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20% to 40% off LEGO: 60203 City Town Ski Resort $83, LEGO 21316 The Flintstones $69 @ Target


20% (and more off RRP) off all LEGO. Includes Creator Expert, Ideas, e.g.

Edit: lots more high-end sets added including Treehouse, Assembly Square, Hogwarts Castle, Bugatti, Rollercoaster, Land Rover, Droid Commander

Also the new NASA Saturn V rocket https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-ideas-lego-reg-nasa-apo...

| Ideas The Flintstones 21316 | $69.00 | -31% RRP | https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-ideas-the-flintstones-2... |
| Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine 10268 | $263.20 | -20% RRP | https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-creator-expert-vestas-w... |

There are selected sets with up to 40% off Target prices, see: https://www.target.com.au/search?text=Selected+Savings+on+LE.... Some of them were cheaper than RRP prior to the 40%, so pushing above 40% off RRP, e.g.

| Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School 70425 | $101.00 | -49% RRP | https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-hidden-side-trade-newbu... |
| City Town Ski Resort 60203 | $83.00 | -48% RRP | https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-city-town-ski-resort-6-... |
| City Trains Passenger Train 60197 | $118.00 | -41% RRP | https://www.target.com.au/p/lego-reg-city-trains-passenger-t... |

https://brickhawk.com/ has already emailed out price drop alerts for these - get in quick!

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  • Great work! Thanks mate.

  • Good find, thanks!
    Grabbed the Duplo Mickey's House at 40% off for an easy Christmas present

  • 40% off - some of them are truly retiring…

  • When I go to the page, it shows 'usual' prices. But when I click on a lego kit it shows the on special price. Weird.

  • My order was rejected

  • Same. Order accepted then cancelled. Usual target tricks

    • Oh what? That sucks. I just put in an order, it's been confirmed and the money has been taken from my account, might they still cancel it? I might hold off telling my son I got him the set he's been after…

  • Christmas pres sorted. Grabbed the wind turbine. Missed out on the Amazon one previously

  • +2 votes

    Wow Assembly Square for $279 is incredible

  • Made two purchases with this $10 discount added https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/497926

    Y Wing for $43 - RRP $100
    Tantive IV for $253

  • Missed the amazon sale last time but got the LEGO® Ideas Tree House 21318 today for $223 an email confirmation

  • Just spent $1250 on 11 sets, I couldn't resist the ones that are >30%! The ones I want or semi-want anyway, LOL.

  • duplo also on special ~30% off

    train set 10874 (which i haven't seen cheaper than $89) is $62

    although see it now with the same price on catch.com.au

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    • I've had this once. Had to reboot my modem (to get a new IP address).

      • i tried with new private window browsing. it works for a session and then had the same access denied.

        have to clear cache and data on the browser.

  • I am not able to find any of the cheaper Architecture ones on these online sales. Like Las Vegas, London, Sydney. At 20% of they will be some good gifts at $45 each. I went to a couple of David Jones yesterday to check. Not much luck either.

  • idea flintstone looks like all-time low… time to get one…

    *to all remember CR/SB to get an extra half percent back…. well better than nothing….

  • Order cancelled.

    • Sorry to hear that! What set(s)?

    • Mine too. :'(
      Took them six hours to tell me my order cannot be processed. Still shows as available on the website though - unlike the sets posted here that have gone.
      Now wondering if it's cos I used a promo code too, or if because I chose ship-to-store instead of home delivery?

  • Yes, so Target is usually cheaper than RRP so those discount percentages are a bit disingenuous, since that's not off what we tightarses would have paid at Target anyway. Passenger Train might be 41% off RRP, but it's 31% off Target RP. Also, grab a set here if it's cheaper on sale but it's worth looking at Kmart to compare, since they have a slightly different range with everyday deep discounts on some sets, ie Assembly Square.

    • Also, the Australian Lego site is doing a Black Friday sale from tomorrow.

      I learnt the other day that the Lego CEO admitted (or claimed) that the US through its culture of fierce price competition in a large market meant that they weren't really profitable there, and had to keep prices in the Euro market artificially high to remain profitable overall. Australian prices reflect that. Sucks man. Single parent here with autistic kid with a passion for lego. Second-hand is getting hard to find cheap too, especially after lockdown.

    • For the last two years, Target has been usually around RRP unless there's a promotion on.

  • My Lego Star Wars Episode IX Resistance Y-Wing got cancelled two days later due to insufficient stock after being confirmed that it was being prepared for delivery. So annoying. I ordered very early in the morning too.

    • My Y Wing has been shipped
      Order Date / Time: 26/11/2020 7:03 (GMT+10)

      What time did you order?