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Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner $749.25 Delivered @ Flora Livings Outlets


Got a promotion email from this seller last night.
Great discount for S5 MAX I think, still with some extra accessories (main brush and mop???) comparing with other sellers. Also s6 pure has 25% off this time. Even S6 Maxv has 15% off now, checking my puppy from the cam could be very interesting.

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  • Better off buying directly from Roborock with their current Black Friday deals - S5Max @ 25% off and S6 MaxV @ 15% off.. reasons being:
    1. You're guaranteed warranty dealing directly with them as I've heard that many people who've purchased from other resellers who aren't authorised (not sure if Flora Living Outlets is considered an authorised dealer).
    2. Free express delivery
    3. Free "mystery gift"

    EDIT: also, Flora Living have some BS pricing on their website.. the S5Max was never $1,427.14… so that 30% off down to $999 is absolute rubbish.

    • I am pretty sure Flora Living is an authorised dealer and they are quite responsive. I had a little issue with my s6 pure before and contacted them for warranty service. They helped me reach out to Roborock Warranty Service to resolve the problem straight away. I would recommend this seller is because they have 100% positive feedback on eBay and better deals. Definitely aware of some resellers with slightly cheaper price but have no official warranty attached. Also personally I’d rather receiving bonus that’s confirmed than as mystery gift.
      I did compare price with the official store and found this is a better deal this time hence sharing here. Likewise will recommend Roborock if they offer better price.
      Not sure about free express delivery on the official site as it only says eParcel shipping.
      In regards to the discount rate, honestly I don’t care too much as long as the final price is what I wanted.

    • did you find out what's the mystery gift??