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½ Price Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets 42pk $8.10 @ Woolworths (Online Only)


½ Price Earth Choice Dishwashing Tablets 42pk $8.10 @ Woolworths (Online Only)

First time ½ Price, Thanks to Pricehipster.

Min Order: $30

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  • Have anyone tried these? How do they compare to say Finish Powerball?

    • We regularly use these. Don't notice any inferiority + gives you a nirla boost feeling better about the environment.

      I'd say if you've got a really heavy load (lots of pots etc.) then maybe powerball would do a better job. But that's just a hunch, not something I've actually noticed.

    • These are great, we use both brands and cant tell the difference.

    • I've been using these exclusively for the last 2 years. They work the best in my dishwasher as far food removal and residue is concerned. Haven't even needed to run the dishwasher on a cleaning cycle in that period. However, I think it's dishwasher specific, finish worked better at my old place. Worth a try if you're currently unhappy.

    • Pretty sure Choice gives these a better score than Finish from memory, if you want another good comparison of a bunch of them,

    • They are just as good

    • Have used them side by side and cant tell any difference

  • Anyone used Kirkland brand? How do they compare?

    • The Kirkland ones are really good although I haven’t used the Earth Choice so I can’t compare.

    • I have used Kirkland, they are not good if you have greasy pots and pans. I have noticed occasionally they don't seem to remove food residue.
      As for as Finish/Earth Choice I have found no issue. They are just as good.

  • I recommend to remove them from the dissolving plastic wrap, found it works better without the wrapper.

    In the 'normal' setting, I found it builds up smell in time. Been using 'heavy' and haven't had issues since.
    From memory, normal is like 40 degrees, and heavy is 60 degrees or something like that.

  • We've been using these for years and find they work the best of all the tablets we've tried.

  • 19.28 cents per tab, if anyone wondering

  • wooo super excited! theyre usually 20% off so this is a massive discount :D
    been using this for two years and it seems fine. preferred this over finish.

  • Been using the Aldi Logix Complete Dishwashing Tablets at 14c per tab. Cant see this being any different and 5.28 cents per tab better

  • Good tablets for anyone thinking of buying. Use these daily. +1 from me

  • Thank-you. We ran out of dishwashing tablets, today. I normally buy these.

  • This box is different to the one I normally buy. I think the box used to look like this years ago?

    • The new box is physically smaller but the number of tabs and the net weight are the same. The ingredients are different.

      Pics of new box, ingredients and tablets.

      • I think they were rated #1 with the old ingredients/box, it's when I started using them. Haven't had an issue with the new ones. Wondering whether Woolworths is still using an old image on their website or just clearing old stock. Will find out tonight when I pick up my order I guess!

      • Thanks. Seems like sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate peroxide are basically the same thing and it's an impressive active ingredient. Hopefully cleaning results similar/same

  • Thanks so much, going to stock up

  • Seems to be gone now!

  • When I went on to the website to order, it only showed the normal price on check out even when I try to more than three boxes. Is this only for certain states?

  • On another note, is there anywhere to get discounted Woolworths gift cards anymore?

  • I was hoping they'd be back in stock today but looks like they've been OzBargained. Still showing 'unavailable' on the page.

  • @imissbeans, RACV offers Woolworth giftcards at 5% off if you are a member with them.