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Secretlab Chairs: Titan PU $589, Fabric $639, Leather $1049 / Omega PU $539, Fabric $589, Leather $949 Delivered @ Secretlab AU


Secretlab is doing a black Fri thing. The selection appears to be Omega and Titan chairs, no XLs. I'm not sure if it's all of the colours available but there's a great deal of choice there.

Some colours cost more. E.g. the Titan Rust at $664. I assume they are limited edition colours or something.

Shipping free to all states except WA and TAS. Looks like they're backed up though, so delivery windows are in December at the earliest for most of the ones I've looked at.

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  • +32

    Best chairs for people who have never owned a good chair.

    Literally everyone who says they're good has moved up from a shit Officeworks chair.

    I don't complain a lot about marketing but this chair is easily all marketing.
    A cheaper chair half the price would be just as good.
    An ergonomic chair the same price would be much much better

    Also their customer service is trash. Housemate had to sign an NDA just to get a half ass resolution.

    • +4

      Unfortunately it's hard to find an ergonomic chair for this price. HM Aerons are over a grand. Still not sure if I'll pull the trigger on this but my old Buro Metro isn't cutting it anymore.

      • +1

        I do not like Buro either! the seat i find is way too long. Making the spine into too much of a right angle where the lower gets no support and is sort of empty

        I had to buy a lumber support memory thing for $15. Its like 10x better and no more back aches

      • +2

        Steelcase Series 1 is roughly around the $600-$650 mark and it's a pretty decent chair. The Ikea Jarvfjallet is good as well while being half the cost as it imo fixes some of the issues that the Markus had (better lumbar support etc)

        • A headrest is a must for me and it seems you need to pay for a customised chair to get those on the Steelcase. I'll have a look at the Ikea one though. Thanks for the suggestions.

      • +2

        The same people also do ergonomic chairs

        According to their FAQ:
        Neue is a subsidiary of Secretlab. The Neue team is focused on developing ergonomic chairs for work purposes, such as the NeueChair.


        Personally I have an Aeron so I'm biased but I think a mesh chair is the way to go

        • Shame they don't have an upholstered seat option. At least they offer a headrest!

      • No it's not. Here's an Ergohuman mesh chair for $699.

        Sure, slightly more expensive than the PU or fabric options, but:
        1 - It's not PU, so it won't start to fall apart in a few years.
        2 - It's mesh, so it's cooler
        3 - It appears to have better lumbar support and much more adjustment than these Secretlab things…

        Ergohuman chairs are rated very well and most major cities have an Empire Office Furniture store so no shipping necessary and easy returns if you ever did have a problem.

        • Your link doesn't work.

          • @Diji: I just clicked on it from a different device and it worked fine…

            • @Singu1arity: It appears they don't sell Ergohuman to VIC. The page 404s unless I change my postcode.

        • +1

          Agree 100%,

          Been through quite a few trash chairs that broke apart in a year or so till i got an Ergohuman, and I LOVE this chair, especially in the hot summer days because of the mesh. I have had this chair for like 3 years now and no sagging or wear and tear to speak of (almost daily use).

          Lumbar I feel is the only thing that lets is down a little, its definitiely there, but not adjustable, and softer than I would like, but I guess thats my personal preference.

          Still this chair is crazy comfortable, and the I have slept in it a few times using the reclining function. If anyone is looking for a good ergonomic chair thatll last through the years (for gaming or work I guess) , 100% reccomend this chair.

          Side note: I feel like for Aussies, mesh chairs are a must, dont judge me but I put the fan behind me on scorchers and cool down my hot backside - seriously a game changer.

      • https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/matrix-mes...

        Just recently bought one of these. This ain't in the league of some of the suggestions here, and it's sold by officeworks, so maybe I'll get hate. AFRDI Blue Tick at 200 bucks. I haven't experienced $700 chairs, but this thing is comfortable as heck seems to have more useful adjustable parts than these secretlab chairs. I have little doubt it was the better choice comparing specifications and apparent build quality (good or not, the gaming chair design is more prone to wear).

        • I bought one of these for my son. Sadly it has turned out to be pretty average - base sagged, back rest not so great anymore. Possibly due to slouchy teenager, but it just hasn't lasted.

          • @LoftyAu: Good to know, cheers. I'll be curious to see how long it lasts under my puny 55kg. I might treat it a little less rough than some teens would be but how long did it last your son before losing quality?

            15 year warranty if it comes to it though.

    • "An ergonomic chair the same price would be much much better"

      Tried it with an Ergohuman Elite V2 two months ago, Sold it after less than a month of ownership at a loss due to it being so uncomfortable, i could barely last an hour sitting in it while i can literally sit all day in my old gaming Battlebull chair and my new Secret Lab titan i bought.

      • +24

        ergonomic chairs tend to correct posture problems, if it was uncomfortable for you, that means your posture was not good. Most gaming chairs allow for bad posture, hence them being comfortable for those with posture issues.

      • +2

        Ergohuman is on my shortlist but I missed out on the last deal. What part in particular was uncomfortable for you?

    • +10

      I saw the prices, noticed they look extremely similar to a lot of 'gamer' chairs, and wondered what kind of magic back reinvigoration tech they were imbued with. Sounds like - the kind that makes you feel like something is working because it lightened your wallet by such a staggering amount, you're not prepared to accept you're a moron by admitting it's really just another chair…

      • +8

        Secretlab chairs are not the cookier cutter ones like some of the others offer. The titan has integrated lumbar support which is quite nice, I've had one for 3 years that has had about 10 hours a day of use.

    • I'm using a burotask from some advice here, got some bad news about this chair

    • I had been thinking this was probably the case.
      Could you recommend a cheaper, better alternative?

      • -1

        he cant cause hes generalising

    • +1

      Definitely never regret my decision when I purchased it 4 months ago. Best chair I have sat on and my arse and back thank me for it.

    • I agree that it's all marketing. We bought a J Burrows Typhoon PU leather 'gaming chair' from Officeworks at the start of COVID for $299 and it was good, but not great. I had the opportunity afterwards to see a SecretLab chair in person, and the first thing I realised was that the armrests and the stitching was almost identical to the chair we bought from OW, sans the SecretLab cushion and logo. They're probably taking OEM chairs from the same factory, slapping a logo on them, and pushing them with brilliant branding/marketing.

    • +2

      People who say this really don't understand how horrible it is for 195cm+, 120kg+ people to try to find suitable chairs.
      But it is true that I've never tried a Herman Miller Aeron.
      But I've had a Titan for nearly 3 years and it has been awesome.
      I plan to buy a Titan XL when this chair dies.

      • I'm 195cm and 107kg, sounds like you would have gone the XL if you had the choice again. Agreed with your other remark. Finding a decent ergo chair for my height has been a nightmare.

  • -3

    For this price you could easily do better by buying a used Herman Miller Mirra, or even an Aeron.

    Remember, a gaming chair is literally just a chair, as is an office chair. They don't have to look like a racing car seat to be suitable for gaming.

    • +5

      No returns on used products though. I can't afford to get the thing and then find it uncomfy (as is common in Aeron reviews). Plus, they lack headrests. You can buy a third party one for the Aeron I think but that's even more money on top of a $700 (used!) chair.

    • +4

      have you sat on this chair? every review i seen about these chairs on here has been positive. Encouraging people to buy used ergonomic chair without warranty sounds not good!


      New ones maybe not made in US. Could be outdated

    • yeah but where can you get them? i see this being recommended elsewhere but in reality most 2nd hand HM are gone…

    • For that price? Are you comparing a second hand mirra vs something new?

    • +2

      I don't think I want to sit on a used chair. It's a bit nasty, and no matter how many times you clean it, you wouldn't know whether they sit on with their bare arse. IMHO, just not as hygienic.

      • For used chairs, go with one from a store that stocks second hand office furniture. Can guarantee noone is working bare-arsed in the office.

        • +2

          That is true. But I still will imagine how many thousands of farts have that chair received. And you never what they do in offices hahaha
          But that makes sense what you said about going to store that stock office furniture.

  • +4

    Great chair for like legit 2 months but the bad build quality becomes apparent soon after.

    Got myself a titan with the carbon sides instead of the suade, big mistake, somehow the material split where my leg rests, assume it's due to the carbon material being more stiff and having less flexibility then the suade, as my mate didn't have any issues with his one.

    Stitching on the seat cushion has become undone somehow, and the arm rests material split open somehow on the sides.
    Im assuming it has to be something down to my weight as I'm a big fella (100kg), which even though im underthe weight limit, I don't think these are designed for heavy people.

    Customer support wasn't bad, given the circumstances (literally all these issues after 2 months use) they send me a brand new bottom half and a new arm rest. Which I'll prob save and replace the old one once it deflates from over use and the stitching fully becomes undone and unbearable.

  • Be careful with these guys ordered in Sep still waiting for titan xl. keep on coming with new dates.

  • +3

    Props to the poster for using PU instead of ‘PU Leather’ in the post

  • +2

    So I have the Titan black pu leather with suede, and it's been the better part of 6 months, absolutely no issues.

    I sit in this chair every single day for a minimum of 10 hours, it's extremely comfortable and the build quality of my unit has been excellent.

    For the price they're great chairs, they might not be as good as a $2.5k chair by someone like Herman Miller, but so far so good from me! They're also rocking chairs! You can unlock the gas strut, click it down and the chair will lean back, it's a bonus feature I use all the time, it's really good.

  • +7

    I was in the market for a new chair coming from an Ikea Markus a couple of months ago. I looked into getting a real office chair (I've wanted to buy an Aeron for years and almost did) but I heard a lot of good things about these so I bought a Titan and so far I'm happy with it. Took a little while to adjust to but it's more comfortable than any of the chairs I've owned in the past.
    Something possibly worth noting is that I paid $649 or the fabric version which was full price at the end of September. Took two weeks to ship and by the time it did the price had gone up to $734. They're now down to $639 so it's only a $10 discount compared to the price from 2 months ago. Probably just a coincidence though.

    • Yeah, I've noticed that ever since they started getting brand recognition, combined with the covid seat buyup combination, their prices have really skyrocketed.

      I guess I can't blame them, given that they can't fulfill the demand even with the raised prices … But yeah, not happy with the concept of paying what was recently their normal prices on Black Friday.

  • The Titan pu is $589 for me not $569?

    • Looks like they've updated the pricing since last night. Odd.

  • I really really hate their marketing. How many times do I have to click on don't show your ad on FB, Inta, Twitter before they get the message.

    • I think its kinda target on ads, maybe you have searched about chair or gaming chair before and google just tracked you and show you the specific ads from the pool ads. Google sell your data to FB, Insta (basically same company), Twitter, other websites you go to.

      • I haven't looked for a chair in over a year, since I bought one last year. I clicked enough times not to show their ads on my FB and 2 weeks later, they pop up again.

        • +1

          Maybe somehow your circle of friends are searching for chair? That also does affect your ads I believe. But yea I do get what you mean, it is a pain when they keep showing the ads that you don't even want to see…

          • @froddoog: yep. And funny, I was just browsing FB, and AGAIN, after clicking on do not show ad last night. arrrggghhhh I really really hate them lololol

  • I've been using the Omega chair in fabric for the past year. Still in great shape. I would say its comfortable enough for gaming. I tend to lean it back and have my feet resting on some kind of support (not the best posture perhaps)….. but for working on a computer, its not the most comfortable. I would definitely say ergonomic chair be more suitable for it.

  • +2

    I've had the Titan leather with suede sides as my primary office/gaming chair for about 3 years.
    Many reviews will comment on the chair, and the base in particular, being very firm, and this is absolutely true - there is almost no sense of "sponginess" when you sit in it. If you're used to a well-cushioned chair, you may well find this uncomfortable; it took me a long time to get used to it.
    There is a cushion with elastic that is supposed to hold it over the top of the chair as a head rest or neck support, which slides off the chair very frequently. There is nothing to fix its height - I pull it down behind the back of my head every time I sit in the chair as a matter of habit now - and, predictably, the elastic eventually stretches and does not hold the cushion in the same place.
    The arm rests have some kind of PVC material, and the right-hand one has somehow torn and the material peeled away on the inside surface. I've no idea how, as nothing rubs against it (I'm not nearly as wide as the chair), but replacement arm rests have been "out of stock" for over a year.
    The stitching at the base (behind my knees) is starting to separate, and the leather also has wear marks.

    I use the chair because I spent about $650 on it and I stubbornly refuse to agree that my wife's advice was both foresightful and correct (again). But I would not buy another one.

    • Never had problems with my cushion. Probably the best part of the chair…

    • they have made some revisions to the 2020 model. no complaints with mine so far :)

  • I found the titan really uncomfortable and returned it. Ended up stretching the budget and got a Steelcase Gesture instead which has been great. I guess ymmv, most people seem to have success with the secret lab chairs so I'm probably an outlier.

    • +1

      stretching ?! I would rather say "doubling" :)

      • po-tay-to tom-ar-to? :P

      • Yeah. The Gesture and Leap are way out of my budget and don't have a headrest, which I want.

  • I am about 6' 6" and almost bought a titan xl earlier this year. Does anyone have any experience with ergonomic chairs that are made for tall people if secret lab is a bit of a dud?

  • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2774083 - some comments in here saying that build quality is s..t …

    • +5

      You can say shit.

      • +2

        thanks boss :)

  • +1

    Shipping free to all states except WA and TAS

  • Purchased a DX Racer black and red (lol) for $250. Ergonomic and fairly comfortable.

  • Sat on one at a friend's place feels pretty ordinary, and if I didn't know about Secretlab, it looks like a $200 chair. I think a lot of the money you pay goes into marketing.

  • F

  • +1

    I have the older model Omega in the soft weave, got it for $450 shipped in April. I would recommend it at that price but I wouldn't touch PU leather unless it was significantly cheaper. At $589 I would struggle to recommend it. Their extended warranty scheme with having to make a Facebook comment was dodgy too.

    • +1

      Yeah that's so bullshit.

      Is it even legal to pay customers to leave good reviews on social media? If not, then offering an extended warranty as an enticement is just as bad.

  • +1

    Prices are just down to their normal pricing from pre-COVID. I love the look & design of my GOT Titan, hate sitting in it. Most uncomfortable (profanity) chair I've ever had, like sitting on a big concrete slab.

  • Isn't it good posture to have your shoulders rolled backwards (engaging your back) instead of hunched forwards? The wraparound racer styling is my biggest gripe with the ergonomics of this chair

    • In this chair, your shoulders are rolled back while the in-built lumbar pushes your lower spine forward. Unless you're huge, the bolsters are designed to lightly hug and support you.

  • I upgraded from a shitty Officeworks chair back in 2017 to the Omega, and in my 3 years using it, have really liked it, never had any back issues, comfortable chair.
    I never used any other premium chairs so I don't know what the benchmark is. The one thing that is annoying is the huge marketing campaigns they seem to always have.
    For me I'm happy with the purchase, I don't see myself replacing this chair anytime soon.

  • should i get pu leather or softweave cant decide

    • It depends, I like the softweave as the weather getting hotter now.
      I saw some people PU leather peeled off easily

    • id say get softweave, you wouldnt have to worry about peeling in the future

      • Yea agrees. But don't expect your brand new chair to be so soft and fluffy like a cloud.
        It is hard! But as you sat on it, it will break-in, just like brand new shoes.

  • Man the chairs are so overpriced, Even with the sale still expensive…
    I bought 'racing chair' 400 worst chairs ever ..
    Cant get over how the ergonomic chairs start from 1k lol

  • +1

    Anyone have any experience with returns? Their warranty terms ask you to pay for the return shipping which I believe is against our consumer laws.

    • It is - And yet it seems they're no the only mob that brazenly and openly broadcasts their intention to break the law.

      Metabox is another example - I had some issues with mine and spent dozens of emails trying to argue with them about it, went in circles.

      That's why I pay for everything with PayPal, and not being able to use it is a massive turnoff … Because they have a semi-automated process to claim your return shipping back.

  • Having trouble deciding between Secretlab and Steelcase Gesture. I know price is different. But if Secretlab is good enough, then no need to spend more on Steelcase. Anyone experience both?

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