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TIDAL Premium $0.99 or HiFi $1.99 for 4 Months


Tidal’s BF yearly deal is now up for existing dormant accounts.

Tidal Premium $1 or Hifi $1.99 for 4 Months.
Spend the extra 99 cents for HiFi and get the Tidal Masters with it. Totally worth it!

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Referee receives 60 Days of TIDAL Premium. Referrer receives 30 Days.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Just got the email too, already signed up as soon as I saw it :)

  • Yeah, just got this email, subscribed to the Hi-Fi version for $1.99 and came to post it. Already up of course 😂 very fast OP.

    Edit: This isn't just for new members too, just wanted to mention that. I usually switch between deals from Spotify to Tidal. Glad I didn't go with the 3 months of Spotify for $11.99, was waiting for a deal like this for Tidal.

  • can we cancel directly after we subscribe? to avoid recharge?

    • As far as I remember you can cancel straight up and it should work for 4 months.

      • You're correct. I activated and cancelled immediately..

        "Thanks for streaming with TIDAL. Your subscription will come to a full stop on 25.03.21"

  • Either targeted or doesn't work if you have an active subscription? "You are not eligible for this offer"

    • Never used Tidal before but have heard a lot about it from my friends. Also getting "You are not eligible for this offer". Haven't received any welcome email post sign-up.

      • Just tried making an account too, never used it before, also offer didn't work "You are not eligible for this offer".

        • Did you get any emails after signing-up? Like a welcome email or confirmation that you've signed up? I didn't and I'm thinking that maybe the reason. Probably need to wait for a few hours for my new account to be sorted.

      • Can you please try this workaround which was posted by @adiiio from Deal in the past?

        I had to do a url change to get it to work (tried it in Chrome):
        1. Open the offer in a new incognito tab
        2. Click claim offer.
        3. Don't select any plans yet
        4. Open a new tab in this incognito window and log in to tidal with an old account in that tab.
        5. Go back to the the first (offer) tab.
        6. Select plan (Hi-Fi) and get to the sign up page. It will ask you to sign in here. Don't do anything.
        7. In the url bar look for restrict_login=true and replace true with false and hit Enter.
        8. Enjoy.

  • It usually only works for either new or accounts that are dormant. In one of the previous posts remember someone had reported that they canceled the subscription and were able to get this deal after their plan was due for renewal.

  • Doesn't work for me but it might be because I still have a few weeks of subscription left. Hopefully it's still available then.

  • Thanks OP! Haven't used Tidal in about 6 months, I couldn't justify the cost. I had a dormant account and this worked fine for me.

  • You should probably edit your description. This doesn't appear to be for new members. I also get "You are not eligible for this offer"

  • Made an account and it doesn't work.


  • Saw that email, 1.99 Pounds 4 months. Already a member but good work.

    Tip for young players. need to use a new email if you've already subscribed to Tidal (insert dot in gmail address)
    Ps Play white town no woman

  • Thanks just bought $1.99 and cancel subscription.

    Masters is so much better.

  • Can you really tell a real difference in quality compared to Spotify?

    • Only when u play it on expensive headphone or speaker

    • what does spotty stream, 192kbps? probably less without premium ;)

    • Try ABX testing yourself. Foobar has a plugin that makes it pretty easy. I couldn't reliably distinguish a a 24/96 flac and a 320kbps mp3 (fresh encode from the flac file) when I last tried using a dragonfly black v1.5 and AKG K7XX. I might try again sometime using my newer gear.

      The reduction in quality with lower bit rate mp3s (e.g. 128kbps) is noticeable, and for me measurable in an abx test, though it's still smaller than some might claim.

      The main issue with spotify in terms of sound quality is the shitty remasters that are sometimes the only available version of an album. But for me that's not quite enough to outweigh the convenience and low price.

      • Yeah better equipment night and day

        • Out of interest have you actually ABX tested yourself?

          Just asking because the placebo effect is a powerful thing. Just knowing that one file is supposed to be higher quality than the other can really influence your perception. I used to be pretty confident that lossless sounded better, but after doing testing myself I'm pretty sceptical that anyone could reliably tell the difference between a high bitrate mp3 and lossless.

          I'd be interested to know your results.

          • @MetaAF: Depends on the production but it's pretty easy to hear a shitty recording, whether MP3 or lossless.

            I've heard all this before (pardon the pun) I can tell when the sound is crystallize and lower bitrate. May be hard to pick between 256 and 320kbps but who really cares, better to use the best source you can, the whole setup is only as good as the weakest link. It's fairly obvious that good headphones/speakers can show up the difference.

            Try out MQA if you can 88khz pretty special, v hear instruments and sounds you'd never have picked before.

            • @G-rig: Totally agree on the recording/mastering point, like I mentioned in my OP poor remasters are egregious examples that degrade SQ whether lossy or not.

              I still think it's worthwhile for people to investigate for themselves in a somewhat scientific manner whether paying more for lossless is worth it to them. But if you want to follow your gut feeling and stick to lossless stuff then all power to you.

              • @MetaAF: 4 months free not much to at stake.

                It's just good knowing you've got a decent source and can worry about something else.
                The sound will only be as good as the weakest link in the setup anyway

                I'll have to test some mp3 vs lossless again on this setup
                PC -> iFi Zen DAC (usb) -> Matrix M-Stage headphone amp (rca) -> DT1990 Pros.

  • Anyone know if you can still download the songs and save them for offline use after the subscription is finished?

    I used to use an app called athame I think

  • Just thought I'd mention that Deezer has 16-Bit/44.1 kHz FLAC streaming. I've been loving it for years. Sound quality is fantastic. I'm particularly enamored with the off playstore .apks that may or may not exist.
    Oh and btw. Couldn't get tidal either. Same issue as others

    • Those off playstore apks that may or may not exist don't go above regular quality I think? Or maybe they really don't exist or I've been looking in the wrong place

      • Yea you've been looking in wrong place. 😉
        Unlocked quality and casting options are out there.

        • Bought this Tidal deal so I'll stick with this for now. I'll be on the lookout for those after this expires. Cheers

        • PM me any time man. I'll help if you need. Also a flac backend deezer d/loader may be a thing ! 😉
          Take it easy.

  • Just created a new account, you are not eligible for that offer :( Tried both premium and hi-fi

  • I switch in between 2 tidal accounts for the promotion. the one in dormant status received this offer and the one I am using does not have this offer. So I guess Tidal wants to get the dormant accounts back in subscription.

    I think it's a very poor business model. A lot of us have figured out the frequent promotion and been using 2 accounts. the only trouble is we have to transfer the playlists back and forth. So instead of offering the almost free promotion, why don't they just charge cheaper. it's way cheaper overseas anyway.

  • How is this company still in business. I’d probably pay for HiFi if it was the same price as Spotify premium, trading sound quality for app quality. As is I just keep using these 4 month deals.

    • the IU pisses you off, desktop stops playing after one song have to hit radio..
      having said that it's well worth it even paying - if you generally know what you want to listen to.
      the casting is far ahead of fk-ing youtube music what a bitter disappointment. Google play music was great!
      No cast button even on YTM

      • Haha yeah the radio isn’t great, nor the playlist selections. But as you say it works fine if you know what you want to listen to, and that HiFi quality on my car’s sound system is much better than Spotify.

        • Correct mate, add a few nice masters to your albums.
          Have to say though, once you sort it out it's amazing. i hit radio most are MQA and it's just dance music ha.
          could be slightly more intuitive and be great

  • i dont know how to do it :(

  • Dormant account, worked perfectly. 2aud for 4 months, cancelled immediately, subscription ends 25-03-21. For $2 I'll take it. If the hifi plan was closer to $15 a month I'd probably cancel Spotify and switch over but $24 a month is just too much.

  • Big love for this!
    Tidal > Spotify don't @me!

  • I wouldn’t suggest tidal.. hideous people to deal with when cancelling the service and refuse refunds after they keep charging you.

    • Hey? You just click cancel and done.

    • I never had any trouble in the past.

    • Why not just cancel from the subscription page online.

    • Never had a problem with this in the years I've been using free/cheap Tidal trials. Always use with Paypal to pay for the subscription and in your paypal account, cancel the automatic payment so they can't charge you at the end of the trial even if they try. By cancelling both in Tital account settings and Paypal you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Any other good deals going around for online music services? Tried this one not available to new accounts it seems and the most recent spotify one doesn't work for me either.

  • Haven't had a tidal subscription for years. offer not valid

  • I tried to sign up to the Hifi offer but it says “you are not eligible for that offer”.

    What am I missing here? Do I need to use a VPN, referral code, etc? Or have I missed the deal?

  • Can confirm this deal was for existing dormant account. I tried to sign up as new user and was told deal not available for me.

    This is the one for new user sign up. Same as OP's deal: AU$0.99 Premium or AU$1.99 HiFi for 4 months (120 days).

  • Got message at the page saying "The offer you are trying to claim is no longer valid". Deal expired?