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Buy Three Get Fourth Free Bridgestone Potenza RE003 Tyres @ Bridgestone


This popular deal is back and ends on the 31st of December.

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  • I guess buy 3 get the 4th free is more appealing to consumers than just saying 25% off?

  • My car 50% off

  • Goddamnt. Bought a set of 4 on Monday, wonder if price protection works for tyres? Lol

  • All the current Bridgestone offers

    • Damn no buy 3 get 4th free on turanzas. Only a measely $50/$100 off. Guess I'll be getting the Pirelli's from MyCar then.

      • Yeah, or wait for it to come around, which is quite regular now.

        • Not sure if this cashback promotion has actually run on the Turanzas before. I think this is the first time. I hope it's not replacing the buy 3 get 4th free promo. The last time that was on for Turanzas was back in May-June and Feb-March before that. Prices have gone up since then too (about $20 each for the size I need)!

          I remember Michelin used to have higher cashback amounts before too (it used to be $70 and then reduced to $50 on the smaller tyres years ago).

          Anyway I can't really wait as my stock Michelin Primacies are pretty much bald -_-

          • @CVonC: If you are referring to Turanza Serenity Plus, then you would want to wait for the next 3 for 4 offer. The cashback offer isn't as good as 3 for 4. But if you need it now, then you get what's best for you right now. I try to get my tyres about 6 months before needing replacement to take up any good offers. But it means I have to store it at home and bring it back for fitment. So there's a small hassle there.

            • @lomie: Can vouch for the Turanza Serenity Plus , pretty much a hard-compound touring tyre good in the dry average in the wet. but you get high KM's out of them.

              I replaced a set on a Honda Jazz that got 87,000km's out of them and was just on the wear limiter , could have easily done another 25k before becoming almost completely bald.

              Dollar for dollar they are the best value tyre when they have these sorts of sales on (buy 3 get 1 free) , and the best part about it was it only cost $300 at the time for the set of 4.

              $300 to travel 87,000km's is (profanity) tremendous if you ask me , with regular tyre rotations every 10k of course.

              I would not put them on high performance cars though , a to b cars just fine , the grip is good in the dry but in the wet if you have some torque these slip easy , ok if you have AWD though because the other wheels can pick up the slack.

              • @TheBarbarian: How much do the tyre rotation chart cost you every 10k?

                • @montorola: Nothing , did it myself. 20 mins total each time with a little bit of elbow grease.

                  Most places charge $50 and they take their sweet time even though they got rattle guns , probably save yourself 5 mins over doing it yourself by the time you hand them the keys and wait for the job to be done.

                  Its genuinely not difficult with a torque wrench , and you can even buy magnetic jack pad adapters that assist you jacking up your car so you don't damage anything (for newer model cars).

                  I got 2 jacks at home so its an easy swap over and takes less time , but never get under a car in general without proper jack stands safely supporting the weight of the car.

                  Edit: i just remembered , bridgestone and bob jane usually give out booklets for free tyre rotation and pressure checks every now and then , ask in store and they should be able to direct you further. i just usually do it myself so i had forgotten about it but they still do offer the services (if you buy the tyres from them obviously)

            • @lomie: The 3 Most comfortable tyres on the market, currently….

              1. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A
                2&3. Complete toss up between Michelin Primacy 4 and Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus = Go for whichever is the better deal.
              • @Bamboozle:

                BFGoodrich Advantage T/A

                These seem to be quite cheap tyres @ Costco. About $100 a pop. Does the comfort factor sacrifice tread life?

                • @CVonC: It's about how the sidewalls are designed.

                  Compare treadware values online. Probably much of a muchness.

                  Bridgestone's have the deepest tread, followed by The BFGoodrich's…then the Michelin's.

                  That doesn't necessarily mean one of them will wear down to the minimum wear indicators faster than another.

                  If you want quietness too, the bridgestone's or Michelin's.

            • @lomie: Yeah I was referring to the Turanza Serenity Plus. But yeah like I said hopefully this cashback promo isn't the end of the buy 3 get 4 for TS+. Will probably get them if they're still on by the time the Pirelli P7s I'm chasing run out of tread. I like the 50k wear life guarantee that Bridgestone gives.

  • I have the Ecopia H/L 422 Plus 225/55R18, great tyres, didn't get this deal though needed them same day for a business trip. $1200 all up with wheel alignment from BJ.
    Business so a write off and gst back.

  • curious to know this compare to the Goodyear? I think they are running a promotion too

    • Can't comment on Goodyear, but compared to other Bridgestone, here's quick comparison that's about compound selection rather than brand.

      Fitted RE003's to VFII SV6 Ute at start September '20 and have done ~3000km on them since between Sydney & South Coast NSW. Great tyre to enjoy more 'spirited' driving, confidence in all weather conditions, especially when pushing them harder.

      They are a more aggressive tyre compound that is designed for hard street driving and the occasional track day. So don't expect to get the life out of these tyres compared to say the RE050A's. I pulled 45K out of RE050A and if get more than 25K out of the RE003's I will be think that I have done ok. That said it can be a really, really fun 25K…

      So if looking at ROI for $ per KM, the RE003A are unlikely to your tyre of choice. BUT if looking at opportunity cost of upfront cost saving plus intangible benefit of very, vert fun driving, the RE003's can provide value.

      • I have RE003's on both my cars. They are relatively high powered.
        The tyres work well and better than RE050As - short life? Meh!

  • Great tyres. Noticeably noisier than the Serenity Plus' I had before (as you'd expect) but makes up for that in grip, safety and they actually feel more comfortable.

  • I used this offer a couple of months ago. Bridgestone also matched the lower advertised price of Bob Jane. Good service all round (Osborne Park WA) - recommended.

  • hm these or pzeros for 50% at mycar

  • These or S007a’s?

    • S007s if you can afford it. They last a bit longer, better performance, and made in japan

      • My S007a almost worn out at 15000kms, previous set was RE050A and last for $52000kms. Wont buy S007a again. Been waiting for the RE004 as it was lauched in JP, SG and MY early this year

        • I wouldn't touch RE050As. Too old, too loud, too harsh.
          Also wondering when the RE004 will arrive.

          • @FTTNope: Agreed, I was just trying to say how short life S007a has compared to others (on same car with same driver). RE050A came as stock tyres so left me no choice…

        • Interesting. Just had a service today and he said my front tires need replacing immediately. Was planning on getting RE003 but how long until the RE004 arrives?


          "Since getting the RE004s fitted, I’ve covered just over 2,000km with them. In this short time, the improvements over the RE003 have shone through clearly – handling and steering response in the dry is markedly better. Through both sharp corners and long sweepers, the RE004s don’t understeer and push out quite as much as the RE003s, and they respond well to mid-corner corrections.

          In the wet, though, is where the RE004 is a massive improvement over the RE003. "

          • @zan5hin: I was soooo suprised, or even shocked, that Bridgestone Australia has not introduced the RE004 yet as it's almost been a year since it was launched in Japan and Singapore.

            However, I was told RE003 is out of stock (at least in my size) and the staff guessed maybe they stopped ordering it because they prepared to order RE004 soon. Fingers crossed as my front two need to be replaced immediately as well and I will go for Michelin PS4 in Jannurary if still dont see RE004 here.

    • Same. I'm going with these though.

  • Can highly recommend the RE003's for track use (non competitive) , allowed me to do 220km/h on turn 1 at eastern creek in my then MK3 Clio RS. traction control was kicking in at the rears indicating i was reaching maximum level of grip but kept me planted throughout the whole day. if you are not chasing times then these tyres are excellent value.

    If you don't mind spending a little extra go for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 as they are a stickier compound but they wear faster on a track , if your wallet extends further get the 4S as they are the best tyres for taking to the track that are not semi or slick. Had them on my Ford Focus RS and complete confidence every corner , but if i was driving the car to 10/10ths i would be opting for semi-slicks on any car with more then 400HP or performance cars that are RWD biased.

    • Pilot 4S is 19"+ only though, aside from a handful of uncommon 18" sizes.
      I've asked Michelin AU about this and their only response was "Pilot 4 is in stock in those sizes".

  • Anyone can recommend good All-Rounder tyres for large SUV (Volvo XC90, Audi Q7….) mainly urban/highway roads, occasionally light off-roading/Gravel/sandy roads (1-2 times a year)?
    Some people say MYCAR is having 50% off but can’t find it in QLD. Thanks

  • Wished the Michelin Sports were on sale…

  • After i changed to these tyres, it seems that fuel economy is not good anymore. About 10% drop.
    Is that expected?

    Previously using Toyo.

    • Depends on which Toyo tyre.
      Generally the grippier the tyre, the less fuel efficient it becomes.
      Think of it as when you are trying to maintain speed, if the tyre is grippier, you'll need more throttle to maintain your speed.
      Try increasing the pressure by 1-2psi as that'll help slightly.

    • if fuel economy has changed 10% , then something else is up other then tyre pressures.

      so many variables when it comes to fuel economy , how much extra weight is the car carrying (have you left anything in the boot you should have taken inside?) , when was the last time the oil was changed , do you use premium unleaded or regular unleaded , are your tyre pressures set to manufacturers standards or are they lower , has traffic conditions changed throughout the week …(more stop go? more sitting at traffic lights) , are you running the AC on all the time? , maybe your air filter needs replacing.

      I can go on with more variables but 10% is too big of a jump just for tyres. i would say 5% at absolute maximum changing from a harder compound tyre to a softer where its sticker and needs slightly more energy to propel the car.

    • Toyo tyres, the official tyres of the UFC.

      Sorry, can't help myself everytime I see them around.

  • Pzeros or re003s? Opinions?

    • I find the P zeros wear faster but they provided a bit more grip on my 130i. The P zeros also felt a tiny bit more comfortable (could be just me)

      • Yeah i read some reviews and some people saying they were down a lot quicker than RE003s. I am not too sure which one now provides more better grip.

    • People who have the Pzero's on the Hyundai i30N reckon they are dogshit , i don't have experience with them but as long as you are not buying unknown brand or cheap chinese tyres you are already a step up over half the population and care not just for yourself but the people around you.

      I would say pick whatever your wallet can afford , they are on the same playing field. i am no bridgestone fanatic but i have never had any drama's with Bridgestone tyres to date.

  • Glad I waited.. received a quote of $1080 for a set a week ago. Today I bought for $690, saved myself some $$.

  • Ive been running stock RE050A 245/40R19 98W and need 2 new ones - anyone around Doncaster VIC need 2 so we can pair up and leverage the deal?

    • RE003 will wear quicker. RE050As are the superior tyres. I have experienced both on my 124 Spider - OEM RE050As lasted 45000kms vs 20000kms on the RE003. Same driving conditions etc.

      • It seems RE003 has much shorter life than RE050A and similar to S007A. My previous set was RE050A as stock tyres and lasted for about 52. Then the current set of S007A is almost worn out and I only travelled less than 20. I thought RE003 would last longer than S007A for about 35-40…seems I was wrong…

  • I've used re001/re002/re003 for years now. $191 a tyre for 245/35/19, no better bang for your buck out there.

  • called local bridgestone, they recommended TuranzaSerenity Plus tyre on my hatchback rather than the Potenza RE003, guy was very nice and applied the buy 3, 4th tyre discount on it too. Winning.

    • why is it better for the hatchback?

      • Potenzas are softer and grippier, more geared towards performance. Won't last as long as Turanzas which is more of an all-round touring tyre. Has a 50,000km tread life guarantee too.

        nightqueen is very lucky that they got the buy 3 get 4th free deal on the Turanzas too as the current promo is only $50/$100 cashback for them.