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DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Machine - Black, $199 @ The Good Guys/JB Hi-Fi/Harvey Norman


Ozbargain's seemingly favourite slimline espresso machine is back on sale for $199 in black at Good guys, JB Hifi and Harvey Norman.

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  • Another $15 off at Good Guys with the latitude pay deal.

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    Thoughts on this hitting $149 at boxing day, similar to last year?

    • Ooooo nice!

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      That was pre-covid :( after the covid, the market go crazy…

      • Heeeiiyaaaaa!

    • I was lucky enough to get it last boxing day for $149. till using it everyday, especially during lockdown.

  • Does this only make espressos? I usually like to make a latte in a big 450ml cup. So wondering if this could work.

    Been interested in this for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger.

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      The drip tray can be removed to fit taller cups/glasses. (there is another smaller removable drip tray beneath that as well)
      The machine also has a steam wand to the side, you can use this to steam milk.

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      Yes, it has the wand to do the steamed milk. So it's a manual process, but yes it can make latte/cappuccino etc.

      Milk steamed yourself gets a better consistency anyway (in my opinion), though you can be prone to a dud batch… but that's the fun of the manual machine. When it's bad, it's "Oh well, next time will be better", then when you nail it it's high fives all round - or maybe that's just in my office where we have a competition to see who'd make the best barista if we lost our jobs! :)

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      We have a flat white or cappuccino every morning. We use it with the Breville smart grinder.
      Bought a separate portafilter though as it gives a much nicer result.

      Use it with barista milk and you’ll get good results.

      • Thanks. What’s the brand of milk you use?

        • We use a few different ones, mainly almond milk though. The Coles Barista milk is good value though. Milk Lab is always one of the best for almond, coconut and the macadamia is awesome, though expensive. For normal milk I'm not sure on flavour… though full cream or light always steams way better than skim.

      • What portafilter did you get?

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        How do you milk a Barista?

        • female barista?

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            @xiangtan: look for the patch without tattoos? Surely the piercings would get in the way

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          haha not sure. But I did ask my local Barista why she was wearing a surgical mask. She said that she wasn't. It was a coughy filter.

        • "You can pretty much milk anything with nipples."

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      I find I have to push the double shot over and over for decent sizes coffee's

      • yeah that was my concern. the amount of water secreted out might not be enough for a mug, and it doesn’t seem you can calibrate the amount of water either.

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          You can set the amount of water that comes out. It tells you how in the instructions booklet. I've changed my single cup setting to a longer pour for mugs.

          • @Hellfire: Oh righto! That’s awesome. Thank you!

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              @Flowerbomb: Keep pressing the two cup button until you get the right amount, then release. It automatically saves the changes. You don't have to do it again next time

              • @xiangtan: Thanks will look back at this tip when I get my machine!

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        You'll over-extract your coffee this way. Just pull a double shot and fill up with hot water from the steam wand.


        Also suggest getting a non-pressurised basket too


        • By default I find the pour is too short on this machine. But yes, don't make it too long.

        • I think you can modify the portafilter without buying a new one as suggested by this guy

    • The portafilter double basket only has about 14g of coffee capacity. So that's well under a standard double shot of coffee.
      The idea is that you get your shot of espresso and add hot water or milk to your desired capacity but you'll probably find its gonna be a weak drink if you made your espresso properly. You could make a second shot without too much hassle - but if I were you i'd find one with a bigger basket capacity to save the hassle

      • 14g is a standard double generally speaking. I have known cafes using 22g to pull two 'doubles' lol…. I've used between 17g and 21g depending on the blend.

  • How does this machine rate against the bigger ones like Sunbeam EM7000? I rarely make use of having the separate thermoblocks anyway.
    This looks half the width and bonus the steam wand is on the "better" side for how the gear is on my bench.

    I prob won't replace the Sunbeam just for that but would be good to see how it rates to see if it's na future option - mine is a few years over due for one of the pumps, switches, or seals to break :P

    • I can't specifically comment on the Sunbeam EM7000 as I only have the Dedica but it's a decent machine. My GF has a similar Sunbeam but a bit higher up modeland it's much better. It makes a decent coffee once you master it but not sure we can really compare it to a machine with a RRP of $899. It's a great little machine that saves space but I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it if that gives you any idea of my personal experience.

      Conclusion: I think its a great compact machine for someone that is not super anal about how perfect their coffee is. That being said it can make a decent coffee but if you are willing to spend $300+ I'm sure you can get a better machine.

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      I own both the EM7000 and dedica. Dedica with pressurised basket is OK, but not great. With a decent grinder and single walled basket you can get comparable results (I don't steam milk or anything on either - just pull shots).

      Having said that the EM7000 is a more "powerful" machine… better pressure and temp. One positive of the Dedica is a much smaller footprint and much smaller water reservoir that is easier to remove, so I feel it's easier for making single coffees.

      • I've had exact same experience with both and so my comments put me in the same boat lunchbox. I benefitted from the grinder + machine combo clearance by delonghi a few years ago.

        My thoughts - if really limited for space and not expecting the best coffees, but reliably good sometimes great, go for the delonghi. I can hit really good to great coffees (especially steamed milk coffees) more reliably on the em7000 (noting I have that paired with breville smart grinder). I find the gauges on em7000 help good > great success rate; have to pay a lot more attention manually to achieve comparable on the dedica.

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    How does this compare to the Delonghi Pump Espresso Machine for $100 on the Aldi Special Buys available today. We aren't heavy users (maybe 2 coffees a day, 4 or 5 days a week). Also, we aren't expert/fussy, currently using either a French Press or a Vittoria Expressatoria capsule machine.

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      If the Delonghi Pump Espresso Machine is a manual pour then I would def pay the money for auto shot pour. If you are anal you can customise the timing of the auto shot pour to your needs. I had a manual before I purchased this machine and I hated it. P.S I'm probably lazy haha

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      There was about 100 people queued outside my local Aldi at 8am this morning, so I wouldnt hold my breath on picking one up if you haven't already

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        We had seen it in the catalog last week and over breakfast this morning decided it would be worth a try. $100 and two year warranty sounded OK. If it ended up being the coffee equivalent of land fill, we could always use the Aldi 60 day return policy .We had looked at a Dedica during one of the earlier Ozbargain specials.

        So I got to our local Aldi about 8:15 for a 8:30 opening. At that point there were about 30 people in front of me. By 8:30 there were about 30 people behind me. Of course there the usual grubs who jumped the queue. I was able to get one no problem, there was still plenty of stock. I didn't hang around and made a beeline to the checkout but there seemed to be more interest in the pretty kettles/toasters and the big TV's.

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    I love this machine, it makes an excellent creamy espresso and the milk frothing is not bad either. I tried the $89 Kmart Espresso machine, but the Delonghi Dedica is playing in a different league. I recently bought one for my mom too. Great value, highly recommend!

    • What is your review for the kmart expresso machine?

      • It was leaky and the coffee tasted like plastic. I returned it after a few use.

  • I just went out bought my self a BES870 salt liqorice, but actually thinking of returning it, and getting this and a Smart grinder…Thoughts?

  • I have had good results with the dedica using unpressurised basket, the silvia steam wand and setting the brew temp/volume to your taste.
    Compared with the bigger machines it feels a bit like a toy, but makes repeatable, good espresso from 18.5g coffee with the smartgrinder pro, and with the modified steam wand makes a good flat white.

    • Did you go bottomless portafilter too? Or were you happy with just replacing the basket to an unpressurised basket? What's the capacity of the unpressurised basket for you?

      • Yes, I ordered a bottomless portafilter on Aliexpress - it arrived with an unpressurised basket, so I am using that.

        I use it with 18.5g of coffee, for an extraction of around 37-38g in around 30s

        • I bought the bottomless portafilter as well, but it leaks from the sides whenever I've tried using it. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, any ideas?

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    I picked up one of these earlier in the year.

    Definitely recommend getting a decent grinder and an unpressurised basket from ebay/Aliexpress. I also like the naked portafilter mod (aka hack off the bottom) to be able to see how well the shot is coming through.

    I had some trouble with channelling shots but a better grinder fixed that.

    I also recommend running a shot through with coffee first to get it all up to consistent temp. There's a hackaday article showing this is helpful on this machine.

    Finally also check out the rancilio steam wand mod, I got a knock off for ~$30 and it makes great milk now.

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    I've gone through a few budget espresso machines and this one is the best I've had. Got ours at David jones for $220 ~18 months ago, replaced once under warranty within one year when the group head started leaking. Even with that caveat, it's still my favourite as it produces a consistent pour every time, something my cheap sunbeam models couldn't do.

    As mentioned in other posts here, other drawbacks include:

    • Stupid "automatic" steam wand attachment - just pull that thing off and fix the rubber nozzle with a short cable tie. Works great this way.
    • Quite short space for cups - occasionally I have to resort to pulling the coffee into one cup and pouring into another.
    • Drip tray is pretty useless as it chews up cup room - can probably chuck this out with the steam wand if you don't care about resale value.
    • Dual-use pressurised portafilter (for a certain form factor of disposable coffee pods) - means you have to have the exact amount of grounds in the basket every time because it fits the group head at a specific height, instead of twisting in until it's tight enough. Recommended to get yourself an after market, non-pressurised, bigger portafilter. That being said, I make do with the pressurised one.

    Positives include:

    • Small form factor
    • Coffee
    • I think there are two models, the older ones you can't properly remove the drip tray, these newer ones you can - lots of vertical height if you do.

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    I bought one of these a couple of months ago to replace my Lelit Anna as it costs so much to get serviced. The one thing I find disappointing is that it only textures the milk to 60 degrees and then automatically cuts out. I like my milk at 70 degrees.

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      You can texture your milk however you like with these machines - just keep steaming it?

  • Can anyone compare this to the Bambino Plus? Which would be better for someone looking in that sort of price range. I mainly drink long blacks.

  • I threw out my Gaggia New Baby the other day because semi auto machines take too long…. Now reading all this coffee talk I want it back lol.

    If the Breville in the OP is thermoblock does it actually have the temp for good steam?

  • Same price $199 at DJ https://www.davidjones.com/Product/21040093/Ec685b-Dedica-Pu...

    Also any ideas about the difference between this one and the pink metallic one? https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/delonghi-dedica-metallics-esp...

    Specs seem to be identical (BTW you can get the pink one for $249 at TGG Commercial).