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eBay Best Price Guarantee on New Fixed Price Items: Credit on Difference of Competitor Price + 5% off (Max Claim $150) @ eBay


Coming into Black Friday, thought this was worth a re-share after 6 months to help with those extra savings. Credit to previous posters for the formatting. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Full list of qualifying online stores here.

We’re so confident in our seller’s prices that if you buy on eBay and then find it cheaper on an approved retailer's website, we’ll beat it by 5%. That’s our guarantee. Available on all new, fixed price items.

Found it for less within 48 hours? Claiming is quick and easy:

  • Make sure you have your item ID from your eBay purchase (found in your order confirmation) and a link to the identical item on the Approved Retailer's website.
  • Chat to or call our customer service team and they’ll check the Approved Retailer's website and our T&Cs to ensure the product is eligible.
  • If approved, we’ll give you a voucher to spend on eBay. The voucher amount will be the difference in price + 5% off the online retail website's price*. Happy shopping!
  • *Max discount $150, claim limits apply.

Which online retail websites does the eBay Best Price Guarantee apply to?

  • The Best Price Guarantee covers over 120 of Australia’s top retailers. See details of approved online retail websites here.

What does Best Price Guarantee cover?

  • You are covered for the difference between the price you paid on eBay (including shipping costs), and the price of an identical product (including shipping costs) on an approved online retail website + 5% off the online retail website's price. For example, if you purchase a product for $100 on eBay and find it on a online retail website for $90, customer service will issue you a voucher for the difference in price ($10) + 5% of the online retail website's price (5% of $90 is $4.50). So the total voucher value will be $14.50.

Are shipping costs included in the eBay Best Price Guarantee?

  • Yes. We compare the full transaction cost including shipping on eBay.com.au and the online retail website in order to determine if a Best Price Guarantee is warranted.

How does eBay reimburse me if I find an identical item for less on an approved online retail website?

  • If eBay’s customer service agent can confirm the difference in prices, eBay will provide you with a voucher. Upon confirmation, you’ll be issued with a voucher that can be used towards your next eBay purchase. Vouchers will expire within 90 days. eBay reserves the right to cancel them in the event that a purchase is cancelled or returned. eBay also reserves the right to deny claims in the event of buyer abuse/fraud and seller abuse/fraud.

Does the guarantee apply to the listing price or the price I actually paid for the Eligible Product?

  • Our guarantee applies to the price that you actually paid for the Eligible Product (including shipping costs) after applying any valid voucher, coupon, discount code or credit. If, for example, the Eligible Product was listed for $100 on eBay, but you paid $80 after applying a discount code, the price on the Approved Retailer’s website must be less than $80 for you to be eligible for a price difference voucher.

Who does this offer apply to?

  • This offer only applies to all eBay users who have an Australian shipping address and have purchased a new, fixed price product on eBay.

What happens if an item is returned?

  • If you decide to return the item, you’ll be refunded the purchase price minus the refunded amount subject to this offer.

Is there a maximum voucher amount that I can claim?

  • Vouchers are capped at $150 per claim and there is a Claim Limit of 1 per day and 10 per month.

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  • Is anyone buying on ebay when its cheaper elsewhere intending to claim the difference +5%?

    • +19 votes

      It's always a risk dealing with eBay.

    • They offer your another coupon to cover the difference. But the trick is you are not allow to use two coupons in one transaction.

    • Ive not tried the guarantee yet.

      But I imagine a situation where you wanted a catalogue sale item from a company on the approved list (jb hifi or the good guys etc)
      You could theoretically purchase from your preferred retailer via ebay with discounted Ebay giftcards (easier to come by then most companies )
      Then next day claim this guarantee. And come out with an extra 5% to spend on something else in Ebay.

      You would risk the item being out of stock etc when you need to claim.

      $500 item nets $25

    • They found some excuse last time not to give it to me.

  • Lol good luck beating Amazon during this period :)

    • But but eBay totally destroyed Amazon on prime day with the 20% off plus items sitewide

      • 20% off literally nothing I wanted lol

      • For 60 minutes only…..

      • Prices was good but time too short I missed item I need. And brought something wasn't needed.

        • yeah was short but they did give hours to get notice to get ready, which would have screwed amazon sales as everyone waited to see if it would be sitewide, eBay won the price war but definitely took a multi mil$ loss to do that, hopefully see it again some time soon lol

  • Is this the price before coupon or the final price paid on ebay?

  • I'm curious if they'd combine multiple items into one discount code or if they leave them separate?

    Also the terms and conditions read as though the voucher won't work with another discount, e.g. the Black Friday code.

    • You can't combine them when they're a voucher, but unless it's changed in the last week or so, you should be able to buy eBay Gift Cards with these vouchers and then combine. I've done that successfully plenty of times.

  • They give you a voucher in regards to the price difference. Does it mean you have to spend more on eBay?

    • You have to spend more on paper, here's a cheeky little deal I concocted to make use of the Shopback cashback last night.

      $599: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402542670008
      20% off: $479.2 (price eBay sees on the order)
      10% Shopback cashback: -$47.92
      Paid for using eBay gift cards @ 5% off: -$23.96
      = $407.32

      Bonus: contact eBay chat for price guarantee (CentreCom currently have it for $469 delivered, MAYBE we see Amazon go lower than this on Black Friday): (479.2-469) + (469/11x10x0.05) = $31.51 eBay credit for another time.

      • It is a bargain. The 3rd party deals could help us save more on top of the eBay price beat policy.

      • Will Shopback be able to detect you've asked for a price beat voucher? Tempted to do this but don't wanna risk shopback cancelling the cash back.

        • @gotyourback should be able to answer, but I assume the credit does not nullify the cashback because it is not a refund.

        • I did it during 15% cashback via CR and got my cashback confirmed this week, doesn't seem to affect it.

      • Then claim credit card price protection and punch the air to the tune of Simple Minds.

      • The 10 percent shopback has expired and is now up to 2 percent.

      • it says 'Our guarantee applies to the price that you actually paid for the Eligible Product (including shipping costs) after applying any valid voucher, coupon, discount code or credit.' Can we still use eBay gift cards?

      • I thought you couldn't get cash back if you pay via gift cards?

  • Is anyone noticing the crazy deals on the robo vacuums?

  • Just be careful though on this price beat scheme.
    Recently I applied for this and got a voucher for amount different + 5%, problem was the voucher only last for 1 month and can't stack with other ebay code such ebayplus monthly $5 coupon or other seasonal discount code.
    Also cashback will not apply on this coupon.
    If you purchase something lower than the coupon amount, ebay will not give you the different and you will lost everything.

    • You can buy ebay gift cards from the issued price guarantee voucher. The gift card then stacks with other vouchers and Cashback.

  • This is very tricky. Really eBay need to grow up. I have tried using this so called ‘Best Price Guarantee‘ but was pissed off. First of all you need to purchase similar item before claiming price guarantee, second item has to be in stock while you are claiming, and third limited stores only. Will any item remain in stock while they are on damn good sale. As you have to buy product first its not easy or sure that you will get price guarantee due to stock on other store and price changes. Really not happy with ebay since 2018. They need to grow their business approach. :(

    • have to consider eBay doesn't sell any items themselves, so they are just taking the loss to get you to buy from sellers on their site, & the paying more & getting the difference back in gift cards can work to your advantage if you have a credit card with price protection

  • Edit: apologies, might be wrong

  • Nah, Amazon is way better, in term of shipping and customer service, I wouldn't want to waste my time with this 5% price guarantee from eBay, also eBay plus are useless, people only signed up for $1/yr or $49 eBay GC.

  • Heads up everyone. I have claimed this guarantee before. It is not 5% of the price difference. It is 5% of the competitor's total price. This may or may not work in your favour.

    • Should be total price without GST: total price /11x10 x0.05

    • Unless you are buying something where the difference is more than the competitor total price(which is almost never the case) it would always work in your favour.

      It is the difference in price + 5% the price of the competitor.

  • +4 votes

    I tried using this. Bought the item on eBay, and contacted eBay. eBay staff took 15 min to 'check' something. I kept checking stock levels at the store while eBay stuff were 'checking' something. While I was waiting for eBay staff to get back to me the item went out of stock. eBay staff got back to me and told me the item was not in stock at the store. I was told there would be no best price guarantee.

    My lesson was: buy elsewhere if possible.

  • any seller?

    • You are allowed to buy from any eBay seller as long as the listing meets this criteria:
      •Australia only
      •Brand New items
      •Buy It Now

      When comparing it against a cheaper price to claim the price guarantee, you can claim it only against a certain set of sellers as listed in the OP.

  • thanks for this info

  • Nice, i can get ebay gift card at %15 off atm. Can get some pretty good value out of this.

      • The swap card from Woollies. I buy it at 5% off cause of staff card and I get 2000 points for every $100 spend.

        2000 points = 1000 Qantas point. Sell point at 1c each so you get $10 back.

        Basically spend $85 get $100 ebay gift card.

        Only for someone with access to staff benefit card and know how to pawn Qantas points though.

        • Gift cards @ Woolies (Woolworths), u never get 5% off if you're a worker, and have the card. You never even get it off cigarettes or tobacco products, or alcohol. It's only for groceries and other items.

          • @INDYVADER: It has been mentioned that the swap card spend has counted for the 4 x $xxx spend, unlike other GC's. Perhaps that is the same reason it can qualify for the staff discount.

            • @Yola: But the HIM & HER cards aren't swap cards. You can't get the 5% off staff discount on such giftcards, or tobacco products. I found out. Only on grocery items, and other Woolworths proprietary stores like Big W. There are no staff discounts on giftcards nor tobacco products. When will u people learn?… Even store managers can't get such discounts on those 2 items.

              • @INDYVADER: Highdealer was talking about the swap card and you replied to him as did I. Swap card is the only one that has counted for bonus points at Woolworths. I and others have received them with purchase of this card.

    • Where? (duplicate qn so I get a notif when you reply)

  • This is too risky.

    I bought an item from Ebay for $185 - 20% off yesterday. Today the same item is $175 -20%.

    First when I wanted to report it first, they were already closed. (The customer support)

    Now, they are saying they only do price guarantee to other non Ebay sites. Took 1h to get to this point.

    well, thanks for nothing. If I cancel the item I can buy it for less now.

  • I have a good feeling they have outsourced the live chat. Absolute incompetence from 2 agents I spoke to today.

    Took the first agent 7 minutes to respond to my price match question.

    I waited another 10 to check if I was still on the chat and he said he was checking.

    Then the agent proceeded to tell me that my voucher would be issued once I ordered and come back AFTER 24-48 hours(???).

    I pushed on and said no…the claim must be made WITHIN 48 hours.

    By the time he told me the voucher amount 20 minutes later I was extremely confused and realised the price had already gone back up.

    Mind you, it took this person 15+ minutes to open my link despite them saying that they were reviewing when they first responded.

    I made sure that the price was same for at least half of the conversation.

    Apologies for the rant but I have done at least a dozen price matches in the past done and dusted in 5minutes tops.

    Nothing against OP, just eBay live chat agents are rubbish now. Looks like I'm not alone based on the comments above.

  • Does this work for purchases at Amazon US or Amazon UK via Amazon AU?

  • Does anyone have the website which searches ebay stores listed under these sales?

  • So turns out this price guarantee is completely useless. I sent a genuine request based on Myer.com.au having a cheaper price the day after purchase on eBay. My claim was rejected as the price on Myer was a discounted/sale price and not the "normal" price.

    I spoke to 3 different agents (as well as escalation) and got nowhere. They all claim that because it was discounted on Myer then the claim is invalid.

    Don't waste your time.

    • So something has changed - I have recently had this same experience and it is very frustrating. I can guarantee that I had successfully price matched against similar prices to the one you tried to many times, but in the last week or two they seem to have changed something and it is very very disappointing

    • I had same experiences before. I do agree, this is completely useless. AND what's more worse is ebay agents are arrogant!

  • Does anyone know how to use this with gift cards?
    I was planning to stack the price voucher with ebay gift cards bought from cashrewards @ 5% but it looks like you won't be able to stack with both since you have to redeem both using the same code field?
    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    • Use the voucher to buy an eBay gift card, making sure to use the full value of the voucher, then use the new gift card and your existing giftcard togethter in a purchase.

      • Did you get this to work?
        I talked to ebay's customer support and they said they'll only give you the voucher after you buy the item on ebay first and report it to them?
        In that case how would this work?
        Especially with how others here in the comment section talking about stacking them with discounted ebay gift cards (which I planned to do).
        Sorry, I'm a bit new to this.

        • Yeah, you would need to purchase the item first, but you can confirm with the rep on its eligibility before purchase and stay on chat while you make the purchase and claim it right after. Got it to work a few months back before the change (based on comments above), so i can't really comment on whether it would work now.

          • @epicraiders: Ok thanks, I noticed that ebay only gives out vouchers to cover the difference after purchase and not discount the item you buy outright.
            So theoretically would this mean you have to spend more money to get the benefit of this deal?

            • @kkkkkkkat: They cover the difference + 5% of competitor's price.
              So if you bought an item on eBay for $100, and the competitor has it for $90, you will get the difference ($10) + 5% of competitor's price ($4.50). So you get a voucher of $14.50. Note that the max voucher amount is $150 regardless.

              • @epicraiders: Would you need to cancel the original item you bought from ebay and purchase it again using the voucher? Does it work that way. Since otherwise, it's hard to see how you'll be able to benefit from the voucher without buying something else on ebay.
                Sorry for the questions, and thank you.

                • @kkkkkkkat: I never tried it that way, but I think if you cancel the item, you only get refunded the purchase amount minus the voucher received. So in a sense, although you get refunded the exact same amount, you end up being worse off as you have money stuck in eBay (either as a voucher or gift card).

                  • @epicraiders: Thanks for your reply,
                    I'm a bit not too sure on the whole process, but if I were to buy something expensive with the intention of using this 5% best price guarantee and would like to also use the 5% discounted ebay gift cards on cash rewards to get a better discount overall,
                    How would I go about that?
                    Could you give me a quick rundown on the steps needed to achieve do that?
                    Thank you very much for your posts and replies, I'm just a bit clueless about this.

                    • @kkkkkkkat: Based on what I did back then (before the change), I would get onto eBay chat and ask them to check the eligibility of a price beat for the eBay listing and the competitor's. Once I get confirmation that it is eligible and the voucher amount, I would proceed to purchase the item while staying on chat. Here, you can use the 5% discounted ebay gift cards from Cashrewards in your purchase (note that discount coupons/vouchers will bring down your final purchase price but gift cards shouldn't). From there, just let the rep know your order number and they should be able to process the price beat.

  • I’ve had this twice. Both times the live chat person said they’ll get back to me. No one ever did. They eventually decline when I follow up.

    Apparently the items have to be full price, they can’t be on sale even if it’s a price where it’s lower without the use of a coupon. The seller must be selling at RRP for it to be considered. Absolute BS.

  • I managed to make a claim today on a discounted product - confirmed with Live Chat and then made the purchase while on the chat. They did tell me that discounted products were ineligible and linked the US version of the best price guarantee (https://pages.ebay.com/best-price-guarantee/index.html), but I pointed out that the Australian version (https://pages.ebay.com.au/buy/Best_Price_Guarantee/#terms) didn't make any mention of discounted prices (I believe the relevant term included in the US version but missing in the Australian version is "specific one-time-only promotions from an Approved Competitor's website"). They then allowed me to make the claim.

    Not sure why the Australian one doesn't have the same wording, maybe they thought it wouldn't fly with the ACCC? In any event I'd only proceed if you can get a live chat person to confirm eligibility or are willing to complain to the regulator, given the experiences of some of the others in this thread.