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Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $138.99 Delivered @ Edifier via Amazon AU


Seems like Amazon is price-matching alot of the retailers. And these speakers are no exception, price-matching Kogan and Wireless1, without any delivery fees

Also on sale is the R980T https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00GBN4TNO

Don't forget your fav cashback schemes for more savings

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  • I don't know what the fuss is over these speakers really. They sound like sub $100 speakers to me.

    • Wood grain man, makes them priceless. So $140 is a steal.

      • Wood grain meaning for aesthetics only? Or does that material add to the sound? Lol real question

        • aesthetics - i love the look of cherry wood

          i have the $90 p17 passive spks and i think they are great

          Granted, I have them hooked up to that $400 onkyo surround amp.

          At $150 expect thin wood veneer.

          If these 1700s were closer to $120 it would be a deal but realise you're getting BT, a remote PLUS all the dac inside to make BT work.

          If you compare to a z623 which has none of that then do you really expect them to also sound better?

          Would be nice.

          • @tonyjzx: Super informative and have helped immensely with my decision! I’m not so much an audiophile and the benefits in this outweigh whatever the sound quality could be for price, thanks!!!

            • @Edamamme: also realise that 2.0 spks vs. 2.1 speaks will influence your music output.

              ie. if you like bass and hip hop and movies then yes, the z623 w/ subwoofer is better

              if you like classical, folk or simpler music then 2.0 would be better

              • @tonyjzx: You need the sub for classical music also. as an example with these speakers and playing Imperial March from starwars parts of the music are missing as the speakers/amp cut off frequncies below a certain number , maybe 70hz

          • @tonyjzx: would these be an upgrade to the VOlls

    • I bought a pair of s2000 pro and returned them. Not a fan of edifier.

  • Obviously below the regular price, but has anyone actually used these before and if so can you tell me if they're worth $150?

    • +2 votes

      I just bought a pair for use as computer speakers.
      I read in a lot of reviews that the bass was very overpowering but I do not find this at all.
      Treble is nice and not too sharp with no distortion at high volume.
      Honestly would not mind a bit more bass.
      I purchased them from Kogan and got the CBA Reward cashback of $30 which made them $109 which I think is a fair deal.
      Probably would not pay anymore than that

      • Thanks PT87, much appreciated!

      • I read in a lot of reviews that the bass was very overpowering but I do not find this at all.
        Treble is nice and not too sharp with no distortion at high volume.
        Honestly would not mind a bit more bass.

        They over emphasise midrange bass to try and distract you from noticing that it doesn't have low end bass. I don't like that, so turn the bass dial from 12 - 9 position to reduce mudiness. They can however sound amazing with certain songs, Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight is an example of that, but there are plenty of other songs where it sounds average or not so good. I think they're worth the money though

    • Yeah I got these a few years ago on sale also.
      For the price they are really good, have been very impressed with the sound quality and the volume. Can fill a reasonable sized room and doesn’t get too distorted.
      If your not an audiophile and realise it’s just over the $100 mark you’ll be impressed I’m sure.

    • Using these as my PC speakers after reading all the positive reviews made the purchase without ever hearing if edifier before. Really happy with the sound quality and would def recommend.

  • Any good price on S2000MKIII?

  • I was weighing these up as a replacement for my Logitech Z623 and I just don't think it is worth it. Had them for years and will stick with them. Was really only considering because of the wood grain LOL

    • i think youre comparing two diff. markets.

      I have an old z623 hooked up to an old DSE tv and it sounds fine for what it is.

      But for music you're balancing if you want a more neutral sound (1700s) to something thats more bassy and boomy for games etc. (z623).

      To get better than the z623 you're really comparing to another 2.1 set rather than a 2.0 set.

      I dont care for BT so…

      • All good points. For me the z623 is used for music production so they fill a room beautifully.

  • Get AudioEngine A2+ from Kogan and call it a day if you want good sound at a little more spent. $319.

  • Use it to listen to music, watch movies, karaoke. No complaint so far. Can recommend. loud and clear for a small room.