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Western Digital 18TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - $590.23 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Black Friday be damned!

18TB Western Digital External USB 3.0 Elements from Amazon.
You can't find an 18TB HDD in AU for under $900.
Not a bad deal methinks - comes from USA…..will it make it through posting? - Who knows???

Though I can't imagine copying 18TB on USB 3.0……why not faster WD? - Possible RED inside?
Shuckable? - I'll pass that to the people in the know.

Happy Linux'ing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Better to get the 20TB raid with the same price, this price is not appealing

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      oooh - nice - missed that one - I was just searching for 18tb one drive - but that is better.

    • Thought I read that 20TB is SMR.

      • that size - will be 2x 10tb's - were the 10's SMR?

        EDIT: if its a WD101EFAX inside - its CMR

    • +5

      The price is appealing if you are intending to shuck this 18TB into your NAS - This is 18TB all on one drive, what youve linked to is 2x 10TB

      • im guessing uv shuck this one and found out ti was indeed one 18TB drive?

        • No I haven’t no I know it’s 1 drive

          • @TightTerry: how do u know its one 18TB drive and not 2x10TB drives (or some other combination) if you havent shucked it before?

            • @Zachary: Because i have the internet and google. Look at the size of the shell, its the size of one drive. The WD elemments are one drive, as multiple people said on reddit (when i googled).

    • +2

      No way. That's 2x10tb

    This one is better price no ?

    • +1

      Yeah the 18tb is $32.79 / TB
      the 12tb is $23.49 per TB

      ……so kinda nasty - but over AU pricing of 1x 18tb if you need just one - Even at $900 AU - here its $50/tb

  • +1

    Imagine seeing 100TB hard disks beeping posted one day in the future :)

  • +3

    Better off with the seagate 16tb for 430, sometimes down to 400. Has a 16tb exos x16 inside which is seagates flagship datacenter drive.

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