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Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Bluetooth Mouse $45 @ JB Hi-Fi & Amazon AU



Could also price beat at officeworks for 5% if your store has stock

There's also the option of using gift cards for JB for 15% off

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    FYI - this mouse is part of the MK850 set, which feels pretty good (they have them on display at JB Hi Fi stores, so you can feel the fit in your palm), but I went with the MX Master 3 instead. I personally also couldn't get used to the keys on the MK850 BT keyboard, so am waiting on the MX Keys or K780!

    • The master 3 is at least double the price right?
      What about this vs master 2s?

      • +2

        I have both the M720 and Master 2s. Both are great mouses. The master series is easily the better of the two. But if you want to save a lot of money, then get the triathlon one. I only purchased the master 2s because it was discounted to $79.

        • +3

          The master series is definitely good. I chose the M720 as I'll be needing to use the easy switch often and the M720 has it on top rather than the bottom.

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        I guess Master series is better. But, If you have multiple devices and need to switch between them a lot. 720 is a good choice. The Bluetooth switch button is on the side

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        I had Master 2s, but i recently bought this one. I have hands on the lower end of medium and i found this mouse was better for me in the following ways:
        - Form factor was smaller so I feel like it's easier to control rather than a huge chunky mouse
        - More portable (don't have to ever bring a cable either)
        - AA Battery is a plus for me. 24 month battery life means i don't ever worry about charging and gives the flexibility of making it lighter by putting in a AAA with an adapter.
        - Gesture button in a better location than the mx master
        - I didn't really use the horizontal scroll too much in the mx master. This has horizontal scroll using the tilt wheel which is actually better if you seldom use it because the tilt can be mapped to even more functions.
        - Is way cheaper
        - spot for your dongle? this is negligible
        - button to change devices is way more convenient

        Ways that it's worse:
        - no smart shift scrolling - transitioning to smooth scroll if scrolled hard
        - Maybe those with larger hands will suit Master a bit better

        Worth noting the 1000 dpi spec, i have a g305 that i use for gaming and due to the acceleration of the m720 it doesn't feel like 1000dpi. I was worried that 1000dpi would be too low for me as I use a 34" wide screen and my typical dpi on my g305 is 800/1600/2400 all of which i can use comfortably. But thankfully the acceleration makes it alright to use for big screens, though obviously with acceleration the precision is a bit worse than a gaming mouse.

        • +1

          Just like you, I have this M720 and the MX Master 3, I need to get another mouse for the office and have been debating between these two and finally settled on the M720 because:

          • My particular handle of the mouse, I rest my middle finger on the right edge of the mouse while I scroll, and the MX Master is way too slanted for this to be comfortable
          • Price
          • Better device switch location
          • The MX Master 3 magnetic scroll is janky af and I actually prefer tactile scroll. (I know I can get the MX Master 2S instead and this won't be an issue.)

          Cons of the M720:
          - Not rechargeable. Gotta think about the environment!
          - No horizontal scroll wheel may come back to haunt me as I do need it for larger spreadsheets
          - General lower dpi

          Edit: Also may get a MX Anywhere 2S for the daughter (with smaller hands). Would anyone consider this over the M720 as it's siimilarly priced right now?

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            @Penpinch: Yea those are some legit points!
            Personally I'm not too wary about true environmental impact but 1 AA battery every 2 years doesn't sound like a huge impact to me? Though it could be my ignorance speaking.
            Additionally my mx master has battery issues after 2 years of use which slowly got worse and now my Sister in Law uses that mouse as a wired mouse. The Energy draw of that has environmental impacts as well i presume and the replacement of a more niche battery would also be worse than producing a AA battery? All complete assumptions :P

            I loved the Anywhere 2s! Highly recommend for those with smaller hands. I would've gotten that if it was the same price as the m720 when i bought it. Having used both, for my purposes the m720 hits a good medium in terms of weight, size and convenience (gesture button is in a better place than on the anywhere). But if it's for your daughter the 2s is probably a better fit.

            I heard the magnetic scroll on the MX Master was pretty buggy just before i was about to buy it. Seems like it's wide spread but not reported on by the big reviewers.

            • @rimarks: Yup the magnetic scroll is buggy. Everything I use it I have to pray/guess where it lands.

          • +3

            @Penpinch: Not rechargeable? You better hand over your OzBargain membership. Where is your supply of Eneloop batteries?

            • @edfoo: I was reading the thread and wondering why everyone was talking about AA batteries as if they were only disposable! Then an eneloop comment ;).

              I have battery powered mice, but with rechargeable AA batteries (preferable to built in rechargeables). So what if they last a year vs 2 before needing a recharge. I think the battery will wear out long after I’m dead at that rate :)

            • @edfoo: No, you hand over your OzBargain badge. The IKEA ladda is many times as cheap than the eneloops and are pretty much the same.

              • +1

                @SEasternCry: You are a bit late to the game aren’t you? Most OzBargainers already bought and collected cheap Eneloops before Ladda became a deal here.

        • put just one AA in, it should still work.

    • +2

      Same experience with MK850 set, did not like the keyboard feel at all. Returned immediately and got this triathlon M720 and a K780 separately.

      • I hated MK850 keyboard in the beginning but the experience improved after a few days of usage. The keys started to offer more tactile feeling over time.

        • Is there a way to get rid of that gigantic bulge under the spacebar?

          • @twig: If you watch some reviews on YouTube it doesn't look like it.

  • This mouse only goes upto 1000 dpi if that matters to you.

  • +1

    Is this mouse for left handers?

    • amazon lists the hand orientation as right so it might not a comfortable experience for left handers

    • It's designed for right handers. It's higher on the left side than the right and obviously all the extra buttons are on the left side as well.

    • Nooo! This is a right handed mouse, it will be impossible to use with your left hand as the left side sticks out/has a bump, you should be looking for the symmetrical mice (e.g. Microsoft Bluetooth)


      I think in recent posts that was around $20ish?

      • Discrimination!

        • +3

          LOL left hander life matters.

        • +1

          Try the Leftorium :)

  • How's this for gaming?

    • The sensor and wireless on it would suck (relatively) for gaming and will end up skipping when you do fast swipes.

      There is a YouTube video of LinusTechTips doing latency tests of gaming mice with a slowmo camera and they chucked in a non-gaming mouse as an example of the difference.


    • +1

      I had this… mouse movements on bluetooth was terrible i thought i had 30fps… then i tried the receiver its much better… but definitely not on the same performance as expensive wireless gaming mouse but should be fine for 60fps gaming.

      • What exactly do you mean by the receiver?

        • You can connect via usb dongle (receiver) or BT

          • @John Kimble: Don't we get a dongle anyway with the Mouse?

              • @John Kimble: Great! So does it come with 3 dongles?

                • @atom1319: No, one dongle.

                  • +1

                    @John Kimble: By default device 1 will be used as the dongle when you have a dongle connected… 2 and 3 will be bluetooth only.

                    But if you select device 1 without a dongle connected it will be using bluetooth to.

                    You can use an additional software (forgot what its called cause i dont have this anymore) where you can assign the dongle to the other device numbers.

    • +1

      It's good enough for casual games. I have a g305 which i use for competitive titles like Valorant.
      However I just got Halo and the m720 is good enough for me to not feel like i have to switch to the g305. It's not say it wouldn't work for competitive titles, just if you want 11/10 precision and you're an MLG gamer i wouldn't use it.
      Also the feet feel smoother on the particular surface that I play on than on the g305 so i don't have to take out my mouse pad.
      Also because it's got a AA battery, you can do a simple mod and make it adapt to AAA reducing the weight by about 15g.

      • I've pulled the trigger in the m720 and am having buyer's regret. I am torn between it and a wireless gaming mouse such as a G305 or G603 to use as my daily driver due to their better sensor, lower latency and potentially better versatility. :(

        Might have to resell on gumtree/ ebay due to shopback's dodgy policy on returned products because I ordered on Amazon with a couple things too. Opened box too.

        Why do you choose the M720 as your main mouse rather than a gaming mouse like the G305?

        • +1

          Sorry to hear about that!
          I would clarify that I use M720 for work/casual gaming and G305 for competitive gaming (though i haven't been doing too much of that recently).
          Why I use M720 on a day-to-day, I'm in IT so these are my reasons why:
          - Scrolling. I am in design documents and code for 8+ hours a day and for that it's a huge QOL bonus to be able to have infinite scroll vs the rachety scroll on the g305. I can't just flick my finger on the g305 and it scroll far, there's a lot of friction.
          - Gestures. I control multiple servers and computers and utilise windows desktops to organise my workspaces. I much prefer the gestures on the mouse than pressing ctrl+windows+left/right to switch between desktops.
          - I'm lazy. I keep my g305 and mouse pad under my desk and most of the time when it comes to casual gaming i just can't be bothered taking both of them out to replace with my m720. LOL first world problems.
          - Acceleration is bad but not that bad. I don't pretend to think this is anywhere near the precision to my g305 or other gaming mice, but for the odd game here and there i can put up with it. Lol it'll still be better than playing on a controller :P

          I used to have a g602 and that was great. However, it had issues like double clicking and skipping which made it unusable. If i had the option between g603 and m720 i think i'd still pick the m720 due to bluetooth and the extra device support and I wouldn't be able to use the g603 to replace my g305 due to weight and shape. And i can buy an m720 and g305 for the price of one g603.

          • @rimarks: Thanks for your insight and late reply cause i've been doing a lot of research recently… even though I have my finals XD
            I also feel like M720 might be a bit too small for my hand size (19.5 x 10) for palm grip. I think I will put it back in its box until I get a chance to try out the larger MX masters at a store and then decide whether to wait for another discount or just use the M720.
            Also done a lot more research and now choose the G305 as a gaming/ travel mouse of choice :)

          • @rimarks: Just ended up cancelling the order on the MX Master 3 @ kogan even at ~$105 its hard to justify the extra $60 on side scroll wheel, and the smartshift thing if I have no real intended use for it ATM. There are already more than enough features on the M720 for me. Plus if I'm gonna sell it in a few years time, it would probably sell for half the price I bought it for. With recent MX master 2s selling at ~$50, the MX master series would only be justifiable at that lower price for me.
            Honestly, M720 scroll wheel is so much better than my old logitech mouse, being way smoother. I guess the infinite scrolling is a nice bonus + portability.
            Love this mouse and may get a white G305 if I decide to get competitive over my friends on gaming.
            Also, ceebs returning it haha <3

            • +1

              @SEasternCry: Haha, I can recommend the g305 :D it's perfect barebones gaming mouse that can be really light if you do a the AAA mod which is piss easy.
              Seems like we'll have the exact same set up haha great minds.

              Good call on the master 3. I've heard some really bad stuff about the scroll wheel, often becoming unresponsive. Unfortunately you don't hear that from the mainstream reviewers.

  • +6

    I need to stop buying things this week..

  • +1

    must resists.. I don't need it…

    • Great deal! Good enough for general use if you don't need the extra features of the MX Anywhere. Symmetrical design also good for lefties :)

      • What are the extra features? I need a mouse for work that's not one of the default dell pieces of sh*t. I've been bringing in my gaming mouse but why wear that out on work…….

        • Off the top of my head, the Anywhere has:
          1. higher DPI (for office use I don't think this matters)
          2. uses darkfield (?) Laser - can be used on most surfaces incl. Glass

          The Anywhere also has built in battery, so depends whether you think that is a +ve or -ve.

  • This is my favourite mouse. Comfortable, the perfect size for me, just the right number of buttons, very good scroll wheel, switches between three devices easily. I've had mine for 2½ years but will get another as a spare.

  • Thanks. Need a new one for work. My M337 is starting to fall to bits…

  • Free shipping on Amazon which is great

  • Thanks OP ordered one

  • I have this mouse (brought it part of a set mk850 I think). Can't recommend enough. Really great to use. It's most definitely only for right handed people though so keep that in mind.

  • Thanks, been waiting for a sale on this mouse recent weeks. Don't really want the bigger and more expensive mouse like the Master MX for work, this should be good.

  • +2

    I use this at work and an MX Master at home. I find it a bit too small for my liking (why are all wireless mice in keyboard and mouse combos so small!), but otherwise it is quite good. Not a bad choice at $45 i'd say.

  • Thanks OP.
    I have one already. Very happy with it's performance for work.
    Getting a second one from this deal.

  • my favourite mouse

  • Is it good for CAD drawings? Eg. Dies the scroll wheel clickable?

    • Search Google reviews for CAD and the results a a boy mixed…

      • +2

        :'( I just want a simple CAD friendly wireless mouse, so hard man

        • Why not just assign a button for scroll wheel click?

  • Does this mouse still have the stupid no middle click on the scroll wheel? I use CAD and need a middle click on the wheel.

    • Middle button is a button/scroll. Your issue pertains to the 2S model

    • +1

      The scroll wheel clicks down to act as a middle mouse button, if that's what you mean

  • I have this mouse and I love it - I need to constantly switch between my mac and work PC and you can easily do it with this one. I paid about $70….. so kinda devo!

  • good

  • Absolutely cracking mouse. Tried getting used to the MX Master 1/2S but found both to be waaaay too heavy. Still has the smooth scrolling and not too much latency.

  • Hi. Is it possible to customise the buttons for the mouse? Also the rubber feet will wear out?

    • +1

      You can customise the buttons if you install Logitech Options. The feet aren't rubber, but a smooth, hard material. Mine have not shown signs of wear after 2½ years .

  • i've had my 720 since july 2017 and the left main button is starting to not register some clicks. price is now reasonable for a replacement

  • Tried price matching at my local Bing Lee… Didn't work

  • Thanks OP.

    I tried the Master too. Feels so good!

  • Thanks OP! Bought one!

    But wonder, would this be a better option for office works?

    Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hyperspeed Technology
    Amazon AU

  • Got one. Thanks OP. Same price at JB if anyone feels like going out for a walk instead.

  • Just received mine. Gonna take some getting used to I suppose. I'm coming from an old MX510. It's a couple of cms shorter and the hump is more pronounced so I get less palm contact/support on it.

    • +1

      You and me the same. Still keeping my old MX510 at home for gaming, and using this M720 at work now.

      • So you are used to it now, or did you just get one?

        • Just got the M720 from JB HiFi a few days ago.

  • +2

    Just wanna say that I picked mine up the other day and I love it for work. The infinite scroll is great. Switching between devices is also super handy. Thanks for the deal, OP.

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