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Black Friday Flash Sale - 35% off All Coffee + Delivery @ Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters


Hey Folks,


We are offering 35% off all coffee + pods until midnight Monday!

The even better news, you can use the code as many times as you like over this time. So, get in quick.

On offer - Use code: blackfriday2020

  • Hollywood Blend - Lights, camera, action! Our Hollywood Blend is popular, fashionable, and loves the spotlight. It's best described as a cup of chocolate coated blueberries. $31.20/1kg, $11.70/250g
  • Blackbird Blend - Not for the faint hearted. Best described as a cherry ripe, it's a rich blend that cuts through milk vigorously and can also be enjoyed as a robust black coffee. $31.20/1kg, $11.70/250g
  • Colombia, Villaroa - A tropical Single Origin from Villaroa in Colombia, tastes like a big ole' bowl of tropical fruit punch. $35.75/1kg, $13.00/250g
  • Colombia, Los Rosales - A jammy Single Origin from the Narino region of Colombia. Tasting notes of apricot jam and brown sugar. $35.75/1kg, $13.00/250g
  • El Salvador, Villa Galicia - A syrupy Single Origin cup. Imagine eating pancakes drizzled in golden syrup. Ummm yum! This coffee takes you straight to pancake town. It's so unbelievably sweet and syrupy. $35.75/1kg, $13.00/250g
  • Indonesia, Sumatra Kerinci - A zesty Single Origin that is rich in green apple and toffee, hailing from West Sumatra. $35.75/1kg, $13.00/250g
  • Indonesia, Java Frinsa - A fruity single from Weninggalih Ciwidey in West Java. Delicious tasting notes of lychee & jackfruit. $35.75/1kg, $13.00/250g
  • Decaf Blend - A decaf coffee that doesn't taste like decaf. Our blend is sweet, creamy and delicious. It's also 100% Swiss water process, which means the caffeine has been removed via a natural water process, making it completely chemical free. $19.50/500g
  • Hollywood biodegradable & compostable pods - Made from our most popular Hollywood blend, our pods are both biodegradable and compostable. Come in box of 10 pods. $9.10/per box.

Don't own a grinder? No worries! We can grind for the following brew types:

  • Espresso
  • Stovetop
  • Plunger
  • Aeropress
  • Pourover
  • Batch Brewer
  • Reusable Pods


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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