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20% off Sitewide @ Creed Perfume


Not the CHEAPEST place to get your creed, but it is still 100% authentic

20% Off All Creed Products - Black Friday

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks OP

  • Green Irish Tweed is my go to in summer, nearly out so this is great cheers OP

    • How is longevity and sillage?

      • It lasts a full work-day for me, or for a full evening - and the sillage is about average for a perfume of this quality. Not too loud, but definitely noticeable.

      • What @ngengerous said. Lasts all day for me, not overpowering like aventus sometimes can be imo (I guess that's the point of aventus though haha)
        People still notice it into the evening. But as with fragrances your milage may vary, best to try it in store if you can.

  • Libertine Parfumerie has 20% off and they always include plenty of samples with purchase.

  • Wow. I had never heard of this stuff. Expensive. How good is it

    • One of the best rated ….and very popular

    • I had never heard of it either till a few years back. I walked past a shop that sells perfumes and could smell the Aventus, I walked in and asked which one they had sprayed. Nearly fell on the floor when they told me the price. My wife bought it for me and I absolutely love it. Would buy again once this one is finished.

    • One of the most popular (and rightfully so) niche fragrance brands. Try some samples in Myers if you want to purchase any.

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    This is the clone version of it if anyone is interested


    • Got this and the mont blanc which are both "clones". Amraf is def the stronger and longer lasting

    • I have purchased a 150ml and 500ml flacon of aventus In the past. Have burner through them and now purchase decants from eBay. Not wanting to burn through them too quickly purchased the abovel linked as my daily. I would say it resembles aventus but definitely not a clone, still great for the price, not much projection however

    • This is the clone version of it if anyone is interested

      It 20% aventus, then 80% of their own cheap crap formula

    • never smelt any creed fragrances, any stores where i can try?

      • David Jones/ Myer (depends on the store for both though) most major CBD stores will have it, except Canberra, but they have Tom ford so evens out.

  • For collectors out there, you can grab the 10th Anniversary Creed Aventus for $367.
    Could fetch you a pretty penny if you plan to resell later on.
    If you're buying it for the sake of using, the 10th tends to be on the smokier side of batch variations.