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LG OLED77CXPTA 77" CX 4K UHD Smart Cinema OLED TV $6859 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Original Coupon Deal

First time posting - not the cheapest price ever obtained for it (as has been pointed out before, they have been had for $6500 once or twice).

However, for $6859 it's not totally terrible and if you buy through TGG or somewhere else which is still honouring the free LG delivery and installation option it's a pretty good outcome.


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  • Please note - I ended up purchasing mine through the Good Guys and they price matched their Ebay Store and confirmed they would honour the free delivery and install (I also bought a mount from them)

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      How is it? My dream TV….

      • I'm not expecting to see it much before Christmas, but i'll let you know… only bought today and TGG can't confirm exactly when they'll have it in stock to ship it. TGG eBay suggests they've got plenty though…

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    a buy like this you go around multiple stores & negotiate

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      Agree - I was more put off by the supply situation to be honest. JB in my area had no idea when a delivery would occur and i'm relatively time-poor. Major props to those who will do the extra work to get a lower price.

  • Anyone know how much the 65” version will be priced at approximately this Black Friday? Or would it be better to wait until Boxing Day?

    • Yeah I'm wondering the same thing, I just know supply is limited with the new consoles out so it's hard to go off previous years.

  • This seem alike a great price in a post COVID world

  • Also FYI, If you have a RetraVision near you, they do 5% off in-store if you're an RAC member

  • If money is not a matter this is the tv you want.

    Otherwise, just try to fight over available stock for the 75in Sony X9000H…..

    • Actually, I would want the GX 77 inch (if realistic) - same screen but wall mounted, or the 8k OLED versions if money was not an issue

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        I've got the GX 77 and it's honestly a huge waste of money. I got it 'professionally' mounted with an LG promotion, but the techs had no idea how to get it flush. Subsequent fixes (including mending the wall lol) made it a bit better, but still no where near as slick as it's made out to be (LG videos, in store mounting).

        Walls in your house just aren't as flat. I assume also that the bigger the TV, the more likely it is to run into imperfections on your wall - the attempted flush look just accentuates that.

        My price was ~ $6200 delivered + installed, CX 77 could be had at that time for ~ $5800

        • Hey mate,
          Where and when was the CX $5800?
          Must have missed it watching the Sony.

          • @cykezero: https://whrl.pl/Rf6GlE

            I used this receipt to price match, there was 500$ gift card promo + I got 7.5% off gift cards through work

            • @nubix: The free delivery and installation promo is still running https://www.lg.com/au/promotions/freedeliveryinstall and would most likely apply for this deal too

            • @nubix: Ah thanks for that. I can only get 5% from GG and JB, neither of which are very negotiable in Canberra unless you have something to match.
              Still wishing I could have gotten the Sony OLED for $5k from Costco in WA.

        • How was the CX 77 $5800? I've never seen it below $6500 tbh

  • I would have about 2cm clearance in my TV alcove if I bought this.

    So I guess my question is, how many gift cards can I stack?

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    Obviously a really good TV but shit that’s a lot of money.

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    Awesome TV, very good price, but no DTS passthrough via ARC/eARC, just FYI.

  • This or 6 TVs hmmm

    • 6?

      Why not 9 eko 65" TV?

      • Oh to be surrounded by 9 tvs in a kinda IDecahedron

  • I purchased one of these on Monday from Harvey Norman in WA for $6450 with very little effort

    • Did you take replacement warranty or not?

      • +2

        Nope - wasn't interested in that or the surge protected power board he tried to sell with it

        • Any Monster HDMI cable though?

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            @siuol: Didn't even mention it. I hope the HDMI cable that comes with the TV is up to the task…..maybe I should pay an arm and a leg for their famous monster HDMI cable ;)

            • @tight-ass: if it dont have the gold contacts. Thats a no. Best to get them monster cables.

    • Did you tap and go instead of paying with your piggy bank of $1 coins?

  • US is on another pricing level altogether…


  • Just brought the 77inch unit for $6,196 with delivery.

    • +2

      Where from? Good work.

      • From The Good Guys. It was not easy but I guess my job expertise helped getting that price. :D

        Can't figure out how to share image in the moment box.

    • What jannix said……we need more details! And a receipt if you have it for those yet to pull the trigger. Best price to date I think.

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