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6 Month 125GB Plan $75 (Was $150), 12 Month 120GB Plan $100 (Was $200) + $60 Cashback from Shopback (EXP) @ Amaysim


This is the best of the year for people who do not need too much data, amaysim long expiry plans are on 50% off and shopback gives you $60 cashback .thanks

Update 3pm: Shopback is no longer offering cashback for amaysim.

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Can I use a blank amaysim sim card purchased from the stores with this deal? Don't think shipping will arrive before my current plan expires.

    • Yes, go on live chat with Amaysim and they will help you activate it.

    • It might avoid your cash back from shopback.

      x Services activated on SIM Cards not sent directly by amaysim (such as $2 SIM Cards purchased at supermarkets, convenience stores etc)

    • you can but a bit tricky because the sim you ordered online is "attached" to your account/mobile number so when you activate the blank sim it won't work. You have to login to your dashboard, manage account then click on replace sim enter the new sim number to activate it.

      • Cashback still eligible though?

        My Optus $5 Sim expired yesterday and I have 2 Amaysim sims from an old $1 deal, but haven't got around to using them yet.

        One is a port in (so shouldn't be active), the other is a new number (but never inserted into my phone).

        Was hoping to sign up to this, then use the Sims I have. But don't want to lose the cashback.

  • Hi, what is shop back and how do I take advantage of the 60$ cashback ? Also is this for new customers only ?

  • Does anyone know where to enter the referral code, I followed the purchase through till the payment step and I still cannot find an option to enter referral codes! Also, do I have to be totally new to Amaysim to use a referral code and claim the $10 (I had an Amaysim SIM before but it is no longer active)? Thanks!

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      Just by clicking through the referral link and going through the purchase through this link then that is all you need to do. Once your SIM is active then you will receive the referral bonus.

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        Hope using referral link doesn't stop your Shopback cashback.

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          Check the T&Cs on the Shopback website and see if it mentions this anywhere.

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            @Rodo: oops! I think it does.

            Exclusive Partner Promos (Groupon & Others), refer a friend offers, promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack"


            • @maataa0b: That confirms it then. So unfortunately you would not get the Shopback cashback if you clicked through the referral link. And just thinking about it now there's no way you could get the cashback unless you click through the link on the Shopback website anyway.

              • @Rodo: i don't get it. I just signed up using a referral link to open an account and I saw this. Does that mean i can't leverage this $60 cashback anymore, is there still a way to get the cashback without activating the $15 bonus for signing up shopback?

                • @roofyapple: I would do as @maataa0b has done below and cancel the transaction right away and then purchase it again through the Shopback link only. Hope it works for you. This should allow you to also get the sign up bonus too.

                  Ordinarily it is always best to use the referral link but when there is a cashback offer which is more $ than the referral bonus then you should not use the referral link and instead use the cashback link.

                  • @Rodo: Is there two kinds of referral links? I signed up using a generic referral link my friend sent me… like one for their account that will credit them $15 and me $15. But reading your response and the one @maataa0b put below, is this talking about a referral link specific to the amaysim promo that is the one that won't work for this promo? I'm a bit confused.

                    • @roofyapple: No there is only one kind of referral link. I would assume though that you and @maataa0b have different referral links (i.e. from different people) but they would both give the $15 for sign up.

                      You will need to contact Amaysim via live chat ASAP to cancel the transaction. This is easy to do from their webpage. Then after the transaction has been cancelled, either click through the Shopback app to the Amaysim website or via the Amaysim link on the Shopback website here: https://www.shopback.com.au/amaysim-mobile to the Amaysim website and sign up that way. Then this will ensure that you get the $60 cashback if signing up for the 12 Month 120GB Plan $100.

                      Hope you can understand what to do.

                      • @Rodo: Thanks. What you described is exactly how I did it the first time. I signed up to shopback using my friends referral link. Then searched amaysim in shopback and launched the website from there. But I thought that's what is considered "refer-a-friend" approach which is not valid for this promotion. I know the deal has been taken down now, but I'm curious what it was referring to when it said in the don't section "refer a friend"

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                          @roofyapple: Oh ok now I understand. It looks like you are all good then. I thought you were referring to the Amaysim referral offer and not the Shopback refer a friend offer. So you should get the $60 and you will also get the $15 referral from signing up to Shopback. Cheers.

                          • @Rodo: ah so it wasn't talking about the refer a friend shopback. Kind of threw me. Thanks for clarifying

        • I had actually pulled the trigger using a referral link before reading your comment (and I got the $10 referral bonus). Then after reading it, I checked the CB T&Cs and immediately jumped on Amaysim's live chat and cancelled the purchase. After the agent confirmed the cancellation, I noticed on my Cashback account that the $60 did track successfully :D what a mess I made!

          I guess I will just wait for the refund to come through and do it all over again through a referral link.

  • I am currently with Amasim $10/28 days prepaid. I jsut tried to do this and when clicked to confirm payment & buy; I got an error, because my number is already with them…
    Edit: I'm guessing I would have to port out to some other company, (as i want to keep my number), and then buy this deal….

    • Correct. You need to switch over to another telco and then buy the amaysim deal and come back. I do it all the time

  • can port your number as normal I presume?

    • Theres an option when you buy it to port in your number. Im just wondering the process to port out port in?

      Are people just buying a $2 boost (or anyother) starter sim, porting into that, then into this plan?

      Have never done it b4 and looks like thats the process…. ???

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        Yeah just switch your number to another telco with a $2 Sim or whatever.

        Buy the amaysim deal. Then set it up online or the phone as a new customer. You can do it practically as soon as your number is active with the other telco, I prefer to leave it a few days tho just so it clears the system.

        I also find if you use a different email to your current one it all goes smoothly in the setup.

        But yeah as soon as your number is active with someone else you're classed as a new customer when you return

        • I've always wondered the process and have put some notes reading OzB's posts but YOURE AWESOME

          Thanks mate, going to Woolies to pickup a $2 sim kit :)

        • Do you add recharge on the $2 sim? Vodafone is telling me I need to add $10 minimum in order to port my number :/

          • @Jay-rad: It's not a bad idea, that way you can keep using your phone a few days in the transfer process.

            Keep in mind I read on here that shopback stopped the cashback.

            Look into it if you were banking on that :)

            • @Shane34: Thanks mate. I didn't see that shopback stopped it, ill check it out.


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                @Jay-rad: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577703

                Check out these too. They did have about $35 cashrewards cashback. I got the 6 month one a couple weeks ago. If the deals and cashback are still going it's a pretty good deal too if the shopback offer here has ended

                • @Shane34: CR says no cashback on Amaysim right now, if my port goes through today on Voda, I'll get the this one, which is still alright, $100 for 12 month + $11 for sim+activation+port on Voda, $110 total

  • If I 'get a new number', can I port in my number later when I activate it?

    • Online support said no

  • $40 for a year sounds lovely, thanks.

  • I have an Amaysim account, which has a family member's old plan linked with my name. Can I still buy a new plan using the same Amaysim account for another number and will I be treated as a new Amaysim customer in that case?

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      Yes, as long as its a new sim, you will be fine.

      "Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account."

      • Thanks.. it makes sense. It's going to be a new sim.

  • Hi Is this only valid to new customers? or to new account (new email address account)

    • "Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account."

      It can be same Amaysim account but new number or new number porting.

      • Thanks for the information

  • need to activate right away?

  • Does amaysim still have the one cashback per account lifetime limit?

  • Why does the Amaysim website only have 50$ off now, but not 50%. I clicked through Shopback and got to the payment page by selecting UNLIMITED 125GB 150$ plan , the final payment amount is 100$ but not 75$. Is this the same others too?

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      You have the wrong plan. You have to look for the long life plan. You should find it at the top drop down menu

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to port to Amaysim? is it slow like E-tel SLA (3-7 Days)?

  • If I grab this and select port in option, and enter my number, but then change my mind and just activate it as a new number 20 days later I assume all cashback would still apply?

    Guess I'm asking is the cashback linked to the sim, or the number?

    • Going to use it as a hotspot for cctv/ solar monitoring. But just activated a Kogan hotspot yesterday. So dont want to chose new number as they preactivate them.. but i guess the active date starts from when you insert the sim (assume still the same)?
  • Purchased one year plan.
    Now waiting for the cashback to be tracked, and the sim card post.

  • Thanks op - grabbed one for a kids account and will get the wife to grab another. Bargain!

  • Both misso and I bought. 6mth and 12mth plans respectively. Got tracked already both $60.

  • sorry all, i'm a noob with shopback… can i purchase multiple sims and get multiple cashbacks?

    • +1

      "Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM and limited to one cashback per month per Shopback account."

  • man what the heck, when i log back into my old amaysim account, it has a stored cc but i can't change it to pay…

  • My payment got declined so I hope a second go on Shopback will be approved. No hiccups with processing on their end.

  • +1

    Anyone else getting Cashback Temporarily unavailable?

    • Yep. Scared to order while that's showing.

  • I'm getting "Temporary Unavailable" on the shopback website for Amaysim Mobile…

    • yeah me too

    • Yeap same here.. maybe ozbargainers claimed too many cashback.. they can't afford it now =p

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      y'all broke it!

    • missed it!

  • Its gone. Was waiting till I my catch connect order to be cancelled. Such a great deal.

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    shopback says amaysim deactivated the cashback temporaly

    • +1

      This always happens!
      The Cashback websites (Shopback / Cashrewards) are not informed about these flash sales and deep discounts. At a generic level, the Cashback is not applicable on such other "discounts/offers" being offered by the merchants. Only if Shopback/Cashrewards explicitly mentions it in their deals/coupons section, then you would get it.

      So, for you to get the $60 Cashback, you need to be sure something like this has been mentioned explicitly at Shopback/Cashrewards:

      Under Deals/Coupons/Plans/Offering listed on Shopback/Cashrewards:
      6 Month 125GB Plan for $75
      12 Month 120GB Plan for $100

      • +1

        So, for you to get the $60 Cashback, you need to be sure something like this has been mentioned explicitly at Shopback/Cashrewards:

        This was mentioned on their website in the morning on the top left before the offer went 'Temporarily Unavailable'.

        • Were the amounts mentioned? $75 and $100?
          Just the plan name, i.e. 6 Month 125GB Plan and 12 Month 120GB Plan does not necessarily mean that they will offer the cashback if the same plan is discounted.

          I am with you, I very much want all to get the cashback, but I have observed this in the past and hence I highlighted.

          • @djoz: They have removed the page itself now, but it clearly mentioned 'Long Expiry Plans 120GB / 125GB'. These two are the only plans that are under 'Long Expiry' tag on Amaysim website. I agree, they didn't mention the price of the plans but how they mentioned was explicit enough. Email has been received for $60 cashback tracking but time will tell if the cashback actually comes through. I am quite positive about it though because they should have removed the mention totally from the page if they didn't want to give out $60 cashback on these plans irrespective of the price. If the plans weren't selling for the full price (or any other price for that matter) at the given time, there's no question of choosing another price variant for the same plan/s where the cashback could be available.

            • +1

              @virhlpool: I agree with you, mate. And hence I mentioned this in my comment:

              This always happens!
              The Cashback websites (Shopback / Cashrewards) are not informed about these flash sales and deep discounts.

              Basically, Shopback is unaware that amaysim is going to cut down the price of the plan. Also, Shopback clearly mentions in their DON'Ts about Promo Codes or offers not explicitly mentioned on the Shopback page.

              Right now I see the impact is so much, that Shopback has taken off the entire Amaysim page off their site and app! Now that must be something !!

              I am quite positive about it though because they should have removed the mention totally from the page if they didn't want to give out $60 cashback on these plans irrespective of the price.

              Going back to the same point above, Shopback was unaware of this, else they would have removed them well in time. For such cases, where there was an uncertainty, I'd expect Shopback to go ahead and honor the Cashback. They have done so in the past when there were 'mistakes' from their end.

    • Are those showing it's tracked OK? Or could we get stiffed later and be stuck with a $75 SIM and no cash back?

  • Looks like amaysim tried to Price Match Lebara with
    8% costlier than Lebara's Medium Plan: $69 for 120GB, 6 month expiry


  • +1

    Argh its gone already!! Hopefully its a temp setback & will be back online with Shopback

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    Knowing Amaysim, they are probably not going to honour those rebates already tracked.

    • +3

      Oh really. That's going to be very disappointing considering its a big cashback. Many people bought this deal only for the 50% + cashback.

      • +1

        I think it'll be down to Shopback and what they do. I did check and Amaysim does have a 10 day cooling-off period. So, Shopback better make up their mind and quick.

        • Where did you see that on Amaysim site?

          • @amsaini15: my mistake. It was for Amaysim energy, not mobile. Don't think there is one for mobile. I just Googled "amaysim cooling off" and saw the page.

            • @bk1973: Aha just noticed that too. It s for energy. Lets wait for 2 days to see what happens as I have still not received tracking email.

    • +2

      Can shopback not pay the $60? If so, that's false advertising isn't it. Lure you into signing up and then not honouring a valid purchase.

  • -1

    cashrewards still offers $35. still not bad

  • +1

    taken down from both CR and SB site.

    • +1

      someone should mark this expired lol

  • So the CB won't be honoured even if it's already tracked?

  • +1

    Someone tried to login to an email account I've only used for Shopback. Do not use this service unless you want your data sold to scammers.

  • Sad I missed it, though such a good chance they won't honour it

  • Shopback has taken down amaysim cashback?

    • yeah!! could not find the offer at shopback. shooooot missed it

  • +1

    just asked shopback chat if the cashback will be honoured if its already been tracked, they said yes.

    • Oh good on you to check that. I was hoping for shopback rep to come on this page and confirm for all.

      Though I haven't still received tracking email.

  • Is this still a good deal without the cashback?

    • +1

      Not particularly

      • +1

        Cheers. Lebara seems better at $49

  • I made a purchase at 12:39pm and has still not received tracking email. Has everyone got tracking confirmation?

    • I received Amaysim email confirmation email at 11:43am. I got Shopback $60 confirmation soon after.

      • Good for you. I need to wait for 48 hrs. Hopefully I dont need to chase up with shopback. This is considerable amount I cannot miss out on.

        • Don’t ever count on ShopBack, it’s just a bonus. They are not reliable.

  • +2

    So I purchased my $100 plan before the ShopBack deal expired (At around 11am to be more specific). Is the Cashback still going to apply for me given I was within the offer period? I can’t see Amaysim in my clicks which has me worried I’ll miss out on this.