it unless you're trying to save the planet one liner at a time for a 10c premium per nappy. Not a dig at OP though. Clearly a popular deal

  • Thanks OP. Never tried these. Ordered one.

  • Same price with ultimate nappy pants if anyone is interested.

  • What's the difference between these and the 'regular' Ultra Dry nappies?

    • dont know, but from experience, i prefer ultra dry over ultimate

      they seem to last longer and leak less.

  • I'm about to have my first child so sorry for the dumb question.

    Can you use any nappy for either gender? Any difference between boy and girl nappies?
    Looking at the size and weight, is it better I wait until the baby is born before buying?

    • Huggies has boy and girl but Babylove has one for both. So I don't think it is matter much especially for new born.

      You will need 2 -3 weeks of new born nappies supply, then your baby should out grow it. The size and weight is just an estimate and a hard rules. So baby use size 3 when they are 6 months some when they are 1 years old.

      • Thank you. So not worth me buying in bulk just yet.

        • I used size 1 for 2 months. Average 8 per day = 480 in total. But every baby is different, as you'll soon find out. Size, growth, behaviour, temperament, everything.

    • Some brand separate products for boy and girls and I can definitely feel the different side by side since each type focus on absorbing different areas.

      Also it's best to try out various brands to see what best fit your baby, and doesn't cause rash. Every baby is different so this Huggies Utlimate nappies aren't always better than other cheaper nappies.

  • Just visit your local coles, once in a month the Huggies Diapers/Nappy Pants are on half price/ specials !