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Wireless Earphones $15 with Free Shipping @ Blake's Phone Repair


Wireless earphones $15 @blakes phone repair, great Christmas present, these amazing wireless earphones are selling like hotcakes. get your wireless earphones before they all sell out

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    The products 2nd photo shows they are waterproof, the items specifications state "Waterproof: No". So are they or are they not waterproof?

    • i have not tested the waterproofing, i am using product description and photos that the supplier sent, so likely sweatproof

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    $4.02 (+GST?) from AliExpress if you are willing to wait for a few weeks

    • Huh, with the jamjar promo I could get 3 of these for a pittance

      …must resist. I have enough earphones.

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    these amazing wireless earphones are selling like hotcakes

    I get that you are trying your best to sell these, but you really can't use that phrase and expect us to believe that these are flying out the door of your store.

    • Are hotcake sales even really that high in general 🤔

      • I don't think there are many places other than McDonald's who sell them. I imagine we're coming to a time of year when hotcake sales will go down, I think they're better in winter. I'm not too sure how well hotcakes sell in comparison to other breakfast items at McDonald's. I do feel like selling like hash browns would probably suggest even better sales.

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    I purchased the same pair from Ali. They are barely worth the $4 I paid. The sound quality was very poor (worse than expected) and they broke within the month. I don't recommend it. At the $15 mark, (what the seller is trying to get) there are much better options on the market

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      Bummer, the business model seemed so good. Import crap from cheapest vendor, than sell to islanders at margin. What could go wrong?

      • I don't disagree with the business model, I am commenting on the quality. Also, the OP has 1 photo showing stating they are waterproof and says they are likely sweatproof. Just think you should at least understand the product you are selling. Oh well, ozbargainers aren't gullible.

        • Their quality reflects their cost which reflects the business model.

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    I've been very happy with the QCY19 which look similar but are from a reputable brand ( in the aliexpress context of reputable).


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    Still waiting for my iPhone charger cables been almost two weeks still not shipped

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      has been delay in shipping due to stock shortages, you will recieve cables within the next 2 weeks

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        lol, you can’t ask a customer to wait 4 weeks (2 weeks plus an additional 2 weeks) for cheap junk from China. Might as well get it ourselves from AliExpress et al.

        What exactly is the service that you are providing here?

    • got the remaining unsent chargers in the mail today sending them all today

  • doesn't even have info about battery life. i bought some similar ones from coles last year for $8 and they sounded crap. stick to known brands with a reputation.

  • I'll tell you what's really selling like hotcakes..

    PS5 and Xbox.

  • the delivery takes so long.. stuck in Singapore now.. just realised if the seller is not OZ.. not recommended

    • Wtf, so they're just doing a huge markup dropship job? Pretty scummy seeing as they state "products stocked by blakes phone repair, sent from castlemaine, therefor products will arive within a week australia wide"

      • That's what I got on the tracking numbers and the current status says 30/11/2020 "[Singapore] Despatched to destination country".
        It is more than a week now since the date of purchase.

      • stated in at the top where the products stocked by blakes phone repair are stocked, product is in dropshipping section where i state products are from other suppliers

        • Rubbish.. so regret to purchase from you!

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