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[PS4, XB1] Far Cry New Dawn - $9 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Far Cry New Dawn has had another price drop on Amazon… now $9.00.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Awesome, looks like they're price matching the jb hifi $9 deal from here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/?q=Far%20Cry%20New%20Dawn%20

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      Thanks - got one to pick up this afternoon :-)

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    Good game for $9, lot of shit thrown around about Far Cry but it's fun enough

  • It's eligible for the cyberpunk trade in deal, so you could effectively preorder it for $47 (best to double check with eb if it's still eligible right now)


    Edit: additional games on top of the 2 trade in games can go towards the $29 to pay I believe, and according to comments it trades in for $18. So you could purchase an extra 2 copies (4 in total) for an extra trade in value of $36 to cover the $29 left. Basically getting the game for $36

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      Apparently it's only worth 7 bucks now so it won't work.

  • Cheers was waiting for this to go below $10

  • I'm a fan of Far Cry games but struggled to get into this one. Good for the price though.

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      I'm the same on this one.

      PS4 stock is gone, XB1 only now.

    • Same here. I was totally addicted to FC5 so was really excited to give this a try, but I it just didn't work for me.

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      It felt like an expansion pack for 5, not a separate game.

      The gameplay loop was really well done, taking out a whole base undetected with an upgraded multi-shot Saw Blade is some of the most fun I've ever had in a game. It felt rewarding to explore/fight with the resource system, usually don't bother with games that make you spend an hour sorting out inventory afterward, and the upgrades were worthwhile.

      But that pretty much is it, the story is way weaker than 5, and the majority of gameplay is just getting more resources for upgrades, so that you can get more resources. If you don't enjoy that then the game has little to offer other than being aesthetically gorgeous.

      • I enjoyed how they linked it in with FC5, retaining some of the existing characters and referencing others like Mary May and Tracey, and showing how a nuclear weapon can decimate a region and then new life will rise from all the destruction.
        But the story line was fairly predictable and very short-lived. FC5 took me a few weeks of moderate gameplay (few hours here or there), new dawn was over in 3 days.

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        It had a full length story, so expansion is a bit harsh - but it was very much the same game skinned with a new story. Definitely one of the weaker Far Cry games, but for $9 you're going to get some good bang for your buck.

        • It had the typical Ubisoft expansion formula; play as a new/side character with 10-15 hours of new missions, and a bunch of filler content (repeat missions, collectables, new upgrades etc) that'll add another 10-15 hours. Look at Watch Dogs Bad Blood for example.

          I loved FC5 and appreciated that they built upon it, but to bill it as a $60 game was pretty rich. For $9 it's a bargain.

          • @Jolakot: Well what individuals pay for them is up to them I guess. I keep myself a fair way behind the cycle and never pay more than about $30 for them - I still get a new one each year, just six months after everyone else.

            In terms of the value you get out of it, my friends and I were talking about this last night while playing a game online that we didn't think we would get that long out of - if you got 20 hours out of a $60 game, you would be happy to be entertained for $3 an hour. If you get it for less, great job, but anything that can sustain your attention for that long is decent going.

            • @pdtmathieson: $3 an hour for entertainment is a hell of a lot in the age of Netflix and services like Game Pass

              • @Jolakot: Well compare a new release game with a new release film. You would pay $20 to see a new release film in a cinema, or you could wait for it to come to a $0.20 an hour streaming service.

                Do you want to pay $3 an hour to play a new release game when it's at it's most cutting edge, or wait until it's discounted to $9 to enjoy it for $0.50 an hour? I'm in the latter category, but I can appreciate the value that both sides see value in their decision.

  • Ps4 link?

    • Can’t find the same deal

      • PS4 is oos, only had 3 to begin with on ps4.

  • I really didn't enjoy this one comparing to 5. Played all of 15mins before turning it off. It was an eligible $10 trade at EB Games FYI

  • PS4 link please?

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    It isnt $9 on ps4, its like $26. Xbox is $9

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    Yup, looks like it's all gone already for PS4 copies.

  • PS4 came back

  • Ps4 1 left. Be quickkk

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    Borderlands is 19 , now that's the real bargain

    • If you're patient, you can get it for $17 in Big W's Black Friday sale.

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    Everyone says Pc games on sale are cheaper than console but they never go this low :/

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